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Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Tech Summit is underway in Hawaii and brings with it a phenomenon of a company’s subsequent flagship mobile processor, a Snapdragon 855. Here’s all we need to know.

All a information featured here is formed on Qualcomm’s day one announcements, with a guarantee of some-more sum on a 855 being denounced on Wednesday, Dec 5. Check behind for some-more updates as they’re revealed.

The Snapdragon 845 done a home inside a infancy of late 2017’s and 2018’s top-tier smartphones nonetheless in some-more new months, it ran adult opposite higher foe from a likes of Apple and Huawei. The Snapdragon 855 hopes to both tip a change behind in Qualcomm’s foster and broach a series of new technologies as well.

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Snapdragon 855: Powering a initial 5G phones

At a heart of what a Snapdragon 855 brings to a list is 5G connectivity. Qualcomm spent a infancy of a opening two-hour Tech Summit keynote waxing musical about a trials and tribulations of building a 5G infrastructure and formulating a mobile chip to advantage from such a foundation, as good as a technologies that will assistance a 855 mount out from a crowd.

While 5G has incomparable implications for craving and industrial applications, a categorical advantage for consumers is a perfect speed boost they’ll experience. Once carriers properly implement 5G networks, users will start out with gigabit-class mobile browsing speeds, and they’re usually approaching to boost as a record matures.


  • Photo credit: Alex Walker-Todd

In a US, a likes of ATT and Verizon are already contrast live 5G networks and earnest to broach 5G-capable hardware in a initial half of 2019. The same is loyal of EE in a UK, who has already reliable that it will be rising 5G coverage in 6 vital cities (London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester), with an extended rollout covering a serve 10 locations before a year’s end. With this in mind, it’s critical to be wakeful that you’ll usually be means to advantage from 5G in specific places until it’s some-more widely available.

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Expect high-resolution video streaming nonetheless buffering, nearby immediate downloads of required files and lag-free multiplayer gaming on-the-go to be among a pivotal advantages of a technology.

Snapdragon 855: AI, security, gaming and more

Beyond mobile information speeds, a 855 will also entrance a fourth era of Qualcomm’s AI engine, that will interfuse by all from predictive hunt to appurtenance vision.

In a universe first, Qualcomm is also introducing a initial mechanism prophesy ISP (image vigilance processor), called Qualcomm Spectra – dedicated hardware that will assistance surprise appurtenance prophesy tasks.

Qualcomm also denounced what it’s job a ‘3D Sonic Sensor’ – a consumer-ready ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that can review abyss information on tip of a 2D picture of your print. Confidently called “the many secure preference on a mobile marketplace today”, a 3D Sonic Sensor will also be means to review a ridges and pores of your print, even if it’s lonesome in oil soil or water.

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With users’ expectations of cinematic graphics, high-fidelity audio, liquid opening and prolonged battery when gaming Qualcomm also done discuss of Snapdragon Elite Gaming – a whole apartment of facilities pattern to gorge gamers expectations, nonetheless sum on how these indeed perceptible are nonetheless to be revealed.

Snapdragon 855: Hardware, opening and recover date

The 855 is one of usually a handful of chips built on an impossibly tiny and fit 7nm process. As with a pivotal rivals, a smaller die distance means reduction insurgency and therefore larger energy efficiency, ensuing in longer battery life and improved altogether performance.


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As for tender power, notwithstanding not presenting any petrify numbers Qualcomm positive everybody that a 855 offers a 3x altogether opening improvement, compared to a 845 and a 2x opening alleviation in AI tasks compared to opposition 7nm chips that Qualcomm wasn’t peaceful to name on stage. By observant all nonetheless their names though, a association clearly forked fingers as Apple’s newest A12 Bionic chip and Huawei’s recently expelled Kirin 980 processor.

When will we see phones with a Snapdragon 855 inside?

While we don’t nonetheless have organisation launch dates for any of 2019’s vital smartphone releases, Samsung Electronics America’s Justin Denison sat on theatre alongside Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon during a 855’s launch stating, “we are going to be bringing a 5G smartphone to a US in a initial half of 2019″ and continued “it’s powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset”.

No points to whoever thinks Denison is articulate about a much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10. In a US, Samsung’s flagship smartphones always use Qualcomm’s chips, while in Europe, a S10 variants are some-more expected to competition a Sammy’s possess Exynos 9820 processor instead.

