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Every quarter, we lay in astonishment as Apple rakes in income palm over fist. Now we lay and yowl as we watch how most it creates each second of a day.

A site named Every Second lets we counterpart into how Apple is doing each time a time ticks. It doesn’t have entrance to inner sales total or anything — it’s unequivocally usually retreat engineered formed on info gleaned from gain calls and other open info.

All Killer, No Filler

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Still, it’s as joyless as it is amazing. In a time it took me to get from a initial word in this essay to this point, Apple sole about 500 phones and had $450,000 in revenue.

According to a Department of Numbers, a normal domicile income in 2014 (the final stats it has on a topic) was around $53,000. Apple creates that in about 9 seconds flat.

If it’s even tighten to accurate (and there’s no reason to doubt it is), Every Second has some cold statistics if we can see by your tears. It marks things like Apple Store visitors, Apple Pay income generated and how many iMessages were sent.

We were already tender by Apple, though this takes it to another level.

on Every Second

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Technically Incorrect offers a somewhat disfigured take on a tech that’s taken over a lives.

apple-store-union-square-sf-1802-001.jpgEnlarge Image

Sometimes, Apple store employees contingency consternation if their business have come over all Pinocchio.

Josh Miller/CNET

Complaints, complaints, complaints.

That’s all we mostly hear about famous brands and their patron service, or miss of it.

Sometimes, though, we forget that business aren’t accurately a many trustworthy, stately beings they explain to be.

They can be irascible. They can be tiresome. And, be honest now, they can be undisguised mendacious.

Three former Apple store employees (all underneath insincere names, naturally) suggested to Thrillist some of a interesting lies that business have attempted to get divided with.

It competence yield a certain change to a tales of Apple store geniuses who aren’t and patron use staff who competence be arrogant or even indifferent.

One former worker told Thrillist that it’s foolish to try to surprise store employees. They know some-more about a products than we do.

Still, here’s one reason allegedly offering by an Apple patron for his malfunctioning phone: “I had a male try to remonstrate me that a glass repairs was some kind of E.T. glass from when he was abducted [by aliens].”

Personally, we consider there’s unequivocally some E.T. glass around in a H2O these days. There contingency be some reason for all a madness. There’s also something roughly bold about a patron perplexing to get divided with an illusory story.

Another of a former employees offering a story of male who brought in an iPhone that was hardly recognizable.

“He told us it wasn’t operative right,” pronounced a former employee. “So he took it out behind his residence and shot it with a purloin since he was so fed adult with a thing.”


But still he approaching Apple to reinstate it? It appears so. The former store worker pronounced he declined to do so.

The final story was of a male who also brought in a malfunctioning, lame iPhone.

“He explained that he had been articulate on it,” a former Apple store male told Thrillist, “when unexpected a phone got unequivocally prohibited and started to bake his hand, so he threw it on a opposite and it erupted into flames.”

Such things do happen.

In this case, however, when a phone was taken behind to a Genius Bar, it was apparently transparent that it had perceived liquid.

The ex-Apple store worker came behind to a customer.

“He responds with, ‘Well yeah, it held on fire, so we threw it in a penetrate and ran H2O over it,” he said.

Apple store employees have to work out what unequivocally competence have happened. In this case: “I am utterly certain that he forsaken his phone in H2O and suspicion that a best thought was to dry it in a microwave.”

Sometimes, a law of such stories can distortion somewhere in between. Sometimes, though, business simply act impulsively and afterwards design Apple to collect adult a pieces — and a cost.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

These former employees certified it was tough after a integrate of years carrying to listen to business articulate about a same things over and over again.

They did, though, offer other comical revelations about operative in Apple stores. But a many critical is certainly that Apple is not a cult.

What a relief.

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Hillary Clinton finished a box for her presidential bid in a singular talk with Fox News Sunday, reaching out directly to a regressive show’s primary audience: comparison Republican voters, many of them careful of her magnanimous politics and her control as secretary of state, though even some-more shocked by Donald Trump’s indeterminate spirit and ostensible coziness with Russia.

“We know that Donald Trump has shown a really discouraging eagerness to behind adult Putin, to support Putin, either it’s observant that NATO wouldn’t come to a rescue of a allies if they were invaded” or “his regard for Putin—which is, we think, utterly remarkable,” Clinton said, when asked by Fox horde Chris Wallace about a new hacking conflict opposite a Democratic National Committee, that is widely believed to have been carried out by Russia in sequence to advantage Trump. Clinton didn’t go so distant as to advise that Russian President Vladimir Putin would cite to see Trump in a White House, though she pronounced it “raises critical issues about Russian division in a elections, in a democracy.” Trump’s story of praising Putin also “raises inhabitant confidence issues,” she argued.

