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QTUM Surges 24% After Announcement Relating to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

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On Thursday (March 14th), Qtum (QTUM) surged over 26% after a Singapore-based Qtum Foundation and London-based FinTech startup Zuex delivered some good news: Zuex, that calls itself “The World’s First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment App”, would be inventory “QTUM tokens in a digital remuneration wallet, to concede users to spend QTUM for all point-of-sale payments.”

On a website, Qtum is described as “a tellurian plan that aims to be a overpass between a Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, a genuine universe and blockchain world” that is corroborated by “some of a many important blockchain players, normal Venture Capitalists, and executives from some of China’s largest record companies.”

This is what Abra wrote in Jul 2018 in its “Ultimate Guide to Altcoins” document about QTUM:

“A monument in a blockchain world, Qtum is also back concordant with Ethereum contracts as good as Bitcoin gateways and will sojourn back concordant even after updates. This allows for easy height adoption and a ‘plug and play’ methodology that leans on what other technologies in a space have finished well.”

And this is how Poloniex described Qtum in a Jun 2018 blog post:

“The Qtum (pronounced Quantum) blockchain is a open intelligent agreement height that combines aspects of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Qtum organisation chose Bitcoin (and a UTXO indication of record-keeping) as a bottom of a custom given of Bitcoin’s proven lane record of confidence and stability. On tip of this base, Qtum integrates a Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) (and potentially other VMs in a future) in sequence to support a different decentralized focus ecosystem.

QTUM is a local token of a Qtum blockchain, and acts as both gas for Qtum intelligent contracts and as a prerogative for securing a network by staking.”

As for Zeux, it says that it provides “a easier approach to pay, bank and deposit by integrating all these services onto one place — the Zeux app,” leveraging “a prolonged list of third-party partners to yield integrated investment products to a customers.”

Miguel Palencia, Chief Information Officer of QTUM Foundation, had this to contend about a partnership with Zeux:

“We’re vehement that Zeux has combined QTUM to a app. This adds a extensive volume of additional application for a valued village who can now use QTUM for all point-of-sale payments with merchants that accept Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Zeux has combined a seamless approach for people to use crypto in their day-to-day lives though a attrition of selecting from a name organisation of merchants who accept crypto directly.”

Here is a Qtum organisation announced a news on Twitter during 13:44 UTC today:

The Qtum Foundation’s blog post says that “Zeux will launch publicly a multi-function app in Apr where it will turn accessible in Europe.”

The QTUM cost surged over 41% from $2.16 during 13:30 UTC to an intraday high of $3.06 during 14:30 UTC, i.e. within 45 mins of a announcement, though it has somewhat come down given then; during press time (17:50 UTC), QTUM is trade during $2.68, adult over 24.07% in a past 24-hour period, as we can see in a 24-hour draft next (provided by CryptoCompare):

CC 24 Hour Chart for QTUM - 14 Mar 2019.png

Featured Image Courtesy of Qtum Foundation