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Memo to CEOs who don’t cruise themselves in a electricity business: You might not be in a appetite business today, yet you’re some-more than expected to be in it tomorrow. Consider Apple, magnitude a scapegoat in a appetite business. This summer, a association practical for sovereign licenses to sell directly to business a additional renewable appetite it generates on a new campus and in comforts opposite Oregon, Nevada, and California.

Your association might not be going as entirely or directly into a business as Apple, yet we might shortly wish to join a ranks of a appetite “prosumers”—companies that both furnish and devour energy. As a electric appetite attention shifts from a indication where particular internal utilities have a corner on electricity sustenance in a segment to a many some-more energetic market, these prosumers will be means to make and sell a accumulation of problematic new products and services like magnitude regulation. These services are now lumped into simple electric service, yet in a destiny prosumers will be means to furnish them with their possess apparatus and sell them behind into a appetite grid. Their monthly appetite check will be a net of a appetite and other services they furnish and a appetite they consume.

California, Texas, and many of a U.S. easterly and north of Chicago already have “bulk” appetite markets that trade early versions of these new products and services. The players in these markets, protected and overseen by sovereign regulators, are roughly all utilities and specialized appetite producers and traders. However, a trend is to focus smaller versions of these markets, with many lighter chartering mandate dictated to pull in a far-reaching swath of business and even residential marketplace participants.

Commercial and industrial firms are primary possibilities to spin prosumers due to a vast distance of their facilities, variations in appetite use, and ability to buy and sell electricity products during scale. The many common and fast-growing source of locally generated (or “distributed”) appetite is rooftop solar. Many blurb and industrial buildings have rooftops, parking structures, and new land that can horde systems that are significantly incomparable and cheaper than residential systems. A new investigate by a National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that business rooftops enclose 3.2 billion block feet of space that is serviceable for solar, adequate to appetite 14% of U.S. electric demand. Solar appetite can also be contracted, many some-more cheaply, from dedicated off-site facilities, with any over-abundance resold into a market.

But solar electricity is usually a commencement of a destiny appetite marketplace. Many companies are already in markets where “demand-response” contracts capacitate them to sell a right to conduct a apportionment of their appetite use, permitting them to be paid for shortening their appetite during hours when a mark cost of appetite is high. In a future, in further to offered tangible appetite reductions, companies will be means to sell other currently-hidden services constructed by their buildings, solar systems, or car fleets behind into a grid. For example, a really tiny apportionment of a assign in an electric vehicle’s battery could be sole behind to a appetite association when it needs an additional bit of appetite during a mark where a car happens to be connected for charging.

Some of a appetite saved and resold will come from normal appetite potency (EE) investments, that companies have been creation for many years. Energy-efficient lighting, motors, and other hardware continue to make good clarity for many firms, either financed on a change piece or by third parties who yield a upfront collateral and afterwards share a assets on destiny appetite bills. However, a blast of intelligent digital- and internet-connected inclination has combined a new form of appetite potency that adds evident control over apparatus as a new EE strategy. In normal EE, one simply transposed device A with more-efficient device B. B operated a same approach as A, with no special control. Now, device B can be tranquil remotely regulating program that looks during a hour-by-hour cost for electricity and decides either it is cheaper to run a device now or wait until later. The same program and controls can mostly promote direct response, in that a patron is indeed paid a tiny volume for changeable a time settlement of appetite use. One new technology, an easily-installed, IP-addressable atmosphere conditioner optimizer, could spin millions of AC units sitting atop frame malls and preference stores into sources of direct response.

It is now increasingly common for heading firms to squeeze vast amounts of renewable appetite underneath agreement from vast providers as good as furnish a apportionment of their possess power. Fifty-three tellurian firms have affianced to modify to 100% renewable appetite (though they have not set a aim date). The 24 largest stream buyers of renewable power—a organisation that includes Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ikea, Equinix, Mars, Dow, Wal-Mart, and Facebook—have bought 3.6 GW of renewable appetite given a commencement of 2015, adequate to appetite about half a state of Connecticut.

What can today’s non-energy CEOs do to ready their firms for a prosumer future? Apple’s outrageous size, appetite use, and change piece concede it to burst in faster than many other firms, yet there is copiousness of event to lay a grounds today, while saving income and assisting means a environment. A extensive appetite review by a competent appetite services organisation informed with a latest intelligent control technologies, normal EE measures such as fit motors and lights, and direct response options is a approach to start. This review will roughly positively exhibit opportunities to save income and sell (or during slightest conserve) some appetite services right now. Several NGOs and business leaders, including a World Resources Institute and a World Wildlife Fund, also have coalitions that assistance firms squeeze renewable appetite regulating artistic constrictive solutions. The full prosumer destiny might be a decade or dual away, yet a emergence of a epoch is already here—just ask Apple.