The sit-down interview, Clinton’s initial given apropos a initial womanlike presidential hopeful of a vital party, and her initial with Fox News Sunday in 5 years, was surprising for a maestro politician, who is mostly criticized for her occasionally communication with a press. (Unlike Trump, who bombards a media constantly, Clinton hasn’t given a press discussion in some-more than 200 days.) More surprising was what Clinton was perplexing to do: win over conservatives like George Will, who have been driven from a Republican Party by a preference to commission as a standard-bearer a former existence TV star with small story of regressive principles.

Clinton faces a high ascending climb, however, in convincing Republicans that she is infallible and won’t exceed her end as boss on a emanate of immigration, both issues that Fox News—which re-aired a 10 A.M. Fox interview—has regularly beaten her on over a final year. Confronted with a fact that two-third of electorate contend they don’t trust her, a former secretary of state concurred she had to do some-more (“I have work to do to make certain people know what we have finished and what we will do”) though argued that Americans’ clarity of her is a caricature, not reality. “When we left bureau as Secretary of State, 66 percent of Americans authorized of what we do,” she told Wallace. “I consider that it’s satisfactory for Americans to have questions. we wish you’ll ask Donald Trump because he is so untrusted by a American people.”

The Democratic hopeful also sought to reduce Republican voters’ fears that she would take divided or extent entrance to guns as president, a vital barrier to winning over capricious conservatives who are disturbed about Trump. “I’m not looking to dissolution a Second Amendment. I’m not looking to take people’s guns away,” Clinton insisted, repeating what she had pronounced in her Democratic National Convention debate final week, during that she had supposed her party’s assignment for president. “But we am looking for some-more support for a reasonable efforts that need to be undertaken to keep guns out of a wrong hands,” she continued. “The immeasurable infancy of Americans including gun owners support a kind of common clarity reforms that I’m proposing.”

Clinton’s talk with Wallace was a latest in a array of moves by a presidential hopeful to enhance her voting bottom over magnanimous and centrist Democrats to embody some-more regressive voters. Days before, right-leaning pundits had watched with some regard as a Democratic National Convention gleefully co-opted an iconography and wording traditionally belonging to Republicans: hulk American flags, nationalistic chants, and a march of high-ranking troops officials, military officers, former Reagan officials, and even Michael Bloomberg, once a Republican himself. The philharmonic was, they fretted, some-more American than their own convention, a weeklong jubilee of Trump.

Clinton’s talk augurs intensity problem on a setting as she seeks to combine believers of old-fashioned, Reagan-era conservatism, with a ideals of a revolutionary from Vermont and his multitude of scrappy supporters. But if anyone can shock some-more people into a Democratic Party’s large tent, it’s Donald Trump—and Clinton is holding open a doors. Already there are suggestions that a Democratic hopeful could shortly accept a publicity of high-profile dissenters within a Republican ranks, even if it risks alienating some apportionment of her magnanimous base. Fox News itself might shortly be changeable toward a center, as Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James and Lachlan pierce to reinvent a network in a arise of Roger Ailes’ depart amid a passionate nuisance scandal. If there’s anyone who can gain on a entrance shakeup with a carefully-tuned plan of triangulation, it’s another Clinton.


U.S. Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Capricia Penavic Marshall
Huma Abedin
Bill Clinton
Michael Bloomberg
Barack Obama
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) during Clintons State Dept. acknowledgment hearing
Mexicos Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa
Eric Holder
Huma Abedin
William Hague, U.K. Foreign Secretary
One of Hillarys Aides

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Fans of HBO have prolonged been undone with a network’s use of tributary passionate violence towards women in their programming. Despite a steady pleas for change, HBO still doesn’t unequivocally see what all a bitch is about claiming, essentially, that everyone gets harm on shows like Game of Thrones and a upcoming Westworld, so it balances out. 

This, during least, was a evidence HBO executive Casey Bloys done during a new interview. When deliberating both Game of Thrones, that is all tellurian interaction, and Westworld‘s bargain of humans communication with human-like robots, he says that sexualized attack is something they consider about and isn’t something they’re perplexing to prominence per se, yet that a critique is valid. Westworld showrunner Lisa Joy also pronounced that “Sexual attack for everybody on my group is something we take unequivocally seriously, it’s unusually unfortunate and horrifying. We unequivocally endeavored to not have it be about a fetishization of those acts, it’s about exploring and substantiating a crime, and a torture of a characters.”

