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Rabia Chaudry on how HBO’s Serial documentary will impact Adnan Syed’s future

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Will it change Adnan’s future?

Just since it’s one of a many talked-about cases in a final 10 years, doesn’t meant Syed will be guaranteed a totally satisfactory trial. As Chaudry noted, “systems strengthen themselves. … For example, in [The Case Against Adnan Syed director] Amy [Berg]’s extraordinary documentary, West of Memphis, a same thing happened, we know? Any time a prejudicial self-assurance seems to be, like, removing successfully challenged, a complement closes in. It doubles down. It triples down, and it tries to strengthen itself. It’s not always about a truth. It’s about progressing standing quo.”

She went on, warning that a case’s recognition competence indeed impede a outcome. “It is some-more difficult when there’s so most prominence around a case, since it gives some-more inducement for a state to save face and save a self-assurance and quarrel harder. It gives reduction inducement for witnesses to wish to talk, and sometimes, it gives some-more inducement for people who shouldn’t be articulate to wish to talk. So, it can mystify things.”

It was a view echoed by executive Berg. “Three and a half years later, we still feel unequivocally undone that a military detectives didn’t do their pursuit in a consummate way, since we substantially wouldn’t be sitting here now if there was some-more of an review finished during a time.”

Even with all that going adult opposite them, Chaudry stays optimistic. “People always ask about how a courtesy that this box gets…affects a authorised proceedings. And we consider that’s unequivocally tough to judge. There’s no plain answer there. But judges are independent. They’re not going to be influenced by a TV show.”

HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed does not now have a UK recover date.

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