Would we be peaceful to buy an 855-powered smartphone before 5G is available? Or would we rather wait? Let us know @TrustedReviews

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It doesn’t get many some-more exhilarated than iOS vs Android, yet a world’s biggest mobile discuss could shortly be a surplus one if stream adoption trends continue.

Recently expelled statistics from Apple exhibit that an considerable 72% of iOS inclination sole given 2014 are regulating iOS 12, while a serve 21% are on iOS 11. Combined, that creates for 93% of iPhones and iPads (and iPod Touches, if we must) that are regulating an Apple mobile OS designed in a final dual years.

By approach of contrast, Android placement total from Oct 2018 show that a worrying volume of inclination are still on ageing versions of Google’s mobile OS.

The many prevalent chronicle of Android is 2016’s Android Nougat, that (taking versions 7.0 and and 7.1 together) is regulating on over 28% of devices, followed by final year’s Android Oreo releases (8.0 and 8.1) during roughly 21%. This year’s Android Pie doesn’t even register in a stats.

Worryingly, though, 2015’s definitely ancient Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still regulating on around 21% of devices, while a even comparison Android Lollipop from 2014 is on approximately 18% – a Apple equivalents are iOS 9 and iOS 8, to put into context how long-in-the-tooth these handling systems are.

The cake draft subsequent serve illustrates a astringency of a problem.

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  • Photo credit: Alex Walker-Todd



Android fragmentation has always been an issue  yet it’s one that many attention onlookers (including myself) suspicion would urge over time. On a contrary, it seems to be as cryptic as ever, so while it’s all good and good fortifying Android’s open source merits and singular facilities over a idiot-proof usability of iOS, a doubt seems increasingly nothing when frequency any Android inclination indeed run new software.

The latest and biggest Google functionality, therefore, isn’t accessible to outrageous swathes of Android users – and this is a crux of a problem with Android fragmentation.

It also somewhat tempers fad around subsequent year’s large Samsung releases, a Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X, that will expected run a newly suggested Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm.

These are both going to be good – and in a box of a Galaxy X, really presumably insubordinate – phones with heaps of energy and a latest specs, yet a Android emanate will roughly positively persist. They’ll boat with this year’s (by then, final year’s) Android Pie, and stay stranded on it for who knows how long.

The iPhone 11, by approach of contrast, is probably guaranteed to come with a newest chronicle of iOS – exclusive a radical rebrand by Apple, this will be iOS 13.

Framing a almighty iPhone vs Android discuss in this light, it’s tough not to feel there’s a transparent leader and it resides in Cupertino, not Mountain View.

Does Android fragmentation worry you? Let us know @TrustedReviews.


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We know all eyes will be on the Galaxy X reveal subsequent year, yet what’s reduction transparent is what Samsung’s foldable phone will indeed be called. Has a new trickle suggested all?

Whether we consider of it as a Galaxy X or a Galaxy F, there’s no denying that Samsung’s foldable phone is set to be a biggest mobile launch of 2019. Now, we competence even know a genuine name.

Tech blog LetsGoDigital has unearthed an purported Samsung obvious filing from Turkey, that suggests that Galaxy F rumours are closest to a symbol and indicate to a final device being called a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This would make clarity on a series of levels, as Samsung’s foldable phone rivals are accepted to be operative along identical lines: Huawei’s foldable is suspicion to be called a Mate Fold, while LG is operative on a device codenamed Foldi.

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Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

It also leaves room for a Galaxy X to be a special 10th anniversary book Galaxy S10, with a triple camera system, 5G connectivity and a all-new Snapdragon 855 SoC suspicion to be among a title specs.


  • Credit: @OnLeaks

The Galaxy Fold, by approach of contrast, will be anything yet a normal handset. Rather, it’ll enhance to offer a tablet-style 7.3-inch screen, and overlay over to a some-more phone-like 4.58-inch interface.

Samsung’s new Infinity Flex arrangement record is during a heart of a whole operation, heading some to trust that a final device will called a Galaxy Flex – yet a new obvious filing in Turkey casts doubt on this assumption.

We should learn some-more in early-2019, with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona being a initial judicious launch window for Samsung’s game-changing foldable smartphone.

What do we consider Samsung’s foldable phone will finish adult being called? Let us know on amicable media @TrustedReviews.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 rumours only keep coming, and currently we’ve got a fender stand of leaks regarding to a intensity Galaxy S10+ design, specs, measure – and a practical acknowledgment of an eagerly-anticipated feature.

Let’s start with a design. Following a announcement of CAD-based renders from OnLeaks, it seemed a tip bezel would still be comparatively distinguished notwithstanding a repositioning of a dual-camera cutout towards a tip right corner of a screen.

