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Samsung Galaxy S10 unheeded by 50% in 30 days, says a report

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is already value a lot reduction than what we paid for it.

Angela Lang/CNET

Looking to trade in your Samsung Galaxy S10? Bad news: It’s now value half what we paid for it, according to a news by BankMyCell, a site that lets we sell your used phone.

The Galaxy S10e mislaid an normal of 50.2% opposite all storage options in 30 days, a S10+ mislaid 47% and a S10 mislaid 42.7% in value, says BankMyCell.

This creates a phone “one of a fastest critical handsets given 2017,” a news said.

Apple’s iPhone XR and XS operation fared most improved in a report, losing around 42% of value given release.

“On a debasement commission basis, a Galaxy S10 operation mislaid some-more in a initial month [than] a iPhone XS/XR operation has in 9 months,” BankMyCell said.

Hardest strike was a S10e 128GB model, that fell from $750 new to usually $350 in trade-in value after 30 days. The Galaxy S10+ 1TB phone went from being value $1,600 to usually $750 during trade in.

The news predicts a S10 will remove 65% of a value by Mar 2020.



Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

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