ProofCam RAC 205 Camcorder

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    What is a ProofCam RAC 205?

    The 205 is another RAC-branded dashboard camera from ProofCam. It’s on a bill finish of a scale – nonetheless it isn’t accurately inexpensive – and so doesn’t offer reward facilities such as video resolutions over Full HD. However, we do get a flame in a gold to assistance in puncture situations.

    ProofCam RAC 205 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

    ProofCam doesn’t hold a sensor size, nonetheless a fortitude is 2 megapixels, that is adequate for Full HD. Aside from this fortitude during 30 frames per second, we can also fire 720p during 30 and 60 frames per second. There are Fine and Super Fine peculiarity options available. Still images can be prisoner during adult to 14 megapixels, that is clearly going to engage copiousness of interpolation.

    In Full HD resolution, during Super Fine quality, video is prisoner during around 16Mbits/sec, so a 16GB memory label will be adequate for 133 mins of footage before looping takes place. ProofCam has bundled a microSD label of this distance in a box, that adds a bit of value. There’s an adapter included, too, so we can block this into a full-sized SD label slot.

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    ProofCam RAC 205

    The RAC 205 comes with a comparatively customary suction mount. This attaches a section to a windscreen securely; a really prolonged energy wire is enclosed too. The automobile cigarette lighter adapter on a finish of this wire is henceforth attached, however, so we won’t be means to block a satnav in during a same time. ProofCam doesn’t supply anything to repair a wire to a edges of your windscreen, possibly – nonetheless this is loyal of many lurch cams.

    The bundled flame is designed to yield copiousness of light in an puncture situation, rather than a tight, focused beam. It takes 3 AA batteries, that come preinstalled, and it’s RAC-branded, like a lurch cam itself. There’s a foldable offshoot during a tip and a magnet on a back, so we can hitch it to a row in your automobile – presumption your automobile doesn’t have an aluminium or carbon-fibre body.

    ProofCam RAC 205

    The lamp doesn’t come out of a finish of a flame though during a side. So if we need to work on your engine in a dark, we can insert a flame to a underside of a carp and get a good view. The enlightenment is really bright. There’s a bundled lift box enclosed for a pack as well.

    ProofCam RAC 205 – Menu and Manual Settings

    The RAC 205 is operated around 4 buttons that lay underneath a 2.3-inch display. Aside from changing a fortitude and quality, we can switch loop recording off, or set it during record lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. When this is enabled, a RAC 205 will overwrite a oldest files with new ones, so we never run out of storage space.

    You can also name how prolonged clips are accessible for when a suit eventuality is detected, from 5 seconds to 1 minute. When you’re stationary, a camera will constraint a shave if it notices activity in front – handy, if someone backs into we when parked.

    ProofCam RAC 205

    There are also a few primer controls available. You can set a bearing between -2 and +2EV in 13 steps. Strangely, deliberation this is substantially a video benefit control, there’s also an ISO environment available, with options of 100, 200 and 400. There are white change controls, too, with presets for illumination and pale outside conditions as good as fluorescent or illuminated indoor lighting.

    Switch to still picture mode, and a RAC 205 offers a few some-more controls still. You can adjust colour between Natural, Vivid and Pale – clearly a superfluity control. You can also supplement effects to a images, including sepia, black and white, emboss, negative, sketch, oil and crayon. Quite because you’d wish such options on a lurch cam I’m not sure, though a facilities are there nonetheless.

    The menu is flattering easy to use. The options are clearly shown as 3 button-like choices per page, nonetheless this isn’t a touchscreen. The buttons along a bottom of a section are used to cycle by and name a choice we want.

    ProofCam RAC 205 – Optional Safety Features

    Although a RAC 205 does have a G-sensor, safeguarding recordings when it detects pointy violation or an impact, that’s about it for additional reserve features. I’ve already mentioned a suit detection, that allows this lurch cam to be used for parking surveillance. However, battery life is usually 15-20 mins of recording, so this underline will be useful usually on a discerning selling trip, not when your automobile is parked overnight.

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    ProofCam RAC 205

    The RAC 205 doesn’t have built-in GPS, and there doesn’t seem to be a choice to supplement an outmost one, distinct a VicoVation Vico-MF1. So there won’t be any trickery to constraint your plcae alongside a video, or associated reward facilities such as reserve camera locations. There’s no lane-departure warning, no showing of being too tighten to a automobile in front, or any other extras that can be found in a reward models.

    ProofCam RAC 205 – Image Quality

    The RAC 205 doesn’t have a fortitude of a tip lurch cams, though a information rate is comparatively high so fact isn’t injured too severely by application artefacts. You can see facilities sufficient for marker purposes. There is some softening in areas of colour, and greens seem to be a small overly saturated. But altogether a picture peculiarity is towards a tip finish of Full HD lurch cams.

    You can perspective a representation of footage from a ProofCam RAC 205 here.

    Should we buy a ProofCam RAC 205?

    The ProofCam RAC 205 is decent adequate for a bill lurch cam. Image peculiarity is decent for a resolution, and it’s accessible to have a pretty sized memory label enclosed in a bundle, and a combined reward of a flame for puncture use.

    The £100 cost isn’t a cheapest I’ve seen for Full HD lurch cam, however, creation this a product that’s expected to sell fine due to a brand, though one that’s merely reasonable value.


    The ProofCam RAC 205 is a decent bill lurch cam with singular modernized features, though other models offer improved value.


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