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The central Apple Black Friday sale incited out to be muted as a association did not offer any deals on newer inclination such as a iPhone 7/7 Plus and gave a maximum $150 present label giveaway on a squeeze of a MacBook Pro 2016 (without Touch Bar). So if we are looking for a Cyber Monday understanding on an Apple device, it is improved to demeanour during third-party retailers instead.

Here are some deals on Apple devices:

iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

You can get 15 percent off on both a inclination during Target. Best Buy is charity a giveaway present label value adult to $250 with each iPhone 7 256GB and $100 present label on 32/128GB Sprint, ATT and Verizon versions of a device. New Sprint activations will get a $200 present card.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 13-inch (no Touch Bar)

Best Buy is charity a device during $1,399 ($100 off).

MacBook Air 2015

Best Buy is charity a MacBook Air (i5/8GB RAM/256GB) for $999 ($200 off).

Apple Watch Series 1

Target is charity $72 off a Apple Watch Series 1, now accessible during $198.

Apple TV

Target is charity 25 percent bonus on a Apple TV 2016 with Siri remote accessible during $112.49.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Target is charity discounts trimming from $150-250 on a iPad Pro 9.7-inch 32GB (available during $449), 128GB (available during $549) and 256GB (available during $649).

Apple iMac late 2015 Model

Best Buy is charity a 21.5-inch iMac (Core i5 1.6GHz dual-core CPU/8GB RAM/1TB) during $899.

iPad Air 2

Best Buy is charity a iPad Air 2 for $274 ($125 off).

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Taking a demeanour behind during another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes Apple’s problems with a iPhone 6 Plus and 6S, a enchanting energy source for a iPhone 8, thoughts on a iPhone 7S, new problems with iOS 10, a new educational iPad, Apple dropping out of a router business, where Jony Ive is going subsequent year, and a ultimate app for a MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Apple Loop is here to remind we of a few of a really many discussions that have happened around Apple over a final 7 days (and we can review a weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

Apple’s Problems With The Older iPhones

This week saw Apple sensitively acknowledge a series of issues in comparison iPhones. First adult was a iPhone 6 Plus’ ‘touch disease’ that third-party correct site iFixit (and others) trust is caused by a shade controller chips separating from a categorical proof board. Rather than a full deputy device, Apple will now offer a correct for $149.

It should be remarkable that Apple is not acknowledging any smirch in a pattern of a iPhone 6 Plus, so this is not seen as an emanate that would be lonesome underneath warranty. Neither is a iPhone 6 lonesome by this new correct procedure. Users who have already paid for a use on their 6 Plus can hit Apple for a payment if they were charged some-more than a $149 assign now in place.

Meanwhile a battery emanate that has been causing a series of iPhone 6S handsets to tighten down unexpectedly. If your handset is affected, Apple will reinstate a battery giveaway of assign (assuming there are no other issues with a handset). Forbes Amit Chowdhury reports:

Apple has concurred that there are battery problems on some iPhone 6S models that means a inclination to tighten down unexpectedly. Fortunately, a battery problem is not a reserve hazard. The battery deputy module might have been in response to a ask by a China Consumers Association (CCA) seeking Apple to examine complaints about permanent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S shutdowns final week, according to AppleInsider.

“Apple has dynamic that a really tiny series of iPhone 6s inclination might unexpected tighten down. This is not a reserve emanate and usually affects inclination within a singular sequence series operation that were made between Sep and Oct 2015,” pronounced Apple on a support page. “If we have gifted this issue, greatfully revisit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device’s sequence series checked to endorse eligibility for a battery replacement, giveaway of charge.”

Will The iPhone 8 Have Magical Wireless Charging?

Next year’s iPhone 8 is approaching to see a series of vital new facilities and technologies. Two some-more ideas that might seem have been lonesome by Forbes’ Amit Chowdhury. He looks during twin some-more intensity facilities for a tenth-anniversary handset expected in Sep 2017, twin visual picture stabilisation and remote wireless charging:

Apple is reportedly revamping a telephoto lens that is being used for a visual wizz simulation capabilities, that should be prepared in time for a iPhone 8 release. And Apple retailer Largan Precision is approaching to be a disdainful provider of 6P and telephoto lenses for a new iPhones.

…The iPhone 8 is reportedly going to be reprehensible from a stretch of adult to 15 feet from a plugged-in transmitter. Essentially a iPhone 8 would have a receiver built into a device to support a wireless charging feature. The advantage of a wireless charging underline is that we would not have to be tied to an opening while regulating an iPhone 8 with a low battery.

If Apple can lift of wireless charging during a a stretch of fifteen feet, it’s going to be really tighten to enchanting and we will be severely impressed. That said, to have that prepared in 10 months time seems to be a really large ask.