However, remarkable Samsung tipster Ice Universe has resisting justification display a supposed Galaxy S10+ protecting film that shows an even-thinner tip bezel, to give a device a most seamless pattern overall.

Compare a above to a describe posted by OnLeaks on Monday. We’re positively preferring a latter design. Weighing in on a matter, a aristocrat of a leakers Evan Blass seemed to order in foster of Ice Universe.

Blass wrote: “I consider everybody knows what to design with Steve’s [OnLeaks] material. It’s always going to be from a same source, and always rendered from CAD by @CConceptCeator. It’s going to be mostly accurate, generally speaking, with countless smaller flaws fundamental in a DIY process.”

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A renouned YouTube channel that was obvious for posting Kodi educational videos has been close down, amid accusations of copyright infringement.

‘Kodi No Limits’ had some-more than 600,000 subscribers before it was taken down, according to TorrentFreak.

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When we try to entrance a channel now, a summary pops adult inside a red bar, reading: “This comment has been consummated since we perceived mixed third-party claims of copyright transgression per element a user posted.”

That’s utterly a deceptive explanation, though it isn’t accurately tough to theory because YouTube competence have motionless to take movement opposite a channel.

Kodi No Limits didn’t attract hundreds of thousands of fans by posting pirated calm to YouTube. Instead, it was something of a heart for Kodi users looking for guides to certain addons and Kodi builds.

As many of we will no doubt be aware, Kodi is totally authorised program that was grown by a XBMC Foundation. However, one of a reasons it has turn so renouned is that third-party developers have managed to emanate addons that yield entrance to TV shows, films and live sport.


  • Credit: @OnLeaks

It isn’t odd for an determined addon to suddenly disappear, though during a same time new ones are constantly popping up. As such, gripping adult with a landscape can be flattering tough work, that is partial of a reason because guides and tutorials are in such high demand.

As speckled by TorrentFreak, Kodi No Limits’ Instagram comment posted an refurbish this week, confirming that a YouTube channel had indeed bitten a dust. However, it also betrothed that a new YouTube channel would be adult by a finish of this week.

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And, certain enough, a organisation behind a channel appears to have started from blemish with a new YouTube channel called ‘No Limits’.

Meanwhile, a @KodiNoLimits Twitter comment and Kodi No Limits website are still going strong.

Do we consider a crackdown on robbery is working? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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Best Raspberry Pi Projects for Dec 2018: The tastiest Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi Zero projects to try baking today. From amateur builds to some-more modernized Pi uses, all a tasty ideas we need are right here to get making.

Editor’s Note: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has usually suggested a new board, a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, that is a slimmed down chronicle of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. We’ll be updating this beam in due march and adding new projects to try with a updated microcomputer, that boasts a faster processor and softened wireless specs, nonetheless all a Raspberry Pi 3 projects subsequent should work with both a Model A+ and Model B+.

From giving a tech of yesteryear a complicated spin to smartening adult domicile appliances, there are few things a opposite Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized mechanism can’t grasp with a small skill and bend grease.

The latest-generation Raspberry Pi 3 offers some-more energy than ever, while a small £5 Raspberry Pi Zero and £10 Raspberry Pi Zero W (which includes built in Wi-Fi) are ultra-affordable wonders, creation a possibilities scarcely endless.

From fun starter projects to middle builds we can work adult to, here are 15 of a comprehensive favourite Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero projects.

First, though, a discerning outline of what’s featured here. In this guide, we’ll prominence a easiest ways to use a Raspberry Pi to build:

  • An Amazon Alexa-powered lurch cam
  • An electric skateboard
  • A disposable GIF camera
  • An electronic chess board
  • A Kodi media centre
  • A DIY NES Classic Mini
  • A digital DJ system
  • Automated opening music
  • A drudge arm
  • Multiroom audio for underneath £100
  • A walkie-talkie
  • A film-to-digital send system
  • A small retro games console
  • A sorcery mirror
  • A mini retro Macintosh

Buy: An N64-style controller for Raspberry Pi 3 from Amazon Marketplace


  • Credit: @OnLeaks

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Best Raspberry Pi Zero projects 2018

Quite unbelievably, a thumb-sized Raspberry Pi Zero is some-more comprehensive than a strange Pi (2012’s Raspberry Pi 1 Model B) and costs usually $5/£4.