However, when pushed serve about either HBO relies on sexualized attack as a means of world-building, and since women are assaulted some-more than men, Bloys doesn’t see attack as specific towards women. “Using Game of Thrones, attack is not only specific to women, it’s group and women,” he says. “The indicate of is there a lot of attack in Westworld and Game of Thrones? Yes, yet we don’t indispensably consider that it’s privately removed to women.”

Journalists, however, didn’t unequivocally taken this for an answer, and continued to pull about since women are always a victims of passionate attack and group never are. In response, Bloys said: “No, we haven’t seen group being raped. But a indicate we would make in Game of Thrones for instance is group are castrated, a man is fed a cake done of his sons. The attack is flattering impassioned on all fronts. we take your indicate that so distant there have not been any masculine rapes, yet my indicate is a attack is widespread equally.”

This seems to protest Bloys’s progressing matter about a criticisms of HBO’s rape scenes being valid, in that he is observant it doesn’t matter that group aren’t intimately assaulted since they’re harm only as bad in other ways. But that’s blank a point: nobody is observant that attack isn’t widespread out between both genders. A uncover like Game of Thrones is awfully good during display how unenlightened genocide and attack are. The indicate is that women and women alone are increasingly being shown in highly-sexualized, gratuitous, and heartless rape and passionate attack scenes in ways that group only aren’t.

When asked if HBO would ever uncover this same kind of attack towards men, he simply says “we’re going to kill everybody.” This still shows a elemental miss of bargain that attack towards group and attack towards women is intensely opposite even if we give equal shade time to both kinds of behavior. Violence towards group can be heartless in many ways, yet some-more mostly than not there is an underlying thesis of strength, endurance, heroicism and respect behind it. But in a uncover like Game of Thrones, a woman’s respect is not tied to attack in a same way: a lady loses her respect if she is intimately violated, even yet she was a victim. She mostly has small chance yet to take it, and find a approach to pierce on as best she can. That is an implausible attainment of strength and continuation in itself, yet maybe what HBO doesn’t comprehend is that viewers are sleepy of this being a purpose of women again and again. Men suffer, sure, yet never in a same way, and never with a same connotations, or with a same recourse. In Game of Thrones and Westworld and on present-day world earth, a biggest hazard to women continues to be men. And HBO doesn’t seem to get that viewers are sleepy of this both in genuine life and on screen.

(Via Entertainment Weekly).


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bill clinton

bill clinton
bill clinton

The Democratic National Convention has come and gone, though only like a RNC, a best pieces have found new life on a Internet. There were many notable moments that came out of Philadelphia this week—Michelle Obama delivered an uncommonly quotable speech; President Obama done a shining box for empathy; and Tim Kaine even became a Internet’s new favorite cold dad—but a personal favorite partial of a gathering was examination Bill Clinton play with balloons.

The Internet fast seized on a former president’s (and a rest of a DNC’s) complete joy. Here, a best reactions and GIFs of Bill Clinton personification with balloons.










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Ce fut l’un des and poignants discours de la gathering démocrate, la semaine dernière à Philadelphie. Khizr Khan, citoyen américain originaire du Pakistan, a rendu hommage à son fils jeudi, soldat tué en Irak en 2004, en dénonçant les propositions de Donald Trump, le candidat des républicains à la présidence des Etats-Unis. «Si Donald Trump avait pu en décider, jamais mon fils n’aurait été en Amérique», avait-il lancé, en référence à la tender du magnat de l’immobilier d’interdire à tous les musulmans l’accès aux Etats-Unis. Très offensif, Khizr Khan avait livré un véritable réquisitoire contre Trump, avec son épouse à ses côtés. «Avez-vous lu la structure des Etats-Unis?», avait notamment interrogé cet avocat de profession. «Je peux sans problème vous en prêter une copie!» Le père du capitaine Humayun Khan avait livré une des attaques les and sévères de cette convention, en apostrophant ainsi le milliardaire: «Vous n’avez rien sacrifié, ni personne.»

