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Update: Nike has premiered a closer look at each of the forthcoming colorways, as seen above, including the “SpongeBob,” “Patrick Star,” “Squidward Tentacles,” “Mr. Krabs” and “Sandy Cheeks” shoes. You can also peep the product shots below.

Original Story: Following the full collaborative reveal, we now have official imagery of Kyrie Irving‘s Spongebob Squarepants collaboration — or at least, part of it. Both the “Spongebob” and “Patrick Star” iterations have received detailed shots and specific release dates.

The yellow colorway is about as “absorbent and yellow and porous” as Spongebob himself, with the bright woven upper dotted by “holes,” complete with a kelp-inspired lateral side Swoosh. Meanwhile, Patrick’s sneaker sports a bubble pattern and a Swoosh emblazoned with a texture reminiscent of the starfish himself, while the midsole matches his preferred swim trunks. The faces of both Spongebob and Patrick appear on the insole of their respective sneakers, with a scrawled signature embroidered behind the tongues to complete the playful designs.

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

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Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star colorways release date info 130 usd price august 10 2019 official imagery closer look on feet

The collaborative “Spongebob Squarepants” Kyrie collection will hit Nike’s SNKRS on August 10 for $130 USD — though some sneakerheads reportedly copped pairs off the app via a surprise drop on July 18, as you can see below.

These aren’t the only coveted Nike kicks to appear recently: a Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low “Friends Family” variation has emerged on social media.

Now I just gotta secure the Spongebobs on release day. Who else got lucky? But if you’re ooping a size 12 in the spongebobs, lmk lmao #kyrie5#kyrie4#kyrie1#kyrie2#kyrie3#kyrieiD#kyriedaily#nike#nikeid#niketalk#mynikeid#teamswoosh#swoosh#teamnike#complexsneakers#featuringnike#igsneakercommunity#kyrieMP#kyriegang#teamheat#uncledrew#SneakPeak#nikebasketball#kyriefeatures

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It’s the time of the season when hope runs high. Mainly because no one has yet kicked a ball in anger and it’ll be at least a fortnight until a trigger-happy chairman gives their unfortunate manager the boot. Most importantly, all the latest Premier League kits have been unveiled, ready for us to mindlessly invest a year’s worth of triumph and agony in.

To paraphrase Morrissey, “Some shirts are better than others.” So this GQ staffer has been nominated to assess each of this year’s 20 new Premier League kits for their style-related merits. Apologies in advance to at least half the fanbases on this unarguable and factually correct ranking. Don’t blame us for your side’s poor performance. Fashion is the true villain here.

20. Everton

Sometimes it’s nobler to have tried and soiled the proverbial bed than never to have tried at all. Everton’s latest home kit is not one of these instances.

In fairness, the Toffees deserve some credit for cottoning on to fashion’s Nineties revivalism instead of embracing the anonymity of another cobalt-blue shirt. In reality, the two-toned latticed chest of this kit recalls the kind of vintage sportswear only worn with irony. Given the sleeve sponsor of this shirt is Angry Birds, the joke is very much on anyone unfortunate enough to play in it. £55. At JD Sports. jdsports.com

19. Aston Villa

To lean on footballing cliché for the first of many occasions, Aston Villa are one of those clubs you just feel belong in the Premier League. This kit, however, was seemingly yanked from a designer’s first drafts folder after Jack Grealish’s post-promotion night out proved an exercise in team-building gone too far. £55. At JD Sports. jdsports.com

18. Tottenham Hotspur

Forgive me for embracing my inner Paul Merson and having a PFMM (that’s: proper football man moment), but the fact Tottenham’s new kit costs £65 is outrageous given how bland it is. Granted, you’ll find other kits on this list that will burn your wallet for the exact same amount, but this white and navy-collared design is profoundly uninspired. It’s almost as though Spurs have bigger fish to fry in the form of a £637 million new stadium-related debt. £65. tottenhamhotspur.com

17. Sheffield United

There’s a fine line between the noble philosophy of traditionalism and the significantly less esteemed attitude of “Will this do?” In exposing this precarious divide, Sheffield United have called a solid 50 per cent of my journalistic career into question and I will not stand for it. £55. sufcdirect.co.uk

16. Burnley

Given Burnley’s brand of football is so stoically bland, you might have hoped they’d have taken the opportunity to bring a flash of creativity to Turf Moor with their new kit. Fear not, Burnley fans. You can’t spell “fun” without four-four-two. £50. burnleyfc.com

15. Wolverhampton Wanderers

An absolute masterstroke for those Sunday league players who haven’t embraced a preseason fitness regime in quite the same manner as their professional counterparts.

