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Years ago, we took a design of a singular apple, one of a final ones from a farm. It exists as a sign of what once was a good and abounding business here in Rappahannock and, we think, a cautionary tale, an instance that change happens either we wish it to or not.

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Mr. Richard Brady, in his mainstay final week, doesn’t seem to acknowledge this fact. When he describes some different entity who he thinks are subscribing to some all or zero form of pull for a outcome of “more houses, some-more people, some-more congestion, larger burdens in a schools and amicable services, and a contingent mitigation of a peculiarity of life,” we consider he needs to indeed consider about a story here, what has dead pursuit correct and race wise.

How do we redeem from those losses? No one that we have talked to wants a absolutes Mr. Brady describes. Many have voiced a enterprise for accessibility of tiny homes like those described during during a new RappAtHome meeting: starter homes, slot area accessibility in and around a villages.

We need families and children to yield for a destiny as a viable community, one we had a while ago and one we can have when many of us vital here accumulate together with that common goal. There are other resources we need to pierce brazen in a 21st century while still preserving a atmospheric open landscapes many enjoy.

We are all Rappahannock, any of us in a possess approach creation a profitable grant from a nooks and crannies via a county.

Sheila Gresinger

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It looks like Tool fans will shortly be means to tide their music. The rope launched form on Apple Music and Spotify (via Consequence of Sound).

Profile But no Music…Yet

The LA  art-rock rope had formerly resisted being on streaming services. However, with a fifth manuscript approaching to dump soon, that looks to have changed. The rope now has a form on Apple Music that says a “greatest breakthrough was to mix dim subterraneous steel with a aspiration of art rock.” The rope “embraced a artsy, independent preoccupations of Jane’s Addiction while they concurrently paid low-pitched loyalty to a relentlessly dour visions of grindcore, genocide metal, and thrash,” a bio goes on to say.

At a impulse there is no song accessible on possibly streaming service. On Apple Music, clicking adult a Tool form brings adult that bio and a dance remix of ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police that is zero to do with them. On Spotify, there is only a design of a rope and a bio, though no music.

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Apple updated a AirPods with a new chip and a garland of facilities like Hey Siri recently. On a other hand, Beats, owned by Apple, launched Powerbeats Pro with a same H1 chip found on AirPods second generation. However, a Powerbeats Pro has some facilities that make it a somewhat improved choice when compared to Apple AirPods.


The AirPods second era was updated with a same design. Although they might sound good, a wireless earbuds tumble off simply while using or jolt a head. Beats Powerbeats Pro comes with ear hooks that solve a problem. The ear hooks fit from a outdoor side of a ear creation it gentle to wear. Further, they yield combined hold that does not let a earbuds tumble while operative out. They are also 17 percent aloft and 23 percent smaller than a AirPods 2.

Sweat and H2O resistance

Apple has strictly not announced either a AirPods second era has some arrange of H2O resistance. Although there are a few tests online that uncover a AirPods can tarry a drop or two, Apple would not correct a audio device due to glass damage. Powerbeats Pro comes with an central H2O insurgency certificate. The Powerbeats Pro are sweat-proof, though a association has not suggested a turn or rating of a glass resistance. However, with a combined hold and sweat-proof rating, Powerbeats Pro creates it a good choice for someone looking for wireless earbuds.


Both AirPods and Powerbeats Pro come with Apple’s latest H1 chip. The new chip has enabled ‘Hey Siri’ that lets users adjust a volume, trifle songs, etc. To make these functions even some-more accessible, a Powerbeats Pro comes with earthy controls. The earthy controls come in accessible when there is no internet connectivity for Siri to lift out a compulsory functions.


While a Apple AirPods come in usually White as a colour option, Beats offers a Powerbeats Pro in 4 opposite colours. The Powerbeats Pro can be bought in Black, Ivory, Navy, and Moss.