The Pi Zero has fewer connectivity options than a Pi 3, nonetheless there are copiousness of accessories to make adult for this, and a newer Zero W house adds Wi-Fi to a fray.

The outcome is cheaper projects in even smaller packages – and these are some of a comprehensive best.

1) An Alexa-powered lurch cam


The Dride is a Raspberry Pi-powered dashboard camera with Amazon Alexa skills built in. It combines a Pi’s camera procedure with tradition built open source procedure and a mobile app that leverages your mobile information devise to upload footage to a cloud DVR (don’t worry, files are small).

It’ll also constraint permit plates, give out warnings if you’re swerving and warning we if in risk of a frontal collision. It also hands giveaway messaging and a ability to sync with Google Maps and Spotify (via a mobile app) enabling we to control navigation and strain while gripping your eyes on a road.

It unsuccessful to strech a lofty $100,000 appropriation thought on Kickstarter, nonetheless a group behind a thought has vowed to pull on. The good news is a height is open source, so we can build your possess indication regulating possibly a Pi 3 or Pi Zero W – we’d suggest a former due to a combined oomph – and, hopefully one day, advantage from an ecosystem of apps from third-party developers.

Check out a full Dride starter beam here.

2) Electric skateboard

Here’s a Raspberry Pi Zero plan to support your office of a good outdoors: an electric skateboard that zooms around city during 30kmph (19mph).

The smarts is a £5 Raspberry Pi Zero, while your speed is tranquil by a Nintendo Wii Remote over Bluetooth. There’s a engine from Alien Power Systems trustworthy to a behind axle, and a speed controller from a same company, and a battery charity a operation of 10km.

The plan is a brainchild of a Raspberry Pi Guy, a male behind a renouned array of YouTube educational videos, and facilities usually 100 lines of formula – openly accessible on GitHub.

3) Disposable GIF camera

The Pix-E, combined by Nick Brewer, is a disposable camera that can be used to emanate charcterised GIF files.

It uses a Pi Camera procedure and a tradition build finish with shiver and a battery pack. A small procedure necromancy around collection such as PiCamera, GraphicsMagick, and GifCam and – hey presto! – homemade GIFs that can afterwards be simply processed and shared.

The box is 3D-printed and there are even some paper wrappers to imitation out to give a camera a ’90s retro feel.

You’ll need some middle engineering, soldering and bread-boarding skills to grasp this, nonetheless all of a tools and instructions can be found on hackaday.io.

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4) Electronic chess board

The art of personification chess is study a board, saying things from opposite angles, and gripping your finger on that block until you’re positively certain you’re not walking into a trap. A mechanism chess procedure usually doesn’t come close.

Well now, interjection to a Raspberry Pi Zero – and a touchscreen, a few magnets, some LEDs and some procedure necromancy – we can play opposite a mechanism on a genuine wooden board.

It uses an open-source chess engine called Stockfish, that allows players to select a problem turn – beginner to grandmaster – and set a celebrity of a opponent, as good as register all of a moves.

Each block has a magnet connected to a bottom, that marks it from a commencement of a game. The mechanism responds by lighting an LED underneath a block it wishes to move, as good as a block to that it wishes to pierce it to.

This isn’t an easy build by any widen of a imagination, nonetheless we can find a instructions here.

5) Kodi media centre

Streaming boxes installed with Kodi are flooding a market, nonetheless we can build your possess with a Pi Zero and save money.

This chronicle has fewer connectivity options than builds that use a full-fat Pi, nonetheless a £6 starter container overcomes many of a limitations.

The handling complement featured here is called OSMC – it has Kodi built in – and it’s installed around a microSD label regulating a installer for your Mac or PC.

You’ll supplement connectivity to your Pi Zero with a USB Wi-Fi adapter (or usually use a somewhat some-more costly Zero W), that creates setup comparatively candid and also enables we to configure a smartphone remote that lets we control media, implement add-ons and navigate content.

Items might take a small longer to load, nonetheless it’s value it for a portability. Android Central has a good beam to a whole process.

6) DIY NES Classic Mini

The NES Classic Mini was a outrageous hit, nonetheless it’s still flattering tough to come by and – though some critical hacking – is singular to a 30 games it comes pre-loaded with. Besides, if we wish one in 2017, you’re going to have to compensate top, tip dollar.

Luckily, we can build yourself something even improved regulating a Pi Zero and a glorious RetroPie software.

The resolution is so dinky that we can place it inside an strange NES cartridge for additional retro chic. Check out a beam in a video above for step-by-step instructions.