“Sweating after five minutes in the rondo is it, Carl?”

“Nah, boss. It’s the new Wolves kit. Honest.” £55. At JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

14. Southampton

© UK Packshot.com

No Southampton kit will ever be as good as the 125th anniversary red sash design that Adam Lallana, José Fonte, Morgan Schneiderlin and several more soon-to-be traitors all wore as they marched their way to Championship promotion. Given the Saints now exist in a fallen utopia, this red and white-striped affair is perfectly fine. The LD Sports sponsor logo is a bit egregious, but at least it’s not for a betting or payday loans company. Just as in the Premier League itself, fans should relish these small, infrequent victories. £55. saintsfc.co.uk

13. Manchester City

If being rich truly buys you the freedom to disregard whatever anyone else thinks of you, Manchester City have let themselves down here. Rather than heading into the new season with the swagger of someone who dines out at their local Chicken Cottage while dressed head-to-toe in Balenciaga, the domestic treble winners have crafted a kit that is as sleek and uncaring as their FA Cup final demolition job. It’s a needlessly classy sky-blue affair, right down to the navy trim on its sleeves. Just the thought of Sergio Agüero in this thing fills me with existential dread. £65. At JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

12. Bournemouth

Everyone likes Bournemouth, don’t they? They’ve got a dashing English manager in Eddie Howe, they elevate the fifth game on Match Of The Day to watchable status and they dole out points like confetti to pretty much everyone when crunch time arrives at the end of the season. In essence, they are the perfect mid-table side and so they shall be rewarded with a staunchly mid-table kit ranking. The gold-embossed badge here is a neat touch, but otherwise this is a by-the-numbers kit for the Cherries. £50. afcb.co.uk

11. Brighton

The last time I went on an away day to Brighton, I paid £10 for a delightful platter of vegetarian curry, watched Southampton’s obliging hosts offer up a 1-0 victory and met a jovial security guard who let me collect my reusable water bottle from him at the end of the game. I say this not only to prove I am the worst football fan going, but also that Brighton are too nice to dunk on for comedic purposes. So this plain blue and white-striped kit gets a passing grade. £52. brightonandhovealbion.com

10. Leicester City

From their preseason friendlies and their awkwardly staged team shots, Leicester’s new kit looks almost identical to last year’s. Look up close at this design and you’ll see it has taken on a subtle chequered hue. I can only applaud them in charging £55 for such a high-concept prank. £55. At JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

9. Newcastle

Cheer up, Toon Army. Your Champions League-winning manager has fled to China, you’ve sold your best striker to Leicester and Mike Ashley is still running the show. But, hey, at least your new kit is quality. Why don’t more clubs have a centre-aligned badge? £65. At JD Sports. jdsports.com

8. Manchester United

At the pitiful climax of Southampton’s 2005 relegation season, Manchester United’s fans merrily counted down our remaining seconds in the Premier League. So why does this kit still score so highly? Because it is obnoxiously good and I shall not let personal biases bring the integrity of this list into disrepute. It keeps things simple with a gloriously deep shade of red, while that gold crest is major. Unfortunately, marks have been docked for excessive nods to United’s treble-winning season of 20 years ago. The minutes of Sheringham and Solskjaer’s Champions League final goals have been printed on the sleeves of this kit, which this doesn’t offer the kindest comparison to the team who’ll actually be wearing this shirt. And so this kit’s ranking reflects Ole and the gang’s likely League position come Christmas time. £60. At JD Sports. jdsports.com

7. Crystal Palace

© Refrost

Last year, we proclaimed Crystal Palace’s kit to be the best in the Premier League, the Eagles’ social media team mocked up a GQ cover for Christian Benteke and he went on to score just one goal in the entire season. The other month we gave Troy Deeney his very own GQ Hype cover, with an interview by Alastair Campbell, ahead of the FA Cup final. Watford went on to lose that game 6-0. The moral of this story? The Drake curse has got nothing on us, so Palace should be content to vacate their throne with what is an otherwise lovely kit. Although those white pinstripes almost gave us cause to tempt fate again. £50. cpfc.co.uk

6. West Ham

Easily the best claret-and-blue kit of this Premier League season and it’s not even close. The striped Breton-esque top-third of this shirt gives it personality, while the rest sticks to tradition. The only disappointment? West Ham’s newfound appetite for seemingly sensible transfers means we may well never see the likes of Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturrridge or David Prutton in it. £60. At JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

5. Watford

Half-and-half scarves? A scourge of the modern game. Half-and-half kits? More of these please. The gold-and-black colour clash elevates Watford’s effort above even Juventus’ black-and-white effort. £55. thehornetsshop.co.uk

