Realme Watch looks like Apple Watch, costs $50


In a universe of smartwatches, there’s one aristocrat — a Apple Watch — and a lot of copycats. 

But these copies mostly kick a strange in so many ways that we have to start meditative that one is a improved deal. 

Case in point, a creatively launched Realme Watch. Realme is a two-year-old Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has had good success in India, carrying launched several inexpensive smartphones with flagship-beating specs.

The Realme Watch won’t win any newness contests. It’s a squareish smartwatch that resembles Apple Watch, yet it offers decent functionality for a low, low cost of 3,999 rupees ($53). It has a 1.4-inch block LCD with a 320×320 pixel fortitude and a curvy potion cover, runs a tradition chronicle of Android, has 14 opposite sports modes, displays phone notifications, and lets we control your phone’s song actor and camera. 

Realme Watch looks like Apple Watch, costs $50

Image: realme

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The Realme Watch also has a real-time, heart rate monitor, as good as blood oxygen turn monitor, that are flattering considerable facilities for a watch this cheap. Hard to contend how good they work though perplexing a device out, though. 

The Realme Watch also has an advertised 7 days of battery life with heart-rate monitoring on, 9 days of battery life when that underline is off, and 20 days in power-saving mode, that sounds a lot improved than Apple Watch’s 18 hours of battery life. Again, I’d have to exam a watch to make sure, yet it’s really possible; there are non-Apple, non-Wear OS smartwatches with weeks of battery life. 

And sure, once that arrangement lights up, it will be utterly apparent that it’s not an Apple watch – a bezels are massive, generally a bottom one. But it’s such a discount that a cost handily beats not usually a Apple Watch, yet many other copycats by a large margin. 

The Watch will turn accessible for squeeze on Jun 5, on Realme’s website as good as Flipkart. 

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