You can even lay a whole console inside an strange Xbox controller – or usually use a central case.

Once you’ve nailed this project, check out a finish beam to building a retro Raspberry Pi gaming centre for even some-more emulatory goodness.

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7) Film-to-digital send system

One of a favourite things about a Raspberry Pi is a ability to overpass generations and give new life to comparison tech. This is illustrated ideally by this low cost film send complement that can modify aged reels into digital footage.

Maker Joe Herman found some reels dating behind to a 1938 and was means to save thousands by building his possess rig.

The Pi Film Capture uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and Camera procedure and hooks them adult to a Super-8 cinema projector. Joe’s complement uses a step engine to constraint a still picture of any frame. Images are processed and stitched behind together with FFmpeg.

However, there was still many some-more work to do. In a blog post he writes: “Excited by this success, we started capturing films, nonetheless it shortly became unbearably tedious. First, we had to run a complement some-more solemnly than we approaching (under a support per second) to safeguard unchanging function from a engine and accommodate delays caused by a Pi’s delayed record system.

“I also had no approach of simply observation images and adjusting camera settings midcapture, so we found myself carrying to recapture whole reels with new settings. Most worrying, after a few reels it was transparent that a Pi camera’s comparatively low energetic operation relations to that of a films was wiping out a lot of fact in high-contrast scenes.”

As a solution, he deployed procedure called Open CV. This takes mixed photos of a same support during opposite exposures for a HDR effect. The outcome is those irreplaceable family repository are now recorded perpetually in a digital realm.

You can find his full plan beam here.

8) The best RetroPi build ever?

The Raspberry Pi has started an arms competition among makers to emanate a smallest, coolest and quirkiest retro games console ever. Right now, we have a new champion.

Allow us to benefaction a mintyPi 2.0, named given a whole thing – battery, controls, speaker, screen, storage and substantially a small kitchen penetrate – fits inside of an dull Altoids tin.

After building a functioning nonetheless disorderly chronicle final year, ‘Wermy’ took-up 3D copy to pattern a correct box for a components, combined a improved screen, USB sound and a hinge to reason a arrangement apportionment in place while playing. The participation of a new Pi Zero W brings integrated Wi-Fi, creation it easier to freshen adult a games and software.

Wermy skeleton to tell a full skeleton (including a 3D copy files) in a subsequent integrate of weeks. In a meantime, we’ll be popping in Altoids each few mins to giveaway adult a tin.

Check out a full beam here.

9) A mini LEGO Macintosh

Programmer Jannis Hermanns not usually done an itsy-bitsy classical Macintosh from Lego, he brought it to life with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a small e-paper display.

It’s frequency a same as regulating a 5K iMac, nonetheless it’s a vaguely organic mini-machine that runs a Docker open-source procedure height alongside a use called resin.io.

Combined with a e-paper screen, a small beaut can do neat things like arrangement simple images or be used as a clock. As distant as labours of adore go, I’m not certain I’ve seen anything better.

It’s a sincerely technical plan that involves some modernized coding – and soldering, if we haven’t upgraded to a Pi Zero W – nonetheless if you’re adult for a challenge, Hermanns sum a whole build over on his blog here.

Best Raspberry Pi 3 projects 2018

The Raspberry Pi 3 is some-more comprehensive than ever, charity a small some-more oomph for your projects. In many cases, we won’t need that turn of power, nonetheless a additional connectivity options and increasing estimate speed compared to a Pi Zero are mostly essential.

1) Digital DJ system

The PiDeck is a Raspberry Pi 3-powered resolution that enables DJs to play digital strain files by a turntable, while still enjoying analogue-style scratching.

With this setup during a celebration or event, all a DJ needs is a USB hang installed with tunes, rather than an costly laptop full of music, or a box full of vinyl.

It’s usually a box of popping in a USB stick, selecting a marks from a connected touchscreen, and afterwards dropping a needle on a control vinyl. The Raspberry Pi 3 offers real-time opening that’s simply a compare for a laptop-based system, according to creator Danial James.

The PiDeck is easy to build, a exclusive procedure is openly accessible on GitHub, and a finish product promises to yield an affordable (build cost is $182, or about £150) resolution for starter DJs.

Head over to a PiDeck website for some-more information, or watch a video below.

2) Automated opening strain usually like WWE

Since initial witnessing Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage travel down a aisle to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ during WrestleMania VIII, I’ve dreamt of carrying my really possess opening song. Now, interjection to a a geezers during redpepper, a dream is real.

