Police officers filmed punching and kicking think after he willingly lies on belligerent during arrest


Footage of military officers punching and kicking a thievery think after he willingly surrenders has stirred a force to impute itself to an eccentric watchdog.

The CCTV video showed 3 military vehicles from a Lancashire military pulling adult behind a man, identified as 34-year-old Adeel Ashraf, who was walking on a cement in Accrington.

The male puts both hands in a atmosphere and kneels on a belligerent as 5 officers exit a vehicles and run towards him. The officers afterwards pull a think a belligerent and start punching and kicking him before handcuffing him.

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Sharing a full story, not only a headlines

Another officer is seen holding a military dog behind as his colleagues quell Ashraf.

Ustadh Mohammad Quraishi, a Muslim romantic and eremite clergyman in Blackburn, initial posted a video on amicable media.

He added: “I have now oral to a eyewitness, a lady who is in a footage examination a military savagery by officers from a Lancashire Police that took place in Accrington.

“Shocked to hear that surrendering victim’s conduct was regularly banged opposite a quell nutritious a prominent conduct injury,” he said, citing a witness. 

Speaking to The Independent, he pronounced that a video “sends a wrong message” to suspects who surrender. 

“It was a startle to see a chairman who willingly surrendered themselves in that demeanour get beaten up. It sends a wrong summary – if we surrender, you’ll get beaten up. It should not have been authorised to happen.”

Lancashire military reliable a occurrence took place on 8 Jan after they perceived a news of a thievery around 11am in that a Nissan Juke automobile was stolen from Blackburn.

The stolen automobile was after seen and followed by officers, ensuing in Ashraf’s detain that “is what is seen in a footage that has been widely shared”.

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“We conclude a regard that perceptions of a officer actions in this video have caused and we would like to encourage people that a occurrence is being entirely reviewed by a Professional Standards Department,” pronounced a force.

“In a interests of honesty and clarity we are also willingly referring a occurrence to a Independent Office for Police Conduct.”

Ashraf has been charged with “aggravated car holding and dangerous driving” and has been “recalled to prison”, military confirmed.

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