Petnet tributary ‘starved my cat for a week’ says mad pet owner


This week on intelligent home nightmares… Petnet, a association behind a operation of intelligent pet feeders, is apologising to business after a extensive complement outage that caused cats and dogs to go inspired for days on end.

Earlier this month a association announced a outage was inspiring a second-generation SmartFeeder, that is designed to separate out a ideal apportionment distance and a time of your choosing, that done it seem as if a inclination were offline.

However, during a time, a organisation betrothed a food would compartment be dispensed during a preferred time. However, many business claimed a that a feeders weren’t coughing adult a kibble on time or, worse still, not during all. One pet owners even tweeted a organisation to contend their “cat carnivorous for over a week.”

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Considering Petnet’s tagline is “never skip a meal,” it’s not accurately a good demeanour for a firm, that has cumulative vital investment from a US sell hulk PetCo, among vital Silicon Valley try collateral firms (via TechCrunch).

Plenty of other users responded to a association angry that stability to use a tributary put their pets’ wellbeing during stake.

Another Twitter user wrote: “My cat carnivorous while we were out of town, finished adult carrying neighbors wanting to save her. Cat was so carnivorous she was behaving an conflict cat when they attempted to come into a house. Glad (and rather surprised) that a tributary was adult and regulating when we got home today.”

After a initial twitter from a Petnet support comment on Feb 14, it took until Feb 21 until a association concurred that a use was returning online. So distant a association is nonetheless to yield users with answers about a outage, many of whom are angry about unchanging jamming issues with their supposed intelligent feeders.

If you’re meddlesome in your cat or dog potentially not eating for days on end, a Petnet intelligent tributary is now ignored on Amazon.

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