The iPhone 7S Strategy Leaks

The burst adult to a subsequent principal number in a presumptively patrician iPhone 8 leaves a branding opening in a portfolio. KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo believes a iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will make an coming during 2017, replacing a iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to concede Apple to sell a cheaper iPhone:

Apple pulled a identical redesign of a models serve down a portfolio when it expelled a iPhone 5S. Rather than pull a iPhone 5 down a stage on a ladder to turn a cheaper model, Apple expelled a iPhone 5C. While it had a identical selection and pattern to a iPhone 5, it was marketed as a code new appurtenance with musty colours adorning a polycarbonate case.

Although a supply of OLED screens for a iPhone 8 appears to be some-more strong than initial expected, it’s doubtful to prove a direct if OLED was to pierce opposite a whole iPhone operation in one fell swoop. The iPhone 8 is approaching to be a pricey handset, pulling a $800 symbol to buy SIM-free. Apple needs to say some participation in a reduce labelled markets. An updated LCD chronicle of a iPhone 7 could be only what a portfolio requires

More here on Forbes.

iPhone 5C (image: Apple.com)

iPhone 5C (image: Apple.com)

Latest iOS Update Causing More Problems

Following a discerning refurbish to iOS to repair Apple Health losing data, a latest chronicle of iOS (v10.11) has highlighted twin ungainly errors in daily use. Some handsets are locking adult during thirty percent battery energy and a microphone in Apple’s possess earpods might stop operative during a call. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly:

Reported by a ever committed users during Apple AAPL -0.49%’s central Support Communities forum, is a thread that is now 11 pages prolonged detailing how iPhone users are anticipating their battery life unexpected gives out during around a 30% mark.

While a accurate commission where a battery unexpected drops out varies, it is typically around a 30% mark. Interestingly several users also news they have gifted this given iOS 10.1 though iOS 10.1.1 did zero to repair it and conjunction does a latest beta of iOS 10.2, that suggests that a bug is not now on Apple’s radar.

More on a issues here.

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Le salon Moto Légende a fermé ses portes dimanche soir dernier. Une édition salsa italienne avec un thème principal : Moto Guzzi. 25 000 passionnés se sont déplacés flow l’occasion.


Mot Guzzi était à l’honneur de cette édition 2016. Photo Vincent Marquis©

Le salon Moto Légende a réuni 25 000 visiteurs en un week-end au Parc Floral de Vincennes. Les 18, 19 et 20 novembre derniers, le rendez-vous des anciennes a vécu une de ses and belles éditions. Il a aussi réussi à réunir le monde de la collection pur et dur et celui du vintage, dans l’air du temps.

Cette 19ème édition a été fortement marquée standard la présence de la marque transalpine Moto Guzzi, qui proposait des essais sur place de leur gamme rétro et une carnival de motos anciennes.

Plus qu’un fil rouge, la marque a servi de garnishment entre les spectateurs, certains pros, les fédérations (FFM, FFVE, VMA) et les clubs. Il fallait voir le nombre de blousons ou de casquettes à l’effigie de l’aigle de Mandello déambuler dans les travées du Parc floral surveillance au prolonged du week-end. Même les clubs et les pros d’autres marques ont joué le jeu en exposant de belles Guzzi, à l’image de cette V50 exposée à côté de sa grande rivale de l’époque – la Honda 500 CX – sur le mount du bar dédié à la japonaise. Quel and bel hommage.

D’autres marques étaient bien sûr présentes, Bmw, Indian, Triumph, Yamaha, Midual, Royale Enfield, Mash et Suzuki venu tester auprès du open ses déclinaisons de la SV650.

Rendez-vous maintenant les 27 et 28 mai prochains sur le circuit de Dijon-Prenois flow voir toute la planète selected en movement aux Coupes du même nom !

Crédit print : Vincent Marquis©

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Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, je suis François le Français… ou pas. Une étude réalisée dans 25 pays standard Ipsos MORI révèle que les Français seraient les and pessimistes quant au arrange de leur pays. En effet, à la doubt “Pensez-vous que votre pays va dans la bonne ou la mauvaise instruction ?“, ils ont répondu à 89% de manière négative. Ex-aequo avec les Français, les Mexicains n’ont pas vraiment foi en l’avenir de leur nation. Comme eux, les Brésiliens, Sud Africains, Italiens, Hongrois et Espagnols ne sont pas and optimistes. Cela est majoritairement dû au fait que ces pays ont subis de multiples déboires politiques ces dernières années, parfois additionnés à une économie en trench libre. 

Cependant, l’Inde, l’Arabie Saoudite et la Chine seraient très heureux de la conditions actuelle de leur pays. Seulement 25% de leurs habitants se poseraient des questions sur l’avenir de leur nation. 

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La noticia de la muerte del actor y conductor Renato López, de 33 años, ha causado sorpresa en el espectáculo y las redes sociales.

Renato, de 33 años, fue conocido por conducir diversos programas de televisión y también protagonizó cintas como el “El Cielo en tu Mirada”. Recientemente se encontraba promocionando la película “Macho”, que se estrenó a nivel nacional el 18 de noviembre.