Ma popularité avec les vétérans crève le plafond

Un tel déferlement de critiques n’a pas plu à Donald Trump, d’autant que le discours a eu un impact médiatique indéniable. Sur ABC, samedi, le candidat de droite a donc tenté de contrer les accusations formulées standard Khizr Khan, avec sa méthode habituelle: sous-entendus et polémique. Trump aurait-il empêché son fils de venir en Amérique, comme l’affirme Khizr Khan? «Il n’en sait rien! Je l’ai vu, il avait l’air très ému. Il avait sans doute l’air d’un form bien», commence-t-il. Puis immédiatement, le candidat enchaîne les sous-entendus: «Si vous regardez sa femme, elle était là, debout, comme si elle n’avait rien à dire. Peut-être qu’on lui a interdit de apocalyptic quoi que ce soit, à vous de me dire. Beaucoup de gens ont écrit ça. Elle était extraordinairement silencieuse. On aurait dit qu’elle n’avait rien à dire. Beaucoup de gens l’ont dit. Personnellement, je l’ai regardé… Je lui souhaite bonne chance…» Trump insinue ensuite que l’équipe de campagne d’Hillary a écrit le discours de Khizr Khan, puis il affirme qu’il a fait de nombreux sacrifices. «Je crois que j’ai fait beaucoup de sacrifices, j’ai travaillé très très dur, j’ai créé des dizaines de milliers d’emplois», explique l’héritier. «J’ai récolté des millions de dollars flow les vétérans, je les help beaucoup. Ma popularité avec les vétérans crève le plafond», disagree encore le milliardaire.

Donald Trump répond aux critiques du père qui a perdu son fils en Irak

Les Khan ont répliqué aux propos de Donald Trump. «Trump n’a pas la moindre once de décence parce qu’il ne sait pas criticism s’adresser à une famille dont l’enfant est mort en service», a dit Khizr Khan. Son épouse s’est exprimée vendredi sur MSNBC. Lorsqu’elle a vu le mural de son fils sur scène, à Philadelphie, elle n’a «pas pu le supporter». «Je ne peux même pas entrer dans la pièce où il y a des photos de lui», a-t-elle précisé. «Je me suis contrôlée à ce moment-là. C’est très dur», a-t-elle dit, les larmes aux yeux.

Quant aux propos de Donald Trump laissant entendre que le discours a été rédigé standard les plumes de Clinton, le père du soldat s’était expliqué vendredi au «New York Times». Il avait indiqué avoir été contacté standard l’équipe d’Hillary Clinton flow venir s’exprimer à la convention. Il avait affirmé avoir refusé l’assistance de l’équipe Clinton flow la rédaction de son discours.

Pour Hillary Clinton, Trump “n’est pas un candidat normal”

La assault des attaques de Donald Trump ont évidemment outragé la gauche. Hillary Clinton, la claimant démocrate, a expliqué que Trump «n’est pas un candidat normal». «Quelqu’un qui attaque surveillance le monde a quelque chose en moins. Je ne sais pas ce que c’est. Je ne veux pas me plonger là-dedans», a-t-elle lancé. Le gouverneur républicain de l’Ohio, John Kasich, un temps considéré comme le opposition le and raisonnable de Donald Trump dans les primaires, a écrit sur Twitter qu’il n’y avait qu’une façon de s’adresser à une famille qui a perdu un enfant à l’armée: «Avec honneur et respect.»

A lire:Le house Trump en détails

Donald Trump a décidément du mal à s’adresser avec tact aux vétérans. Au début de sa campagne, il avait attaqué John McCain, sénateur républicain, héros de guerre, prisonnier torturé au Vietnam durant sa captivité. «J’aime les gens qui ne se rise pas capturer», avait-il déclaré.

Toute facsimile interdite

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Forty mins with President Barack Obama, 3 hours with Bill Clinton, and a five-hour marathon event with Hillary Clinton—this is what it took Shonda Rhimes to tell a story of Hillary Clinton.

Closing out a Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Rhimes debuted a 12-minute mini-movie that documented Clinton’s tour and career. “Hillary” overwhelmed on her work for children, her reign as a U.S. senator from New York and Secretary of State, and a relations that have postulated her by it all.

“It could have been 3 hours,” Rhimes pronounced in an talk with People.com. Eventually, she cut it to reduction than 15 minutes. “As a author who builds characters for a living, it was sparkling to take an tangible tellurian being and pieces of who she is and see how it builds a chairman and her character, because she is who she is,” Rhimes said. “Given a Trumpiness of a universe today, we felt like we were doing a work of angels…. And a best part? we didn’t have to supplement a tract twist!”