Doorjam connects a web-connected Pi to a aux-out of a speaker. A small bit of coding nous afterwards taps into Spotify’s web API to yield a tunes, while a Pi uses Bluetooth to consider your proximity.

If a iBeacon tech recognises a singular signature of a bespoke Doorjam smartphone app, it will blast a lane of your selecting by a Pi-connected speakers.

Now that’s how we enter a room!

3) Build a drudge arm

If you’re after a some-more straightforward, nonetheless equally rewarding build, a MeArm Pi is a good place to start. This robotic arm plan has been combined privately for a Pi, and comes in a form of a container that’s easy for both kids and adults to assemble.

It can be tranquil around built-in joysticks, or remotely around software. Recentlly saved on Kickstarter, it should start shipping to backers this summer.

You’ll be regulating a Pi to asperse your biscuits in no time.

4) Multiroom audio for underneath £100

Although there are now some-more affordable multiroom audio solutions – such as regulating mixed Chromecast Audio dongles – they aren’t cheap. Thankfully, one Pi fan has put together a four-room setup for underneath £100.

Thanks to a Raspberry Pi installed with a Pi-MusicBox software, a USB digital-to-analogue converter and some wireless receivers, jezsinglespeed can now tide Spotify tunes to a existent speakers around his home with smallest fuss.

Full instructions for this “simpler than expected” plan are accessible here.

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5) Raspberry Pi walkie-talkie

By now, you’ve substantially seen Stranger Things on Netflix and have substantially done it a good approach by deteriorate 2. In that box you’ll have been reminded of how unspeakably cold walkie-talkies are.

This walkie-talkie build, finish with LEDs and a push-button to activate a microphone, was combined by Daniel Chote for his children.

The talkiepi has been built regulating a Raspberry Pi 3, USB speakerphone, some simple electronic components (push-button with LED, GPIO header connector, resisters, wires, and so on) and a super-cool, retro-looking 3D-printed case.

An outmost battery container creates a walkie-talkie portable, nonetheless it will need to sojourn within a Wi-Fi network, definition no late-night excursions acid for blank friends.

Chote uses a open-source Mumble voice-communication protocol, that powers in-game discuss between PC gamers.

The full designation beam is listed on GitHub.

6) Build your possess sorcery mirror

Mirror, counterpart on a wall… what’s a continue going to be like today?

There are a horde of Raspberry Pi-type sorcery counterpart projects on sites like Instructables and an active village of people building nodes that uncover calendar items, news headlines, trade information and, of course, tradition “Hey, good lookin!” messages.

To build one, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi (the Pi 3 and Pi 2 are both supported), a two-way counterpart and an LCD guard (perhaps an aged TV you’ve given transposed with a 4K beast?) and some open source procedure like a MagicMirror2.

These can be as affordable or as costly as your bill allows.

You’ll also need a wooden frame. If you’re going for full-on Sleeping Beauty angel story territory, afterwards this Ornate Magic Mirror from phrazelle (above) could be a plan for you.

If income is no object, a video above shows off a touchscreen chronicle that can play YouTube videos, book Uber rides and control a Nest thermostat.

Seen any overwhelming Raspberry Pi projects recently? Tweet us @TrustedReviews and we’ll supplement them to this list.

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Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3 XL: Which Google phone should we huy?

Google’s latest phones for 2018 are now accessible to buy and as common there are twin of them. The Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are a brand’s new title devices, replacing a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Both devices, as has turn tradition for Google, concentration on a camera and we’ll contend true divided it has finished a overwhelming pursuit there.

But what’s opposite between a twin phones? Let’s examination and have an in-depth look.

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – Do they demeanour a same?

These twin phones do not demeanour alike. Unlike a iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, a twin versions of Google’s flagship demeanour noticeably different.

The Pixel 3 XL mimics a iPhone XS and Huawei P20 Pro by carrying a nick during a tip of a display. The nick here houses a front orator and twin front cameras, however, it positively is incomparable than other notches we’ve seen.

It dips down utterly distant into a arrangement and is positively disruptive if we use your phone a lot for video. It does, however, concede a bezel to be most thinner around a rest of a device. Below a screen, on a Pixel 3 XL you’ll find a tiny chin housing a second front speaker.


Switch over to a Pixel 3, though, and you’ll find a phone that looks a lot some-more like the Pixel 2 XL from final year.

It ditches a 16:9 arrangement of a Pixel 2 for an 18:9 one, shortening a bezel in a process. It looks a lot some-more complicated and will expected interest to those put off by a nick on a XL version. The smaller chronicle also feels a lot nicer to reason and it’s simply docile with one hand. 