Better battery life and faster charging

Apple claims that a new AirPods have 50 percent some-more speak time compared to a prior era wireless earbuds. Users can play songs for adult to 5 hours and assign a AirPods around a charging box that binds an additional energy backup of 24 hours. Beats, on a other hand, claims that any earbud can final for adult to 9 hours. They also come with a quick charging choice that charges a audio device value an additional hour and a half of use within 5 minutes, and adult to 4.5 hours of listening time within 15 mins of assign time.


AirPods but wireless charging box cost $159 since a Beats Powerbeats Pro cost $249. For an additional $90, we get a improved design, H2O resistance, some-more battery life, and opposite colours to select from. 

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Competing with a ongoing Amazon Summer Sale, Flipkart is now also hosting what it calls a Flipkart Summer Carnival. The eventuality has already kicked off, and will go on compartment 7 May. Amazon’s Summer Sale too will be hosted till a same time.

At a Flipkart Summer Sale, there are offers on smartphones, gaming consoles, audio gear, and other products. Here are a tip picks for a best deals on smartphones that we can get during the Summer Carnival sale on Flipkart.

Apple iPhone XR

At the Flipkart Summer Carnival there is a good understanding we can get on the Apple iPhone XR (review), though that’s usually if we are an HDFC withdraw or credit label user. You can get an present bonus of Rs 5,990, that will move a phone’s cost down to Rs 53,910, instead of a Rs 59,990 (which was recently reduced in a cost drop). There is also an sell offer germane on a device, where we can get adult to Rs 17,450 off depending on a indication of a device we exchange.

Flipkart Summer Carnival: Deals on Apple iPhone XR, Realme 2 Pro, Honor 9 Lite, more

Apple iPhone XR. Image: tech2/Omkar Patne

Nokia 6.1 Plus

If we are looking for a sub-Rs 15,000 phone, afterwards we could also demeanour during a Nokia 6.1 Plus (review), that is now retailing during Rs 12,999 during a sale. Otherwise, a device costs Rs 17,600. There is also a bundled sell offer, that can assistance strike off adult to Rs 11,950 from a listed price.

Realme 2 Pro

All a variants Realme 2 Pro (review) are also on offer during a Flipkart Summer Carnival. The 4 GB RAM various is now accessible for Rs 10,990 instead of Rs 14,990, a 6 GB RAM model, on a other hand, is accessible during a ignored cost of Rs 11,950, that is differently labelled during Rs 16,990). There are sell offers germane on both models as well.

Honor 9 Lite

Honor’s mid-budget 9 Lite smartphone is down to a bill difficulty during this sale. Otherwise labelled during Rs 16,999, a Honor 9 Lite (review) is accessible during Rs 9,999 right now. Additional sell offers are germane as well.

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The endless catalog of mythological prog stone organisation King Crimson is finally accessible to tide on Apple Music. All 13 of King Crimson’s studio LPs—starting with their 1969 entrance In a Court of a Crimson King—are available, as good as a slew of singles, EPs, and live albums. Find their full catalog here, and listen to In a Court of a Crimson King below.

Earlier this year, King Crimson distinguished a 50th anniversary of their strange lineup’s initial rehearsal. To commemorate their 5 decades as a band, King Crimson announced a large debate kicking off this summer, a stirring documentary, and more.

Read “A Brief History of Prog Folk” over on a Pitch.

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One area where Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is positively heading is in a universe of wearable computing. The company’s Apple Watch lineup dominates a smartwatch marketplace in terms of both section shipments and sum revenue, while a AirPods line of wireless earbuds have simply been abrasive it. 

Apple’s wearables efforts have been an utter success so far. Based on what a company’s tip coronet had to contend on Apple’s many new gain call, a movement on that front is alive and well. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

A lady wearing a span of AirPods.A lady wearing a span of AirPods.

Image source: Apple.

Super quick wearables growth

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, a company’s wearables business saw “growth nearby 50%” on a year-over-year basement final quarter. 

“The business is now about a distance of a Fortune 200 company, an extraordinary statistic when we cruise it’s usually been 4 years given we delivered a really initial Apple Watch,” Cook explained.

Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories offerings together generated $5.1 billion in income final quarter, flourishing 30% year over year. That growth, Apple CFO Luca Maestri noted, was “fueled essentially by a clever opening of a wearables business, that grew tighten to 50%.” 

Breaking that down a bit, Maestri explained that a Apple Watch product line is “reaching many new customers, with three-quarters of purchases going to business who have never owned an Apple Watch before.” As distant as AirPods go, a executive combined that seductiveness in a latest iteration of a product “has been off a charts, and we’re operative tough to locate adult with implausible patron demand.” This suggests that direct is outstripping supply for a product right now. 

This is a good business for Apple. 

Growing in importance

Although a iPhone still accounts for a infancy of Apple’s revenue, a wearables, home, and accessories shred is an increasingly element partial of a business. 

Last quarter, wearables, home, and accessories products done adult roughly 8.8% of Apple’s altogether revenue. For a initial 6 months of mercantile 2019, that figure was a small over 8.7%. Moreover, given this shred is flourishing faster than Apple as a whole — a materialisation that we design to continue for a while nonetheless — it should turn even some-more critical to a association over time. 

What’s quite enlivening about this business is that it still seems to have a prolonged runway. Apple has an huge user base, and usually a fragment of those users have purchased Apple Watches and AirPods. As adoption continues to grow — something that’s rarely expected to happen, deliberation that Maestri claimed that 75% of Apple Watch sales final entertain were to first-time buyers — these product categories should suffer strong income growth.

An additional reason for confidence is that a commissioned bottom itself is still growing. Per Cook, “our active commissioned bottom of inclination continues to grow in any of a geographic segments and set a new all-time record for all vital product categories.” 

That commissioned bottom expansion is, as Cook said, “driving [Apple's] services business to new heights.” Since Apple’s pivotal wearables products need other Apple products to duty fully, that commissioned bottom trend should assistance boost a wearables business, too.

Investors should adore it

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The supervision launched a online payments height GOV.UK Pay for services with credit and withdraw cards in 2016, and so far, some-more than 2.9 million exchange have been made.

To make a complement even easier to use, a Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden, has announced that a supervision will now concede payments to be done with mobile phones by Apple Pay and Google Pay. He said:

We’re focused on creation entrance to supervision services as easy as possible. And introducing mobile remuneration to GOV.UK Pay will also make exchange some-more secure.

This is another instance of how we are operative smarter as a supervision – improving services for people as good as shortening rascal and costs.

An initial hearing of 4 supervision services being payable by Apple Pay and Google Pay has already been launched.

The services holding partial in a initial hearing are:

  • the Global Entry Service – that enables UK adults to get expedited entrance to a United States
  • online simple DBS checks – these are carried out before people are authorised to work in certain sectors
  • the Registered Traveller Service – that creates it easier for visit visitors from non-EU countries to enter a UK regulating complicated E-Gates during a border
  • the Electronic Visa Waiver Service – that allows people from 4 countries in a Middle East to transport some-more simply to a UK

Following a initial trial, it is designed to hurl mobile payments opposite serve executive supervision services, and after this year make it accessible for internal government, military and NHS organisations.

As good as being some-more convenient, these innovative remuneration forms will also be some-more secure, given they concede a use of fingerprint and facial approval record by users’ phones.

Lead product manager for GOV.UK Pay, Till Wirth, said:

Allowing people to compensate for supervision services by Apple Pay and Google Pay means they won’t have to enter their credit or withdraw label information when creation payments. This creation will boost a preference and confidence of GOV.UK Pay for users and hopefully make their knowledge online a lot easier.

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The New York Times has a story of holding weird stances when it comes to Apple, and nowhere was this some-more apparent than in a surprisingly dubious essay that ran final week. In a story titled, “Apple Cracks Down on Apps That Fight iPhone Addiction,” Jack Nicas minute how developers with screen-time tracking apps were anticipating themselves kicked out of a App Store.

