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Samsung Galaxy S9 camera takes centre theatre in latest teaser video

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Specs, recover date, price, and all a latest news

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a subsequent large flagship phone recover for a association and we’re awaiting to see it denounced during MWC 2018. But what will it change from a Galaxy S8 and will it worry a iPhone X? Let’s have a demeanour and see. Everything we need to know about a Galaxy S9’s specs, recover date and cost is right here, along with all a latest S9 news, rumours, and teaser videos.

In this guide, we’ll answer a following questions.

  • What’s a latest Galaxy S9 news?
  • When is a Galaxy S9 recover date?
  • What will be new about a Galaxy S9 settlement and specs?
  • What will be a Galaxy S9 price?

Without serve ado, here’s a demeanour during a latest news and teaser videos.

Samsung Galaxy S9 News: Latest updates and teaser videos

With roughly a week to go until a Galaxy S9’s large unveiling, Samsung has denounced an executive English denunciation teaser video for a new flagship.

Dubbed “The Camera. Reimagined”, it clearly confirms a series of a S9’s pivotal features, including a revamped camera setup and a oft-rumoured ‘3D Emoji’ that are set to opposition Apple’s Animoji.

Previously, on Wednesday Feb 14, Samsung expelled a contingent of new Galaxy S9 teaser videos in a local South Korea that offering a identical demeanour during a stirring handset.

The clips were published to YouTube and, during only 15 seconds prolonged each, don’t exhibit too many new information – nonetheless they did again spirit during a new camera facilities and 3D emoji we’ve listened so many about.

Watch them for yourself and see what we think.


Prior to a new clips being released, reputable mobile tipster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, posted a handful of really executive looking renders of a S9 and S9+ on Twitter. Among other things, they endorse a new colour option, Lilac Purple, as good as giving us a clearest demeanour nonetheless during a opposite camera configurations: a S9 will underline a singular snapper, while a S9+ will get a twin camera setup. Both will reportedly be means of sharpened video in a new ‘super slo-mo’ mode that’s being touted as a pair’s torpedo feature.

Another trickle showed off a rumoured ‘DeX Pad’ and a fact that a S9 will approaching come with both a headphone jack and a Bixby button.

We also now know that Samsung will launch a Galaxy S9 during MWC on Feb 25, with pre-orders rumoured to go live a week after on Mar 1 and a suppositional shipping date of Mar 16.

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More on that in a recover date territory below.

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Read on for a full beam on what to pattern from a Samsung Galaxy S9, or corkscrew down to a bottom of a page for a really brief outline of a pivotal details. Our latest refurbish facilities new sum on a Galaxy S9’s recover date and a approaching battery spec.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: When will a Galaxy S9 come out?

Samsung has arguable it will be rising a Galaxy S9 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday Feb 25, with pre-orders approaching to embark a week after on Mar 1, forward of a final Mar 16 shipping and chain date.

The news was announced by Samsung in a chatter forward of invitations being sent out to a press – we’ll be among those in attendance.

Prior to that, a initial genuine demeanour during a Galaxy S9’s recover date was around a trickle from reputable mobile tipster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks.

In a tweet, Blass posited that a Galaxy S9 will indeed – as we’d been secretly presaging for some time now – be denounced during MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

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Why a 24-hour inequality between Blass’ news and what Samsung finished adult confirming? Well, while Blass forked to a Feb 26 Samsung event, a inlet of a mobile appendage supply sequence means it’s approaching that his poser insider is formed nearby Samsung’s South Korean base. Because of time difference, an dusk eventuality in Barcelona on Sunday, Feb 25 would be a morning of Monday, Feb 26 in Seoul, and therefore creates utterly a bit of sense.

Here’s a chronological demeanour atSamsung Galaxy S phone launch timings, for those curious.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – Reveal: Mar 29 | Release: Apr 21
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – Reveal: Feb 21 | Release: Mar 11
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – Reveal: Mar 1 | Release: Apr 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – Reveal: Feb 24 | Release: Apr 11
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – Reveal: Mar 14 | Release: Apr 27
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – Reveal: May 3 | Release: May 29
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 – Reveal: Feb 13 | Release: May 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S – Reveal: Mar | Release: Jun 4

It’s not formidable to discern an apparent pattern.

The strenuous infancy of Samsung Galaxy S phone announcements take place in possibly Feb or March, with incremental ascent years (such as 2018) typically coinciding with Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress record trade show. They also typically take place on a day before a uncover opens to a public, so Samsung and a latest flagship can scrupulously bask in a limelight.

As we now know, this year isn’t going going to be any different.


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Samsung Galaxy S9 Design and Display: What will a Galaxy S9 demeanour like?

Esteemed tipster Evan Blass took to Twitter to share a describe (below) of the front of a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on Jan 26, clearly corroborating rumours claiming they’ll competition a near-identical settlement to final year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus | Image: Evan Blass / Twitter

Here are some of a pivotal Galaxy S9 arrangement and settlement tip-offs.