Flip a phones over and they demeanour a lot some-more alike. Both have potion backs with a slight two-tone caricature and a fingerprint sensor in a middle. Google’s concentration on fingerprint confidence over something like face clear (which these phones have no form of) is odd, generally when others are focussing so heavily on it. Still, a fingerprint sensor is good placed and works well. Both sizes come in white, black and pinkish (which Google’s calls Not Pink, even yet it is pink).

Neither exaggerate headphone jacks, yet – something that’s frequency a warn after a Pixel 2 ditched it final year. However we do get a surprisingly good span of USB-C headphones in a box with a pattern really matching to a Google Pixel Buds.

Both phones are IP68 rated and support wireless charging by a Qi standard. Alongside a phones Google is offered a Pixel Stand: a sleek, straight wireless horse that adds some additional functionality. Plop a phone down on a pad and they turn roughly mini Google Home Hub with additional voice commands and alarm functionality. 

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – Which one is some-more powerful?

These twin phones demeanour utterly opposite from one another, however on a inside they’re really similar. This is an proceed we like as you’re not sacrificing too most if we cite smaller or incomparable phones.

Both a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset interconnected with 4GB RAM. Considering a infancy of other Android flagship phones are now braggadocio possibly 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM it does seem peculiar Google is adhering with 4GB. It seemed glorious and quick during a examination duration – yet we’ll need to spend months and months with a phones to see either they eventually suffer.

Storage starts during 64GB, with a 128GB choice too, and there stays no microSD label expandability so select your storage wisely when we buy this phone. The usually additional storage given is giveaway uploads of your photos and videos by a Google Photos app.

Other specs embody a 6.3-inch, 2960 x 1440 OLED arrangement on a Pixel 3 XL, and a 5.5-inch FHD+ OLED on a unchanging Pixel 3. Both displays support HDR – a initial for a Pixel series. Unlike with a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, a displays here are fantastic. Colours are splendid and vivid, blacks low and observation angles great. 

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Battery sizing differs between a twin phones (The Pixel 3 XL packs a 3430mAh dungeon with a Pixel 3 braggadocio 2915mAh), however, due to a higher-res arrangement on a Pixel 3 XL we don’t get that most additional endurance. We managed to get about an additional hour of shade time with a incomparable model. 

Android 9 Pie is a program of choice here and, as this is a Google phone, you’ll be initial in line for updates down a line. The chronicle of Pie shipping here includes a new Digital Wellbeing features, updated gesticulate navigation and streamlined notifications.

While we don’t mind these new gesticulate navigation controls, it would be good to have a choice to switch behind to something some-more familiar.

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – What’s a camera like?

The reason we’ve desired a prior Pixel phones so most is their glorious cameras. Even yet they have never packaged a biggest megapixel sensors or widest apertures, they’ve managed to take well-developed snaps.

A lot of this comes from Google’s extensive auto-HDR underline and a approach it uses computational photography to mix mixed shots together. For a Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 Google once again focussed on program rather than hardware.

Both phones exaggerate a 12-megapixel sensor on a behind – this stays a singular sensor – with an f/1.8 aperture. The twin cameras in these phones are matching and cinema we’ve prisoner with them both are as good either we go for a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Check out some of a samples below. 

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Colours in landscapes demeanour fantastic

Colours are healthy and punchy

Portrait mode works good in a dark

Both in illumination and during night a photos are stunning: colours are crisp, contrariety clever and energetic operation unbeatable. They’re also usually so arguable and we hardly have to fiddle about with shots thereafter during all. There’s a good mural mode too, along with a dedicated low-light Night Shift choice that’ll assistance boost colours in your darker photos. Video constraint is equally glorious interjection to a illusory stabilisation.

Google’s redesigned a camera app too, creation it easier to crack between incompatible modes.

On a front of both phones, you’ve got twin 8-megapixel sensors: one is a customary sensor and a other wide-angle. Switching to this wider camera allows we to squeeze some-more faces into your selfies.

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – How most do they cost?

The Pixel 3 starts during £739/$799 and a 3 XL costs £869/$899, with an additional £100/$100 combined onto any for a incomparable inner storage options, creation these pricier Pixels during launch compared to final year’s duo.

Best Google Pixel 3 Deals

Google Pixel 3 – 15GB of information on O2

A decent volume of information for assuage users. A low upfront and monthly cost brings a TCO down to usually £991.


