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The latest era of a Apple TV has a lot to offer that a predecessors don’t. It’s a infrequent gaming device, has useful apps like continue or news services and even comes with Siri baked in to assistance we find what you’re looking for faster than thumbing by large menus with a remote. And distinct before, there are dual storage options to name from.

It’s easy to spike down a basis with Apple TV. But there are large features, tricks and Siri commands that aren’t immediately apparent to initial time users or those who don’t dive too low into settings. Here are 20 tips and tricks to assistance we master a Apple TV.

Rename your Apple TV


Taylor Martin/CNET

If we have some-more than one Apple TV in your house, we can simply rename them to improved tell them apart. Go to Settings General About Name and name one of a preset names, such as Living Room, Bedroom or Office. If we don’t like any of those, we can name Custom Name during a bottom and set your own.

This will assistance we establish that Apple TV you’re streaming or mirroring calm to.

Force a reboot regulating a remote

When your Apple TV is behaving wonky or an focus isn’t operative correctly, we can navigate by a settings menu to reboot. Or we can simply reason a Home + Menu buttons until we see a front standing light on a Apple TV start discerning blinking. When we recover a buttons, it will force a reboot.

Put Apple TV to nap

Apple TV will automatically go to nap after a set volume of time. This can be customized during Settings General Sleep After. However, if we wish to manually put Apple TV to sleep, long press a Home button and name Sleep. Pressing any symbol a remote will arise adult Apple TV again.

Quickly pierce apps into folders


Taylor Martin/CNET

If we have a lot of apps commissioned on your Apple TV, we can classify them into folders. Just like in iOS, we prolonged press on a idol and drag it over another app idol to emanate a folder. If you’re adding an app to an existent folder, we can drag and dump it into a folder, that can infrequently be unmanageable with a Apple TV remote.

An easier approach to do this is to prolonged press on a idol and press a Play/Pause symbol and name Move to [folder name] to discerning dump it into any folder.

Customize a screensaver

The new Apple TV aerial screensavers demeanour incredible. They move pleasing cityscapes or other view into your vital room in a form of high fortitude video. But if those aren’t your speed, we can change a screensaver and how mostly they update.

Go to Settings General Screensaver and name Apple Photos, My Photos, Home Sharing or My Music. Each preference comes with opposite settings to tweak, such as a transition between photos or how mostly new Aerial screensavers are downloaded.

Scrub faster with Siri

You can click on possibly side of a touchpad on a new Siri remote to skip brazen or retrograde 10 seconds during a time. If we click to pause, we can dumpy even faster by shifting left or right on a trackpad.

To burst forward or behind a specific volume of time, we can usually Siri. Say, “Jump behind 5 minutes” or “Skip forward 10 minutes.”

Another approach to undo apps


Taylor Martin/CNET

If you’d like to declutter your Apple TV home shade by deletion apps we no longer use, prolonged press on an icon, press a Play/Pause button, name Delete and endorse your selection.

A faster approach to discerning undo mixed applications is to go to Settings General Manage Storage and click a rabble can icons to a right of a apps we wish to uninstall.

Extra Menu symbol functions

The Menu symbol does some-more than take we to a prior page. If we double-click it, a screensaver will start. Triple-clicking a Menu symbol will activate your Accessibility Shortcuts, such as Closed Captioning, Voice Over or Zoom. If we have some-more than one enabled, a triple-press will ask that by-pass we wish to toggle.

Get to a app switcher

I spent weeks with my Apple TV before we even satisfied there is an App Switcher, a la iOS. To get to it, double-press a Home button. Swiping left and right will corkscrew we by a sequential list of your many new apps. Swiping adult when stopped on an focus preview will tighten that app.

Press Play/Pause while typing to shift

The on-screen keyboard isn’t a greatest, though if we name to use it, meaningful that a Play/Pause symbol works as a change or caps close will save we from carrying to manually switch from uppercase to lowercase on-screen. This can save utterly a bit of bid when entering passwords.