4. Liverpool

Liverpool is a club that is unashamedly in love with it’s own mythos. Sometimes this self-aggrandising comes off as a bit trite (eg, “One of those Anfield nights”, “The spirit of Istanbul” etc) and sometimes that history is acknowledged in a way that emphasises the club’s current legends. This new kit falls elegantly into the latter category, with a pinstriped design that harks back to the Eighties heydays of Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish. Could this be the year that Salah, Mané and Milner rise to the same hallowed status by winning the Premier League? Probably not, but they’ll look damned good trying. £60. AT JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

3. Chelsea

Now this is how to do the Nineties right. Taking inspiration from Stamford Bridge’s architecture for the mesh of beams and supports that have been daubed across this navy blue shirt, Chelsea have created something genuinely likeable for the first time since the days of Gianfranco Zola. £60. At JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

2. Norwich City

Norwich’s home kit is the only tapered design in this entire compendium, which is a crying shame and immediately rockets this shirt to near title-winning status. Alongside the fact that their promotion to the Premier League once again affords us the opportunity to revisit Delia Smith’s legendary halftime team talk from 2005, when she implored fans, “Let’s be ‘avin ya! Come on!” Simply incredible. Much like the green dotted effect here, which pays unintended homage to Thanos’ snap. £50. canaries.co.uk

1. Arsenal

This shirt is almost as good as Thierry Henry in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, the time Cesc Fàbregas slapped Sir Alex Ferguson with a slice of pizza and any high jinks involving the Gunnersaurus. Combined. This is not a statement I make lightly, but it is the only way I can contextualise how much I delight in this kit. Everything is spot on here, from the correct shade of Arsenal red to the Adidas stripes across its shoulders. The finishing touch? A triple-toned collar and sleeves that hark back to the club’s 88/89 home kit. It’s a near-perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity, so props to the North Londoners for getting this one spot on. £60. AT JD Sports. jdsports.co.uk

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When I told my fiancé I poured Listerine on my vulva, he asked through muffled laughter, “Are you stupid or crazy?”

Neither. I was desperate. Desperate to the point of madness. For two years I was repeatedly diagnosed with yeast infections that left the whole of my nether regions itchy, irritated, swollen, and often feeling like they were on fire. I was at the end of my rope.

My mother got lots of yeast infections when she was younger, so when I first became afflicted, doctors diagnosed my problem as hereditary, saying I was simply more susceptible to the overgrowth of yeast. (Three out of four women get a yeast infection at some point in their life, so it’s pretty common.) But when the infections started coming just as regularly as my period, my mother said, “God, even I didn’t have that many.” I’m part of a gossipy Portuguese family, so it was only hours before almost every female in my extended family knew about it. For Christmas that year, I received what my aunt referred to as the Itchy Vagina package. It was stocked with tubes of Vagisil, medicated vaginal wipes, pads. I was less embarrassed, more thankful. My stockpile was running low.

At that point I had taken every over-the-counter medication available. Truthfully, I could have been the poster child for Monistat. The pharmacist seemed to think so—his eyebrows raised as I approached the counter with a basket full of vaginal products for the second time in a month. I had gone to see my primary care doctor, nurse practitioners, and gynecologists. I did everything they told me to. I ate yogurt. I popped probiotics. I never sat too long in my wet bathing suit. I wore only cotton underwear. At night I lay naked from the waist down, spreading my legs wide imagining air flowing in and out of me, fanning the disease away.

The infections had also infiltrated my sex life. Sex was no longer about pleasure—at least, not the pleasure I was used to. My doctors told me to stay away from sex, as it would only irritate the infection further (the vast majority of yeast infections aren’t contagious), but like an unruly kid who plunges a pencil under her cast to satisfy that burning itch, I turned my fiancé’s penis into my own personal scratching stick. I no longer wanted the slow, rhythmic hip thrusting I typically preferred. Every time my fiancé and I got under the sheets, I wanted it hard and fast, screaming for more. I never orgasmed, but afterward I fell asleep feeling satisfied.

But this—like almost everything I’d tried to relieve the itch—eventually proved more painful than pleasurable. My yeast infections were getting worse, and my poor vagina seemed like it would never heal. Still I scratched and scratched until my skin was raw. Until I got cuts and bled.

One day, feeling helpless as I sat in the bathtub for the fourth or fifth time that week with tears in my eyes, pressing a cold cloth against my burning skin, I looked up and saw the blue-green Listerine bottle sitting on the vanity: “Kills 99% of bacteria.”

