SAP BrandVoice: Why A Customer-Centric Organization Is Critical In Good Times, And Bad


“Creating a customer-centric classification in 2020 is a doctrine in handling complexity while progressing resilience.”

This is a opening matter of a new Oxford Economics investigate of 1000 supply sequence executives. And this matter is truer than ever as we lay in a midst of a tellurian pandemic.

For 33% of respondents, augmenting patron compensation is a top-three vital idea for their altogether businesses. “Customer compensation is a tip vital idea for many organizations surveyed, around a universe and opposite industries.”.

But it is even some-more poignant that Supply Chain Leaders (the consult identified 12% of a respondents in this category) have a “more nuanced perspective of what satisfies business than other respondents.” They consider that assembly patron direct requires:

  • Personalizing products
  • Designing, production and delivering products in a some-more tolerable manner
  • Faster (same day, one-day) delivery
  • Providing good after-sales service

On a other hand, non-Leaders gravitated to a common suspects:

  • Product and use quality
  • Price
  • Speed of a purchasing experience

And we demeanour during patron centricity by a opposite lens, for opposite timelines.

Customer Centricity in a Covid-19 crisis

In a short-term environment (the subsequent 2-3 months), a good patron knowledge is:

  • Less about oppulance items, and all about necessities (which has caused a really flighty direct picture)
  • Less about personalized products and some-more about personal reserve
  • Which in spin means it is reduction about a good selling knowledge and some-more about a good smoothness knowledge to your front doorway
  • And we are not meditative in terms of a “one day delivery” though some-more about delivering as promised

Customer Centricity entrance out of a crisis

The some-more we (virtually) speak to friends and family, a some-more we hear them speak about shopping locally sourced products. Products that are tolerable and environmentally friendly. The some-more they conclude a value of a good smoothness service. That they do not take for postulated a fact that things we do and buy have an impact on a universe as a whole.

I consider a leaders in this consult have got it right. A good patron knowledge in a post-COVID epoch is not usually about a sales and grouping knowledge and removing a lowest cost possible. It will be also about good (sustainable) product, service, and smoothness experiences. In fact, customer-centric practice do not start or finish with a grouping experience. They start with conceptualizing tolerable products that business wish and go all a approach by to delivering high peculiarity products when, where and how a patron wants them.

Leaders are heading a way

The commentary of this consult uncover that Supply Chain Leaders are going above and over required approaches to patron use and have done a essential tie between sustainability and customer-centricity. They also see a value of enchanting with, and yield value combined services after a product has been sole and delivered.

A customer-centric knowledge is not only a matter of environment association plan or being generally wakeful of aloft direct for certain kinds of products— companies need to be means to know what a patron wants, and act on those insights as shortly as possible.

To learn how supply sequence leaders emanate a patron centric organization, download a investigate study of 1,000 COO’s and Chief Supply Chain Officers – “Surviving and Thriving How Supply Chain Leaders minimize risk and maximize opportunities”

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