As many fast observed, a tinge of a essay was infrequently conspiratorial and seemed to instil that Apple was kicking out apps designed to contest with Apple’s possess software. Interestingly enough, a story enclosed a discerning content from Apple executive Phil Schiller though unsuccessful to embody a full border of Schiller’s remarks and Apple’s underlying proclivity for kicking certain apps off a App Store.

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Behold: This is a best demeanour nonetheless during Apple’s impossibly neat iPhone 11 Max design

Schiller subsequently emailed a following in response to an email from a endangered Apple user:

Unfortunately a New York Times essay we anxiety did not share a finish statement, nor explain a risks to children had Apple not acted on their behalf. Apple has prolonged upheld providing apps on a App Store, that work like a ScreenTime feature, to assistance relatives conduct their children’s entrance to record and we will continue to inspire growth of these apps. There are many good apps for relatives on a App Store, like “Moment – Balance Screen Time” by Moment Health and “Verizon Smart Family” by Verizon Wireless.

However, over a final year we became wakeful that some parental government apps were regulating a record called Mobile Device Management or “MDM” and installing an MDM Profile as a process to extent and control use of these devices. MDM is a record that gives one celebration entrance to and control over many devices, it was meant to be used by a association on it’s possess mobile inclination as a government tool, where that association has a right to all of a information and use of a devices. The MDM record is not dictated to capacitate a developer to have entrance to and control over consumers’ information and devices, though a apps we private from a store did usually that. No one, solely you, should have unlimited entrance to conduct your child’s device, know their location, lane their app use, control their mail accounts, web surfing, camera use, network access, and even remotely erase their devices. Further, confidence investigate has shown that there is risk that MDM profiles could be used as a record for hacker attacks by aiding them in installing apps for antagonistic functions on users’ devices.

Now, usually a few days later, a New York Times editorial house is out with a code new opinion square job on regulators to take a demeanour during how Apple manages a App Store. The essay even goes so distant as to collate Apple’s control over what goes in and out of a App Store to Microsoft’s control over a PC marketplace behind in a 90s.

But Apple’s government of a App Store is also dangerously suggestive of a anti-competitive function that triggered United States v. Microsoft, a landmark antitrust box that altered a landscape of a tech industry.

In a mid-1990s, Microsoft began to gold a Internet Explorer browser with Windows, relocating to bend competing browsers — primarily, Netscape — out of a picture. This triggered a lawsuit from a Department of Justice and a bloc of state attorneys ubiquitous in 1998. Microsoft eventually lost.

The fact that this together is being discussed in a Times is zero brief of embarrassing. The comparison between Apple currently and a Microsoft of yore is totally off-base, if not wholly misleading. Microsoft behind afterwards had zero brief of a stranglehold on a whole PC industry. Remember, this was a mid-late 90s and Apple, in a eyes of many, was doomed.

In contrast, Apple doesn’t have anything tighten to a corner in a smartphone marketplace given a abounding recognition of Android. In a 90s, Microsoft had a sufficient volume of energy to forestall opposition browsers from competing on a turn personification margin as Internet Explorer or even gaining any volume of traction in a market. Apple currently doesn’t swing that energy opposite a smartphone marketplace given that it has reduction than 50% of a market.

The Times ends a square by observant that a “status quo is untenable” and that regulators competence wish to take a demeanour during Apple’s government of a App Store.

Even if we take Apple during a word that it was usually safeguarding a remoteness and confidence of a users by stealing screen-time and parental-control apps, a state of a app marketplace is troubling. Why is a association — with no resource for approved slip — a primary and many enthusiastic defender of user remoteness and security?

What a joke. Is a slur here that Apple wants to column adult a possess shade time tracking app? You know, a app that Apple literally creates no income from? Apple positively isn’t defence from criticism, though holding such a clever position on this sold emanate is dumbfounding.

“It competence be time for another United States v. Microsoft,” a opinion square ends.

Truth be told, it competence be time for a New York Times to stop posting idle hit-pieces that are possibly purposefully dubious or inexplicably feeble reasoned.

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