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Curved on 4 sides: In an essay published in Apr 2017, Korean news opening ETNews reported that Samsung was operative on a new lamination routine that would concede phone screens to be winding on all 4 edges. The report, that cited unnamed attention sources, sloping a record as being accessible as early as a finish of 2017, creation a Samsung Galaxy S9 a intensity horde device for a new display.

Familiar sizing: A apart news by The Bell suggested that we’d see a same stretch panels on a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ as we have on a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The essay records that Samsung has already placed an sequence with suppliers for 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch edge-to-edge, winding Infinity Displays.

However, a news goes on to advise that these displays will be softened by a further of an in-screen fingerprint sensor. That’s good news, as one of a arch complaints about new Samsung phones is a ungainly chain of a fingerprint scanner subsequent to a behind camera – blemish central, basically.

Unfortunately, latest attention rumours advise that a in-screen scanner won’t indeed be accessible on a Galaxy S9 – nonetheless might be prepared in time for a Galaxy Note 9 after in 2018. The critique hasn’t left unnoticed, though. Samsung has reportedly relocated a fingerprint reader to only subsequent a camera on a behind of a handset, creation it easier to strech with one hand.

Is that an iPhone?! Another fun gossip comes pleasantness of a Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) – please, hang with us here.

According to a KIPRIS, Samsung has successfully managed to bag a obvious for a smartphone framework with a cutout in a tip centre partial of a display. This ‘notch’ cultured is a same arrange of settlement we’re saying on a iPhone X. The settlement allows for a arrangement to cover roughly all of a phone’s front, while providing a little volume of aspect to residence essential outmost components – like a camera and sensors.

It doesn’t, however, seem approaching that Samsung is formulation on regulating a law settlement for a Galaxy S9 as arguable Weibo tipster Ice Universe suggested in Dec that the handset will underline a same exquisite settlement as a Galaxy S8, with a black bar occupying both a tip and bottommost territory of a Infinity Display.

Modular madness: Next adult is a trickle from Eldar Murtazin, a obvious tipster in mobile leaking circles, who claims that a Galaxy S9 might underline a modular design.

This means it would utilize a complement whereby users can insert and detach “modules” that ascent a phone with new features. It’s a identical complement to a MotoMods functionality we’ve already seen on flagship Motorola phones – and a Essential Phone.

According to a tip-off, Samsung is formulation to deliver captivating pins on a behind of a phone that will concede outmost modules to be attached. These modules could embody softened camera lenses, a battery pack, or additional sensors.

However, modular phones have had churned success, with Google’s Project Ara carrying struggled to get off a ground, and a LG G5‘s modular complement mostly deemed a failure. That’s since we’re not counting on Samsung to adopt a complement until we hear some-more plain rumours in a favour.

Incredible new camera: The Galaxy S9 is widely rumoured to boat with a singular camera pattern à la Galaxy S8, nonetheless it could advantage from a souped adult sensor that’s means of sharpened during an eye-watering 1,000 frames per second, putting it head-to-head with Sony’s Xperia XZ and Xperia XZ Premium in a camera department.

The Galaxy S9 Plus, on a other hand, is approaching to come with a dual-camera. Details are sparse, nonetheless venerable tipster Evan Blass suggested in Nov that it could be vertically-mounted, like a setup found on house Apple’s flagship iPhone X. There’s no word on possibly it too could surveillance a 1,000 frames per second sensor – nonetheless it seems likely.

New colour: Specialist blog SamMobile has reason to trust that a Galaxy S9 will be accessible in 4 opposite colour options: black, gold, blue, and purple.

The latter is interesting, especially since a Galaxy S8 was also rumoured to come in a purple/violet various – a spill that never came to fruition.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs and Features: What’s new?

We won’t hear many information about finer Samsung Galaxy S9 sum for a while, nonetheless given a prolonged run-up to a processor launch, we already have a good thought about what to pattern in terms of a Galaxy S9’s CPU.

Samsung phones typically boat with dual opposite chips, possibly of that will be comparison for a certain marketplace segment where a phone will be on sale. You’ll possibly get a Samsung-built Exynos chipset, or a Qualcomm-designed Snapdragon chipset.

The Snapdragon 845 chip has already been arguable by Qualcomm, and will once again be made by Samsung’s chip-making division. It will be built on an fit 10nm process, only like a Snapdragon 835 before it.

The 10nm chip pattern denotes a production process, and simply refers to a stretch between any transistor – those are a little electronic switches that capacitate computing tasks to take place. A smaller series is better, since it means we can fit some-more transistors onto a singular chip, paving a approach for some-more energy and softened energy potency overall.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 ran on a 10nm chip, that is already severely fit – so we’d pattern identical capabilities from a new model.

Also engaging was a news in late Aug from Ice Universe suggested that Samsung would be hoarding 2018’s initial supply of Snapdragon 845.