Also, while it’s not an central shortcut, if we need to undo all you’ve typed in a hunt bar or calm field, rather than swiping all a approach to a right and long-pressing on a on-screen undo key, usually discerning tap a Siributton. Queuing adult Siri will undo any calm you’ve entered to make approach for dictation input, though if we daub a symbol discerning enough, it won’t have time to hear any submit and acts as a discerning undo key.

Add a keyboard or gamepad


Jason Cipriani/CNET

To save yourself even some-more difficulty when acid or typing any volume of calm on Apple TV, squeeze a Bluetooth keyboard and span it. Put your keyboard into pairing mode and go to Settings Remotes and Devices Bluetooth. Select your keyboard from a Other Devices section and follow a on-screen prompts.

You can also bond gamepads to your Apple TV to use it as a lightweight diversion console. The gamepad contingency be Bluetooth-enabled and MFi certified.

Pair Bluetooth headphones

Under a same Bluetooth menu, we can also span Bluetooth headphones for late night radio binges while your cohabitants sleep. I’ve also found this useful when a TV uncover or film has surprising or bad sound leveling. You can use a Reduce Loud Sounds option, though listening by headphones seems to work better.

Use your iPhone as a remote

apple-tv-remote-app-1.jpgEnlarge Image

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Apple recently updated a Apple TV Remote app for iPhone. Just download a app, bond your phone to a same network as a TV, supplement as many Apple TVs as we have in your home and use a iPhone to control them. With a latest update, we can also reserve Siri from a iPhone, that was not formerly possible.

With this app installed, we can also use a adult to dual iPhones as gamepads in any diversion that supports it.

Use an Apple Watch as a remote

If we have a Apple TV Remote app commissioned on your iPhone, it should also implement on your Apple Watch.

When we open a Remote app on your Apple Watch, we can supplement your Apple TVs and start determining them from your wrist. Swiping any instruction on a watch works like a touchpad on a remote, as does drumming it. There’s a Menu symbol and Play/Pause, though no Home button.

Stream any audio to your party complement

While there is no central support for apps like Spotify or Google Play Music on Apple TV, we can still tide your favorite app by your party complement regulating AirPlay and an Apple TV.

Open your song streaming or podcast catcher of choice, start personification audio and demeanour for a AirPlay or Cast idol within a app. If we don’t see it, we can try swiping adult from a bottom of a iPhone shade and branch on AirPlay from Control Center. Select your Apple TV and tide your song by your radio or approximate sound.

Control your intelligent home remotely

Until after this year, we can’t use a Apple TV to control your intelligent HomeKit inclination directly. But we can use a Apple TV to control HomeKit inclination remotely regulating Siri on an iPhone or iPad.

Once you’ve setup your HomeKit inclination from your iOS device and login to your iCloud comment on a Apple TV, pronounce some commands to Siri when you’re out of Bluetooth operation of a inclination and a Apple TV will take caring of a rest.

Ask Siri what to watch Taylor Martin/CNET


Taylor Martin/CNET

If you’re not certain what we should watch when we initial lay down, usually press a Siri symbol and say, “What should we watch?” Siri will give we a preference of what’s new and popular. You can also say, “Show me renouned movies” or “What shows are trending right now?”

“What did he usually say?”

This is simply one of a many useful commands for a Apple TV. If you’re examination radio or a film and we can’t know what a impression said, we can reason a Siri symbol and ask, “What did he usually say?” The video will rewind to a indicate before a final chairman started vocalization and Closed Captioning will be temporarily incited on so we can not usually hear it again, we can also review what they said.

Enable Family Sharing

If we capacitate Family Sharing on your iCloud comment and login to your Apple TV with that account, everyone’s purchased calm can be common on a singular Apple TV. Your past purchases will seem underneath a Purchased add-on in a App Store, iTunes Movies and TV Shows apps. To entrance another user’s purchased content, go to a Purchased tab, name Family Sharing and click on a users photo.

