Principles For Thriving In The New Normal


Arianna Huffington and Esther Wojcicki are a epitomes of formulating a substructure of a successful life, and now they will learn how we can thrive, in an ever-changing and frightful world!

Arianna is a Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global, on a Forbes Most Powerful Women list and named one of a many successful people in a universe by TIME Magazine. With her some-more than 15,000,000 supporters on Social Media and a author of 15 books, it’s formidable to suppose a lady who has been some-more surpassing in a business universe a past 20 years than her! In a speak with a world-renowned Esther Wojcicki, who has dedicated her life and work to assisting other people turn successful as a clergyman for 36 years, they will share a secrets of training successful people. Besides carrying lifted dual Silicon Valley tip CEOs, Esther Wojcicki has built an award-winning Media Arts program, that has done her a heading educational confidant to people such as Jeff Weiner (CEO of Linkedin and Jerry Wang (Founder of Yahoo!), among many others.

Reserve your chair for this FREE webinar and Masterclass with Arianna Huffington and Esther Wojcicki on a 20th of May, where they among many things will learn…

1. Why unwell a right approach is an constituent partial of advancing in life and how we can force ourselves and a colleagues to do this as partial of a work environment.

2. How to conduct your group and teach them in times of predicament and new normals, to make certain they don’t compensate a cost of success with a burnout underneath these stressful circumstances.

The FREE masterclass is hosted by Presidents Summit – Northern Europe’s heading business conference. Our annual discussion attracts 3000+ executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers that advantage from lectures by some of a world’s inaugural business experts and have a event to network with a diverse, high-level general audience.

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