Seniors Could Get a $49 Apple Watch Series 5 Just for Joining This Study


If you’re aged 65 or comparison and accommodate a few other criteria, we might be means to buy an Apple Watch Series 5 for only $49 if we pointer adult for a new watchOS health study.

Apple, Best Buy and Johnson Johnson have teamed adult for a new health investigate called Heartline. Launched final Tuesday, a investigate hopes to establish possibly a Apple Watch can accurately detect atrial fibrillation, or an strange heart rhythm, in seniors.

More specifically, Heartline is focused on possibly or not a Apple Watch can detect AFib early adequate to revoke a odds of a stroke.

While Apple has launched several heart and AFib-related studies in a past, this new beginning is a vast understanding for a series of reasons.

For one, a scope. The Heartline bloc hopes to partisan 150,000 people for a randomized study. That would make it one of a largest of a kind.

It also represents an rare partnership between technology, pharmaceuticals and retail.

Because a investigate is so large, it might take years for a formula to get published. But a investigate could also go a prolonged approach toward alleviating medical concerns about a Apple Watch.

Previous AFib studies found that a Apple Watch can accurately detect an strange heart rhythm. But many of a Apple Watch’s users, and a investigate participants, are younger and healthier than a many common demographic impacted by AFib.

Open enrollment for Heartline began final week. Anyone aged 65 or older, lonesome by Medicare and owning an iPhone 6 or newer is authorised to request for a study.

Half of those enrolled in a beginning will be educated to use a Heartline app and incorporate health tips into their day-to-day lives. The other half of participants will use both a app and an Apple Watch.

Participants won’t need to have an Apple Watch to apply, either.

If comparison for a Apple Watch group, enrollees can use their possess watchOS device, steal one for a generation of a study, or get a heavily subsidized Apple Watch Series 5 from Best Buy for only $49.

Users might also be means to accept money rewards for assembly certain health goals within a Heartline app, that also connects to Medicare’s Blue Button API.

If we fit a criteria and you’re meddlesome in signing up, some-more sum and applications can be found on a Heartline website.

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