In sequence to entrance another user’s music, we will need to go to Settings Accounts iTunes and App Store and switch accounts there.

Capture a shade


Taylor Martin/CNET

As prolonged as calm isn’t playing, we can record a shade of your Apple TV regulating a USB-C wire and Quicktime on a Mac.

Connect a USB-C wire to a behind of your Apple TV and a other finish into a pier on your Mac. Open Quicktime and go to File New Movie Recording. In a window that appears, click a downward confronting arrow symbol beside a record symbol and name your Apple TV from a dropdown menu. The live preview of your Apple TV’s shade will seem on your Mac. Just press a record symbol to start capturing a screen.

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iphone seBusiness Insider/Steve Kovach

When Steve Jobs introduced a initial iPhone in Jan 2007, he
done a confidant explain that a new product was 5 years forward of
a time.

He was wrong.

It’s been over 9 years and no
one has done a improved phone than a iPhone. But after all these
years, a iPhone’s lead has never been smaller. In fact, it’s
razor thin.

This week
we reviewed a Galaxy Note 7, a new phone from Samsung that
beats a iPhone in a lot of pivotal ways.

It has a improved pattern than the
iPhone. It has improved facilities people will caring about, like
water-resistance and wireless charging. It comes with more
storage than we could possibly use.

In short, the Note 7 is one
of a best phones ever made.

Things don’t demeanour so flushed for the
iPhone. It’s had a same pattern for a final dual years, and all
reports prove a supposed iPhone 7 will demeanour really similar
when it launches subsequent month. Wireless charging, waterproofing,
and pattern improvements? Apple has abandoned all those features.
Besides a faster processor and improved camera, it’s tough to
suppose a constrained reason to get vehement about a next

Samsung has outdesigned and
outperformed a iPhone with a Galaxy Note 7. Meanwhile,
Apple is gearing adult to launch a phone that’ll be very
identical to a dual models it expelled over a final two

galaxy note 7 smaller
The Samsung Galaxy Note


So since is Apple still slightly

It’s since of a one thing Samsung or anyone
else can’t replicate: iOS.

Despite Google’s best efforts, a Android ecosystem is still a
fragmented mess. Devices frequency get unchanging updates.
Developers tend to make their best apps for it usually after the
iPhone version. And Samsung’s chronicle of Android, called
TouchWiz, indeed bogs down Android’s UI instead of improving

iOS is a usually smartphone OS that guarantees your device
will be upheld for several years. You’re propitious if we can
find an Android phone that’s still removing updates a year after
we buy it. Meanwhile, Apple tends to keep iPhones updated for up
to 4 years. If we buy a new Samsung phone, good fitness getting
anything new a year from now.

Security is another issue. If and when a nasty bug is discovered,
Apple can pull out a program refurbish to a whole iOS ecosystem
during once. That’s not always probable on Android, as we found out
final year with
that nasty Stagefright bug.

Apple is in an peculiar place this year. iOS is a usually thing
keeping the iPhone ahead, while competitors are violence it
everywhere else, from pattern to useful hardware features. Samsung
has out-engineered Apple in a lot of poignant ways. The
iPhone’s lead has never been smaller, and it’s using out
of time before Samsung total out a rest of a nonplus and
cleans adult a program issues.

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Two days after dropping a “visual album” called “Endless,” Frank Ocean on Saturday debuted his hotly expected manuscript “Blond” — “Blonde” on Apple Music and iTunes — as a two-week windowed disdainful on Apple’s streaming song service.

Ocean’s sophomore effort, formerly referred to as “Boys Don’t Cry,” follows adult a well-received “Channel Orange” that won a RB thespian mixed Grammy nods and a win for Best Urban Contemporary Album of a Year in 2012.

