Raspberry Pi 4 now offers 8GB of RAM and that’s a unequivocally large deal


Ok, it’s strictly time to stop referring to a Raspberry Pi as a ‘low-powered’ hobbyist motherboard. Because now there’s a new chronicle of a Raspberry Pi 4 with a whopping 8GB of RAM.

That’s as most RAM as in a Mac I’m typing this on and twice as most as a iPhone we competence be reading it on. The new edition, that is on sale currently for $75, doubles a existent tip spec of 4GB of RAM.

In a blog post this week, a association suggested it had primarily let trip skeleton for an 8GB indication in a strange Beginner’s Guide and correspondence leaflet, though some technical restrictions prevented it function until now.

Raspberry Pi Trading CEO Eben Upton wrote: “The BCM2711 chip that we use on Raspberry Pi 4 can residence adult to 16GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM, so a genuine separator to a charity a larger-memory various was a miss of an 8GB LPDDR4 package.

“These didn’t exist (at slightest in a form that we could address) in 2019, though happily a partners during Micron stepped adult progressing this year with a suitable part. And so, today, we’re gay to announce a evident accessibility of a 8GB Raspberry Pi 4, labelled during usually $75.”

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Upton points out that a 13,000 times some-more memory than a 640KB from Bill Gates’ supposed famous quote about a launch of a 1981 IBM computer. “640K ought to be adequate for anybody,” Gates reputedly said, though a categorical male during Microsoft denies it. The aged Commodore 64 usually had 64KB of RAM, so 640KB was deliberate to be a satisfactory bit of memory during a time, to be fair.

The doubling of accessible RAM isn’t a usually change to a Raspberry Pi 4 model. The energy supply member have been shuffled to embody a switch subsequent to a USB-C energy connector. This is to safeguard a aloft rise currents from a new memory package can be supported.

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