Quieter Landings, Stranded Tourists, and More Transport News This Week


It was an aeroplane week. People attempted to figure out how to make them quieter; others wrangled those deserted by a corporate collapse. (Rule, Britannia!) Some suspicion critically about a approach a US handles atmosphere trade control, generally as drones turn some-more of a thing. Others—well, a rarely lerned investigators during a NTSB—worked to pill whatever went wrong inside Boeing to concede planes with scantily accepted tech to take off, and afterwards tragically crash. If you’re meddlesome in a inside story of things adult in a air, we’ve got we covered.

Also this week: Tesla-affiliated researchers contend they’ve invented a really prolonged durability automobile battery, a Porsche Taycan is really fun, and electric buses strike a intensity speed bump, pleasantness of Congress. It’s been a week—let’s get we held up.


Stories we competence have missed from WIRED this week

  • We exam a new electric Porsche Taycan by pushing it—where else?—on a German autobahn.
  • Maybe it’s time to get some-more spooky with transport efficiency, instead of speed. Y’know, for a planet’s sake.
  • How a congressional check directed during sensitive homegrown rail automobile and train production businesses competence put a check on electric buses.
  • The destiny face of a country’s many renouned rail route.
  • How a UK supervision is removing 150,000 travelers stranded by a remarkable fall of a transport group behind to Britain.
  • Software-focused developer + large automaker =
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