Anticipation for Ocean’s latest manuscript reached heat representation this week when a artist expelled a 45-minute visible manuscript “Endless” on Thursday by Apple Music. Hours before to today’s streaming release, a song video for a lane “Nikes” strike Apple’s streaming service.

A undoubted who’s who of song icons are listed as contributors in a ship notes, including Andre 3000, James Blake, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Kanye West and many more.

“Blonde” will sojourn an Apple Music disdainful for dual weeks, while business can squeeze a manuscript or particular marks from iTunes. As a bonus, Beats 1 was streaming Ocean’s manuscript progressing today. In further to digital availability, pop-up shops in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London handed out giveaway copies of a “Boys Don’t Cry” art repository containing a 17-track “Blonde” manuscript on CD, The New York Times reports.

“I had a time of my life creation all of this. Thank we all. Especially those of we who never let me forget we had to finish. Which is fundamentally each one of y’all,” Ocean pronounced on his central Tumblr page.

Ocean’s manuscript is a latest win for Apple Music, a relations visitor to a streaming song industry. In a bid to woo subscribers, competitors have increasingly incited to “windowed exclusives,” or releases that are offering on a singular use for a set duration of time.

To assistance lean tip talent toward Apple Music, a association offers to combine with artists on in-house constructed videos and other initial content, like Ocean’s “Endless” visible manuscript and, presumably, “Nikes.” The plan is apparently effective, as Apple Music has nabbed exclusives from Chance a Rapper, Drake, Eminem, Pharrell and more.

Most recently, Apple won disdainful streaming rights Britney Spears’ arriving manuscript “Glory,” that is set to entrance after this month.

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My, how things haven’t changed.

Five years ago, Tim Cook strictly took over as CEO of Apple amid questions about his ability to live adult to a bequest of Steve Jobs.

This week, as Cook celebrates his fifth anniversary as conduct of a association (the accurate date is Wednesday), questions continue to swirl.

When Jobs strictly stepped down from a tip spot, he pronounced he believed “Apple’s brightest and many innovative days are forward of it.”

Was he right? Cook’s lane record leaves we scratching your head. Yes, Cook has had some large wins. The incomparable iPhone 6, for instance, propelled Apple to record profits. The association is also some-more outspoken about causes like a sourroundings and happy rights. But there have been some misses. It stays to be seen either a Apple Watch eventually turns out to be a hit. Also, have we attempted Apple Music?

What Cook has essentially finished is make refinements to products and services, such as Apple TV and a iPad. Though a tweaks are appreciated, a association hasn’t accurately damaged new ground.

“Tim Cook is one of a nicest and many free CEOs out there,” pronounced Michael Obuchowski, arch investment officer of Apple shareholder Merlin Asset Management. “By now we’ve all entirely satisfied that notwithstanding all his faults, Steve Jobs was a artistic talent and Apple’s purported low dais doesn’t come even tighten to replacing his ideas and mania with design.”

Since Tim Cook took over as Apple's CEO in Aug 2011, a association has introduced bigger-screen iPhones, a streaming-music use and Apple Pay.

Since Tim Cook took over as Apple’s CEO in Aug 2011, a association has introduced bigger-screen iPhones, a streaming-music use and Apple Pay.

James Martin/CNET

Below, CNET looks during some of Cook’s moves during a final half decade. We also contemplate what he needs to do to keep Apple on tip during a subsequent 5 years.

Apple didn’t make Cook accessible for critique to CNET.

You win some…

Cook’s biggest success has been expanding a iPhone lineup. The association now offers 3 new iPhones any year: a 4.7-inch iPhone, a 5.5-inch Plus, and a 4-inch SE. Getting into bigger inclination with a iPhone 6 in 2014 helped Apple turn a many essential association in a world.

And inking a understanding with China Mobile, a world’s biggest carrier, gave Apple wider entrance to a many populated nation in a world. Next adult for Cook is India, another potentially outrageous market.