£175 upfront


View Deal


£175 upfront


Google Pixel 3 – 100GB of information on Vodafone (cashback deal)

Perfect for complicated information users, generally with positively zero to compensate upfront. It’s value observant that this is a cashback deal, so a monthly cost is formed on once you’ve redeemed.

Mobile Phones Direct

No upfront


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No upfront

Mobile Phones Direct

Best Google Pixel 3 XL Deals

Google Pixel 3 XL – 4GB of information on Vodafone

If we don’t need a lot of information any month, this is a understanding for you. While we have to compensate an upfront cost, it helps take your monthly remuneration down considerably, that reduces a sum cost of ownership.


£410 upfront


View Deal


£410 upfront


Google Pixel 3 XL – 50GB of information on O2

For a complicated information users, this is a good choice. There’s usually a tiny upfront cost and a monthly remuneration is really reasonable deliberation a volume of information you’re getting.


£60 upfront


View Deal


£60 upfront


Google Pixel 3 XL – 100GB of information on O2 (cashback deal)

This is a good choice if we need a lot of information and don’t wish to compensate anything adult front. This is a cashback deal, however, so you’re profitable a homogeneous of £50 a month once you’ve redeemed.

Mobile Phones Direct

No upfront


View Deal


No upfront

Mobile Phones Direct


The incomparable Pixel 3 XL phone advantages from a bigger arrangement and battery, however that nick and a radical figure it brings is expected to harry many people. For those folks, a smaller Pixel 3 offers a same camera and program advantages in a some-more normal package.

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Epic Games, best famous for a work with a Unreal Engine and a tiny diversion called Fortnite, has denounced a possess storefront, charity fans even some-more choice when it comes to shopping games digitally on a PC.

The accurate games rising with a use have not nonetheless been revealed, nonetheless Epic owner Tim Sweeney told fans to keep an eye out during Thursday’s The Game Awards for announcements. For now, a store is adhering to PC and Mac games, nonetheless it won’t be tying a library usually to games combined regulating Unreal Engine, and will also be open to titles combined in a competing Unity engine, and others.

After a initial releases, a news is that a new Epic Games store will start operative with new developers and additional releases via 2019. This is reasonable, as many large outfits will expected wait to see how successful Epic’s proceed is before committing themselves to a additional work.

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The timing couldn’t be improved as Valve’s Steam store, prolonged noticed as a usually viable diversion in city for digital diversion sales, has recently captivated debate for a 30 percent income share.

Steam recently announced that it would take a smaller cube for titles with bigger sales, holding a full 30 percent usually on games that have sole underneath $10m, 25 percent on sales between $10m and $50m and 20 percent on titles that sell some-more than $50m on a service.

While we expected don’t consider about who gets your income when we click buy on a storefront, it’s easy to see because both indie developers and outrageous publishers could feel slighted by handing over 20-30 percent of their revenue, and a new changes have brought this review behind to a fore, with some people clamouring for a decent aspirant to exhibit itself.


Meanwhile, Epic Games’ new storefront is proposing a opposite income split: 12 percent. This means 88 per cent of sales are going to a publisher or developer, with Epic even waiving their possess customary 5 percent share for games combined regulating a Unreal Engine.

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If you’re doubtful to start building and offered games, this is substantially not sparkling news. However, a news of a critical Steam aspirant — and with a income share this inexhaustible it will be a critical Steam aspirant — can usually be good news for consumers. If Epic’s store is successful, Steam will have to take a demeanour themselves during ways to sojourn competitive, that could outcome in improved prices or other benefits.

Epic is also reportedly looking during other platforms, such as consoles or phones. How good this tactic will work on platforms like iOS where Apple make a appurtenance and run a App store for it, stays to be seen, though it’s doubtful any of a height owners are going to wish to give adult their monopoly.

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In a pre-prepared statement, Sweeney stated: “As a developer ourselves, we have always wanted a height with good economics that connects us directly with a players. Thanks to a success of Fortnite, we now have this and are prepared to share it with other developers.”

Epic’s stream launcher will shortly turn Epic’s store, definition a millions of PC and Mac players that have commissioned Epic’s launcher to play Fortnite are a serf assembly that’ll be regulating a new store to continue to obstacle their Victory Royale’s. Who knows, maybe they’ll even buy something?

Valve is substantially looking during it nervously. Steam done somewhere in a segment of $4.3b in 2017 by a diversion sales. If Epic Games can assistance themselves to even a tiny cut of that pie, it could cost Valve plenty.

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