Read a array of letters created by odd people to their younger selves


Growing adult in Halifax, England as a queer-identifying person, Heather Glazzard never saw herself represented in a media. Now in her mid-20s and formed in Manchester, a photographer has done it her goal to prominence a voices of a odd community. Glazzard uses her camera to doubt and introduce new ideas about gender and identity, while also compelling vulnerability.

Earlier this year Glazzard launched her series, Queer Letters, that includes insinuate portraits of odd creatives. Going one step further, Glazzard asks her subjects to write personal letters that embody recommendation and exhibit their possess practice struggling with and training to applaud their identities. Shooting subjects on film and palm estimate all of her possess photographs, Glazzard’s work aims to assistance people feel some-more gentle with their sexuality and bodies. “My photography is about formulating and embracing a space of wholesomeness outward of preconceived stereotypes and judgments,” she explains.

Most recently, Glazzard’s work was featured in Vogue’s Photo Festival on Embracing Diversity in Milan progressing this month, and a incomparable physique of work is on now arrangement during Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool until Nov 30.

We sat down with Glazzard to learn some-more about this plan and how these portraits and letters can inspire younger odd people to accept and honour their possess identities.

“I felt mislaid and disturbed about feeling things for girls, and traffic with hurdles no one around me talked about it. we wanted to emanate a illustration for anyone that competence feel likewise today” – Heather Glazzard

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