Cook has pushed Apple into new services, including Apple Pay for mobile payments and a Apple Music streaming service. Apple now creates some-more income from services like a App Store than it does from a Mac mechanism line, and it expects a services business to be a distance of a Fortune 100 association subsequent year.

Apple has gotten some-more active in amicable causes. Cook came out as happy in Oct 2014, giving a boost to a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement, and he’s pushed for some-more farrago during a company. Cook has been a proponent for amicable probity and has done Apple some-more charitable, eschewing Jobs’ faith that a association didn’t need to present income given it paid adequate in taxes.

Apple has also altered to make itself “greener,” with a idea of using all a operations on renewable appetite (it strike 93 percent in 2015).

During a shareholder assembly in 2014, Cook told a regressive financial organisation that Apple doesn’t “consider a bloody [return on investment]” when it comes to things like accessibility, environmental issues and workman safety. “We wish to leave a universe improved than we found it,” he said.

Cook also took a mount opposite a FBI, positioning Apple as a tech association that cares many about user remoteness and confidence (that conflict expected isn’t over yet).

…you remove some

Cook’s biggest strength is also his misfortune liability.

More than two-thirds of Apple’s sales are now tied to a iPhone. It wouldn’t be flattering if an iPhone ever whiffed. This year, Apple’s altogether sales should drop as iPhone sales decrease for a initial time ever.

Cook, vocalization with The Washington Post progressing this month, pronounced carrying so most of Apple’s business tied to a iPhone “is indeed a privilege, not a problem” and that eventually, everybody in a universe will have a phone.

Whether everybody in a universe can means an iPhone is a large question. Apple still doesn’t unequivocally have a good bill option. The colorful, cosmetic iPhone 5C from late 2013 flopped, and a iPhone SE, introduced in March, starts during $399, pricier than many Android alternatives.

Then there are a controversial bets. Cook spent $3 billion to buy Beats and a adorned government organisation in mid-2014. It took a organisation a year to recover Apple Music, a company’s initial streaming-music service, a business Jobs had prolonged resisted.

The initial chronicle of Apple Music gained 15 million subscribers in somewhat reduction than a year, about half a turn of arch opposition Spotify. That’s impressive, though Apple Music also garnered critique for a kludgy interface and a bugs. Apple pronounced in Jun that it had redesigned a use “from a belligerent up.”

“They got it wrong and are tinkering after a fact to repair what’s wrong,” Jackdaw Research researcher Jan Dawson said.

Apple’s Tim Cook — 5 years during a helm…

Another product that will need tinkering is a Apple Watch. The association introduced a wearable — a initial new device underneath Cook — to most pushing in late 2014. It’s one of a top-selling wearables on a marketplace after a Fitbit, though sales are nowhere nearby a turn of a iPhone.

Apple doesn’t mangle out Apple Watch sales, though analysts from IDC guess Apple shipped 1.6 million Apple Watches in a second quarter, down 55 percent from a year ago.

And of course, remember a Apple Maps disaster?

The subsequent 5 years

Apple has reportedly been operative on unconditionally new products and areas — cars, practical reality, health caring and intelligent home rigging — though it hasn’t done any big, open moves.

Software is a thing that will be critical to Apple’s future. One of a categorical tasks for Cook and his organisation will be creation voice partner Siri and a iPhone smarter. The device will need to envision what we wish before we even ask for it, utilizing synthetic comprehension to make itself indispensable.

Still, Apple’s program and services exist mostly to get people to buy a gadgets. That means Apple can’t omit hardware. The pattern of a iPhone hasn’t altered most given a association introduced a device in 2007. Apple’s success over a subsequent 5 years could count a lot on how it shakes adult products like a iPhone and a iPad.

“Apple has to take bigger bets in industrial pattern and user interfaces,” Creative Strategies researcher Tim Bajarin said. “They’ve got to innovate.”

