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PS5 will support retrograde harmony "to some extent" according to Media Molecule

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Speaking to Trusted Reviews at a new launch eventuality for Dreams, Media Molecule’s Mark Healy stretched on how a artistic pretension aims to enlarge a horizons in a entrance years. 

Having launched currently as a PS4 exclusive, Media Molecule describes it as some-more of a height than a pristine gaming experience, one that it hopes to see grow and enhance alongside a PlayStation height going forward. 

From a creators of Little Big Planet, Dreams provides players with a large volume of collection to build, carve and curate their possess creations and share them with others opposite a immeasurable online community. It’s a shining idea, and one we wish a village takes to with ease. 

“We’re concentrating on PS4 during a impulse obviously, though presumption it gets traction and things like that, that’s an apparent course probably. It’s a platform, it’s not a diversion and we wish to support it – though when other platforms happen, we can’t only desert a community,” Healy explained when asked about a probability of Dreams on PS5. 

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However, one doubt is slow on a tongues of consumers right now as a next-generation approaches, and that is a inlet of retrograde compatibility. It is still rather misleading how endless a underline will be on PS5. Can we record into a accounts and entrance all of a digital games, and will earthy discs work though complications? 

It’s unclear, nonetheless Media Molecule shines a potentially useful light on a situation: “We swell with technology, it’s an apparent thing. And we consider a PS5 is retrograde concordant anyway – to some extent.” Sony was discerning to move a concentration behind to Dreams, though it’s an engaging takeaway.

Even if it doesn’t come to destiny platforms, Dreams will continue enhance with new features, mechanics and other additions to keep players invested. Support for PlayStation VR is in a works, that Media Molecule unfortunately wasn’t means to exercise in time for launch.

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