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Samsung Gear 360 Camera

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What is a Samsung Gear 360 (2017)?

Samsung has overhauled a Gear 360 camera for 2017, adding some useful features, shortening a bulk and adding iPhone compatibility.

Altogether, a Samsung Gear 360 offers a distant some-more polished knowledge than a predecessor, and for significantly reduction money. It delivers a best knowledge from a consumer-oriented 360-degree camera yet violation a bank.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Design and controls

The initial Samsung Gear 360 had a vast turn figure to it, with a span of tripod legs that screwed into a bottom. In that clarity it looked a lot like a DokiCam we reviewed recently. For a second-gen model, Samsung has left behind to a sketch house and delivered a device that incorporates a healthy handgrip.

It creates for a many some-more compress design, providing something that will many some-more simply trip into a container than a bulbous first-gen model. As you’d expect, a pattern is dominated by a span of vast lenses designed to constraint a universe from hostile viewpoints.

The Gear 360 has an roughly all-white design, and it looks great. It’s lighter than a original, weighing around 130g. It has a cosmetic physique that feels flattering imperishable yet it’s not something you’ll wish to chuck around with impunity; this is not an movement camera. It does during slightest have IP53 dust- and water-resistance, however.

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On a behind – and there is a behind – you’ll find a tiny LCD arrangement and a shiver symbol within easy reach. The arrangement will tell we what mode you’re in, and how many footage or how many still images we can capture, as good as remaining battery life. It’s easier to make clarity of than many other 360 cameras I’ve tested that usually have simple LED indicators.

One annoyance, however, was that a arrangement doesn’t let we know if you’re set to singular or twin lenses, or during slightest doesn’t make it apparent during a glance. On one arise we suspicion we was capturing a universe in stately 360-degrees yet it was set to usually one of a cameras – that was a large disappointment.

The tip of a lenses has a span of LEDs that heat immature when a camera is in standby and red when it’s sharpened video. They’re flattering easy to see so we know a camera is recording. Handily, there’s also another blue LED on a side that lets we know when a smartphone is connected to a camera.

Along a corner of a handhold you’ll find a microSD container dark divided and an unprotected USB-C charging point. On another edge, between a twin lenses, is a energy symbol and menu symbol that can be used for toggling modes.

newgear3602017 13

The bottom of a handhold is flat, definition we can mountain a camera adult on a prosaic aspect yet wanting anything else. A tag appendage that also has a rubber hoop is enclosed with a camera. It’s designed for we to place a camera into a centre of a ring, adding some additional fortitude so it won’t get knocked over so easily.

The problem is, being a hoop, it too needs to be placed on a flattering prosaic and even aspect to be of any genuine use. Then, we also have a fibre manifest in a support of your 360-degree shots if we vessel down, that is in integrity something that happens with many 360 cameras. It’s a teenager distrurbance yet we found a camera tag pseudo-tripod appendage rather inelegant.

There is during slightest a customary tripod thread on a bottom, so we can insert your possess tripod appendage or mount. we mostly found myself regulating a GorillaPod for additional fortitude and a ability to hook a camera upside down.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – App

The messenger app, that is accessible on iOS or Android (only concordant with Galaxy phones) is good designed and easy to navigate. The camera pairs with your phone by a Wi-Fi connection, that is fast and reliable.

You’re afterwards means to use a app as a live perspective of a camera’s sensors and can flip between opposite perspective modes on a fly, such as Standard or Round, that is identical to a Tiny Planet environment you’ll find on other cameras. You can also opt for a apart view, giving we apart perspectives from any lens or usually capturing from one lens. In this latter mode a Gear 360 operates like any other camera yet with a somewhat wider margin of perspective like a GoPro.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

The app lets we simply switch between video, photo, timelapse, video looping and landscape HDR modes and we afterwards have control over some-more granular settings like bearing remuneration and white balance.

You can also use a Gear 360 app to send over your video and images, and a app will automatically tack your calm together. It will also let we save it in opposite observation modes such as a aforementioned turn or apart views. This creates it unequivocally easy to share your calm somewhere like Google Photos, YouTube or Facebook where it’s automatically recognized as 360-compatible.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Video and picture quality

For a some-more budget-friendly 360 camera, a updated Gear 360 has improved picture peculiarity than many even yet it’s had a fortitude diminution from a strange Gear 360 from 15MP to 8.4MP for any sensor.

The Gear 360 will let we toggle between a tip fortitude of 4096 x 2048 during 24fps in twin lens mode, down to 2880 x 1440 if we wish 30fps or 2560 x 1280 if we wish 60fps. If you’re peaceful to scapegoat even some-more fortitude we can go as low as 1440 x 720 for 120fps yet a formula aren’t great. In singular lens mode we can grasp adult to 1920 x 1080 during 60fps.

1440p/30fps video

As is a box with many 360 cameras, all looks many crook and crisper when observation your calm on your phone shade while regulating your fingers to appropriate around to perspective a universe from each angle. Strap your phone into a VR headset or upload to YouTube and it doesn’t utterly reason adult as well.

You can perspective 360-degree images in Google Photos yet any user submit or we can save versions in opposite formats such as Round (below).

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Still, overall, a Gear 360 (2017) is only about a best 360 camera I’ve seen around this price. You’ll find improved picture peculiarity from something like a Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K yet it’s significantly some-more income and distant some-more involved. For something this tiny and convenient, a diminution in picture peculiarity is understandable.

If we bond a camera to a computer, we can also livestream in 360 video regulating a bundled software, that will also let we revise your video together. That’s useful if we have an eventuality we wish to share with people who couldn’t attend.

newgear3602017 1

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Battery life

Battery life from a 1160mAh dungeon is flattering unremarkable. You’ll get bashful of an hour recording during a full fortitude from both cameras, since recording from only one lens during 1080p will get we about double that. Fortunately, we can only bond a unstable battery container if we need additional stamina.

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Should we buy a Samsung Gear 360 (2017)?

If we occur to have a concordant phone, namely one of a Galaxy phone or an iPhone 6 onwards using iOS 10, it’s value deliberation a updated Gear 360 if we wish to dally in 360-degree content. It creates recording videos and capturing images impossibly candid and receptive and a formula are respectable, if not amazing.

There are some teenager annoyances like a temporary tripod when a aged corpulent tripod was good enough, and a battery that’s smaller than a predecessor, yet differently a desirable new pattern feels great. The Gear 360’s interesting package is afterwards all tied together by a many reduce price.


The Samsung Gear 360 (2017) creates it easy to get started in 360-degree content.


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