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Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders might come with a giveaway span of Galaxy Buds

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It looks like Samsung is formulation to incentivise Galaxy S10 pre-orders with a flattering tantalizing giveaway gift: a span of Galaxy Buds, Samsung’s answer to Apple AirPods.

While this is still a gossip during a moment, a source is flattering reliable: a formula of Samsung Russia’s central S10 promotional page.

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Samsung sleuths during Galaxy Club found a following revelation line in a source code: “Оформи предзаказ нового флагмана прямо сейчас и получи беспроводные наушники Galaxy Buds подарок.”  

For those not smooth in Russian, a crux is that pre-orders of a new flagship will get a wireless headphones as a giveaway gift.

The source formula even goes as distant as to endorse a suspicions per a S10’s recover date, observant a graduation will run from Feb 20 to Mar 7. So that Mar 8 recover looks flattering most guaranteed, then.

Free Galaxy Buds aren’t utterly guaranteed, though. As this usually appears on a Russian website, it’s probable that a graduation usually relates to fans in that domain – though you’d suppose that Samsung would make this a pre-order reward opposite regions.

Especially as a Galaxy Buds are one half of a handset’s rumoured celebration pretence where it can wirelessly assign a headphones off a behind of a phone.

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What is uncertain, however, is either any pre-order present will request to all models equally. As we’ve revealed elsewhere, a S10 is due to come in 3 flavours: a entry-level S10 E, a unchanging S10 and a S10 Plus. It’s really probable that Samsung will wish to lure business into picking a some-more costly indication with a profitable pre-order bonus.

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