This was followed in early Oct by a chatter created by leaker Eldar Murtazin, who pronounced many a same:

According to Google Translate, a chatter reads: “In terms of availability, 845 goes to S9 / S9+ for a USA during a beginning, a rest will be later. S9 a month progressing than usual.”

Last year, Samsung was indicted of shopping adult a early Snapdragon 835 batch – a processor that Samsung’s possess chip-making arm made for Qualcomm – for a Galaxy S8 in North America, forced LG to utilize final year’s Snapdragon 821 for a LG G6, with other phone makers like Sony and HTC allegedly carrying to check their flagship handsets in sequence to acquire Snapdragon 835 units.

According to Ice Universe, it seems we’ll be saying a identical story play out in 2018, nonetheless there’s no explanation yet.

The other large news is that a Asian, European and Middle Eastern various of a Galaxy S9 is going to container Samsung’s recently-announced Exynos 9810 chipset, that facilities an octa-core setup, as good as a standalone confidence government section that’s finish with an extended face-tracking engine for softened face recognition.

It’s also versed with a industry’s initial Cat. 18 LTE modem for faster information delivery (up to 1.2Gbps); a dedicated imaging estimate unit, means of sharpened 4K Ultra HD video during an eye-watering 120fps; and a low learning-based synthetic comprehension software.

The Cat.18 6CA-supported LTE modem is 20% faster than final year’s and will approaching make it into name informal versions of a Galaxy S9, including a various that’s set to strike a shelves in a United Kingdom. Samsung says a modem will make a many of existent 4G networks and assistance set a theatre for 5G.

“With a boost of high-quality online calm services, a direct for high-performance LTE modems continue to arise as well,” pronounced Woonhaing Hur, VP of LSI Protocol Development.

“The 1.2Gbps limit downlink speed with 6CA support highlights Samsung’s heading settlement capabilities and good positions Samsung for a arriving 5G era.”

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One final spec delicacy is a rumoured inclusion of an environmental sensor. This gossip can be traced to a obvious focus filed by Samsung in South Korea, that describes a sensor that could be built into smartphones and magnitude a volume of damaging particles in a atmosphere – pattern joyless readouts in London, folks.

Finally, we pattern that a Samsung Galaxy S9 will run on Google’s new Android Oreo software, that we can review about here: Android 8.0 Oreo.

As distant as accessories go, a firm’s reportedly operative on a second-generation chronicle of a DeX desktop accessory, that is rumoured to launch alongside a Galaxy S9.

Not a good understanding is famous about a unit, other than that it can distortion flat, heading us to trust that you’ll be means to use your handset’s high-resolution edge-to-edge Infinity Display as a touchpad or practical keyboard, so expelling a need to projection around a – connected or wireless – rodent or keyboard.

Elsewhere, a new filing with Brazilian telecoms regulators seems to exhibit that both a S9 will container a same 3000mAh ability battery as a prototype – nonetheless chipset improvements are approaching to meant it will still advantage from combined stamina. If that’s a case, pattern a Galaxy S9+ to also competition a same, somewhat beefier 3500mAh dungeon as a S8+, nonetheless this information is quite formed on a trickle and we can’t eccentric determine it.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price: How many will a Galaxy S9 cost?

Samsung Galaxy S9 cost leaks had been in shortly supply for a while, nonetheless that’s no longer a case. Unfortunately, that’s where a good news seems approaching to end.

Multiple reports in new weeks have ‘revealed’ that a Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be some-more costly than their predecessors – and by some margin.

UK-specific leaks have been skinny on a ground, nonetheless Dutch tech blog TechTastic claims that a S9 and S9+ will cost €899 and €999 in a Netherlands, respectively. That’s a strike of exactly €100 over final year’s flagship duo, that were labelled at€799 and €899 in (most of) Europe.

TechTastic doesn’t have a flawless lane record, nonetheless it has been right in a past with regards to such matters. Combined with other identical leaks, it looks like a Galaxy S9 and a large kin could be a satisfactory strike some-more expensive.

In terms of UK pricing, a Galaxy S8 and S8+ were accessible for £689 and £779, respectively, when they launched in 2017, so if these rumours are scold and we request a allied increase, we’d be looking during a cost of around £789 for a Galaxy S9 and as many as £879 for a Galaxy S9+, that would make it some-more costly than a cheapest Galaxy Note 8.

Here’s to anticipating Samsung has a pleasing warn for us all during MWC – and we don’t meant a new purple colour choice or a snazzy camera mode.


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Samsung Galaxy S9 Summary: What to expect

Here’s an in-brief demeanour during what to pattern from a Galaxy S9 when it launches:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: The Galaxy S9 will roughly positively be announced during MWC 2018, with a intelligent income on Feb 25-26. It should be accessible shortly after launch.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design, Specs and Features: The categorical rumours embody a new arrangement that’s winding on all 4 sides, and a absolute new 10nm processor that could boost opening and energy efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price: Expect to compensate somewhere between £649 and £799 for a new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

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