Jobs wouldn’t wish it any other way.

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When your initial possibility to entrance a white linen blazer is during an all-you-can-eat rib joint, it pays to be pragmatic. Equally, when you’ve only warranted your pushing licence, swapping a rest of your wallet’s essence for something with some-more grunt than a Wimbledon women’s final is foolish if we ever wish it full again; immature men, and quick cars, equals fender increase for word companies.

Fortunately, there’s now a tie of cars out there that integrate spine-tingling drives with single-digit word categories. Invest right and we can get an well-developed engine that won’t cost some-more to run than your rent.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been aristocrat of a superminis for years. It’s got some-more large with each birthday, is solidly built, and comes with bags of travel cred.

It’s also zodiacally regarded as an positively enormous drive, and this is as loyal for a bottom models as it is for a lairy ST.

Ford Fiesta

Vauxhall Corsa

Another supermini tack that’s softened with time. It’s not utterly a looker a Fiesta is but, from a front particularly, it’s positively appreciative on a eye.

Even a smaller engines yield fun on a roads, and it comes with a decent volume of toys to play with. We’d like a VXR on 17-inch rims though, please.

Vauxhall Corsa

VW up!

We’re not certain how we feel about regulating exclamation outlines in automobile names. If, however, we can omit this, a dinky up! is an appealing square of car.

Being a VW, it looks and feels distant some-more reward than anything else in a mini-supermini sector, and a three-door in sold is stylish in a conservative, German way.

VW up!

Suzuki Swift

The Swift is square of good, inexpensive fun. It’s easy on a eye, costs really small to run, and won’t destroy to move a grin to your face when you’re pushing it.

Build peculiarity competence not be adult there with a VW, nonetheless really small is. The Sport is large on fun and we can even spec a Swift as a four-wheel expostulate (though we wouldn’t try to mountain most some-more than a kerb in it).

Suzuki Swift

Mazda 2

Can’t means an MX-5 yet? Well, a Mazda 2 will concede we to fake we do (by display your friends a key, not a automobile itself). It’s no two-seater sports car, nonetheless opt for one in a dim colour, and supplement a decent set of rims, and it’s a attractive chap.

It’s also a fun to drive, and has good fuel economy – so we can keep saving for a MX-5.

Mazda 2


Although it means a pricey strange outlay, a new MINI is kind to your slot thereafter, with good fuel economy and word premiums that confute a nippy performance.

Though a poky behind seats will supplement some piquancy to your passengers’ shotgun battles, a iconic styling creates a MINI something they’ll really wish to be seen in.


Seat Ibiza

Spanish aptitude meets German engineering. The Ibiza is good specced inside and out, with adequate lively for a city nonetheless a oomph to reason a possess once you’ve left a high-rises behind.

Newer versions also play good with your smartphone, interjection to an party complement you’ll conclude on prolonged highway trips.

Seat Ibiza

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The Venice trip

The Grand Canal, Harry’s Bar, gelato and gondoliers – it all adds adult to a ideal regretful getaway, si?

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Zurich-based QWSTION’s function-forward and work-appropriate styles are invariably being tweaked, even if a differences aren’t extreme to a eye. “It’s—as always during QWSTION—an evolution, formed on lifting questions constantly,” co-founder Hannes Schönegger tells CH. Their initial new bag in a prolonged time—after focusing all their pleasantness on formulating a new waterproof raincoat done from 100% approved organic cotton—is a special book day receptacle in mixed olive board and black leather. Like QWSTION’s shopper and receptacle bag, this bag can be carried mixed ways: on one shoulder or remade into a backpack. At 20L, however, it’s roomier than both, gentle wise a 15″ MacBook Pro within newly grown signature padding. We adore that a tip folds over, expelling any steer of steel closures, for a some-more streamlined look.

Limited to 175 pieces worldwide, a Special Edition Day Tote is $260.

Images pleasantness of QWSTION

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