Yeast infections are fungal infections, not bacterial, but I didn’t care. I imagined microbes of bacteria floating through my vaginal canal, clinging to the walls. I imagined them multiplying by the thousands, creating metropolitan cities of red, rashy skin. Skyscrapers of itch. Smokestacks of fiery burn. I grabbed the Listerine and poured.

Spoiler alert: This was not a good idea. It was about five seconds before I screamed in even worse pain than I could have imagined, turning the faucet on full blast. I cursed and bit down hard on my tongue until the burning was over.

You’d think pouring mouthwash on my burning vulva would constitute a turning point, but it was still a little over a year before I was finally referred to a vulva specialist. She ran her gloved finger around my labia as all the doctors I’d seen had done before. I tried not to flinch. When she was done, I pried my legs out of the stirrups, and sat straight, gloomily awaiting another nonanswer or ineffective home remedy I’d already tried a thousand times.

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Si te ha llegado una invitación de boda para el verano ¡no le tengas miedo al calor! Hay muchas opciones para ser la invitada perfecta también los meses de más calor. Apuesta por el los vestidos con colores alegre, por los tejidos fluidos y por las tendencias más frescas del verano. 

Look de invitada de boda de verano con escote asimétrico

Además de los tirantes, los vestidos asimétricos que dejan un hombro al aire son ideales para las bodas de verano. 

Son frescos, muy sexy y además permiten presumir de bronceado de vacaciones. 

Ya sea con un vestido o con un top, los escotes asimétricos quedan así de ideales en las invitadas más atrevidas. El rojo es uno de nuestros colores favoritos para las bodas.


Laura Vecino, una de las mujeres más elegantes de España, lo sabe y por eso luce vestido rojo para una boda VIP.

Look Invitada Boda Verano 2

Un slip dress para la invitada perfecta

Si el calor aprieta, en lugar de escoger vestidos demasiado recargados o con muchas capas o bordados, es mejor elegir algo minimal. Así lució Alice Campello en la boda de Pilar Rubio. 

Look Invitada Boda Verano 3

Diseños sencillos, ligeros y fluidos. El satén, un vestido de tipo lencero o un slip dress son ideales para las bodas de verano. Si quieres llevar un chal o mantón de Manila, el resultado es espectacular.

Look Invitada Boda Verano 7

Boda de verano con flecos

Los flecos quedan muy divertidos en un vestido de invitada de verano. Dan movimiento y glamour a los vestidos más sencillos. Hay mil opciones en tiendas para presumir de estilazo.

Look Invitada Boda Verano 1

En Uterqüe hay muchos looks con flecos para esta temporada, tanto en vestidos como en faldas.


Nos encanta el contraste entre el vestido color maquillaje y los complementos rojos de este vestido de Sandra Majada.


Uterqüe quiere vestirnos para ir a la Feria de Abril y la idea nos encanta

Look de invitada de boda de verano con colores alegres

Aprovechemos el sol de esta época del año, nuestro tono de piel más bronceado para atrevernos con colores alegres que normalmente no llevamos. Así lo vimos en la boda de Maria Pombo.

Look Invitada Boda Verano 6

Rosas, verdes, amarillos, rojos, … todos los looks de invitada de verano quedan mejor si les añadimos color.

Look Invitada Boda Verano 4

Los monos son otra de las opciones que podemos elegir para una boda de verano, y en un color favorecedor, sientan divinos.


El rosa aporta romanticismo a nuestro look de invitada, y además es muy fácil de combinar con los complementos, tocados y pamelas.


Hombros al aire y espaldas al descubierto

Otra gran manera de acertar en verano es con opciones tan frescas como los escotes palabra de honor, los hombros al aire o los vestidos o monos que dejan la espalda al descubierto.



Foto | Instagram @invitada_perfecta, Gtres

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Haciendo una media, me gasto unos 600 euros por boda, lo que hace unos 4.200 en total si fuera a las 7 que tengo este año. Casarse es caro (según un estudio de Bodas.net, Esade y Google, el coste medio de una boda en España es de 20.000 €) pero ir a una boda es un lujo. Y, para mí, que me inviten es un drama.

Siete ideas para bodas sostenibles con las que llevar tu conciencia eco hasta el altar


Me explico. Las bodas se han convertido en la experiencia millennial más cara de todas. Y el tema se nos está empezando a ir de las manos. Todo el mundo quiere la perfecta despedida y boda a cualquier precio. Y nadie piensa en mi los pobres invitados. Puede que Internet tenga parte de culpa. ¿Si dejáis de ver cosas tan ideales en las redes sociales se os quitarán las ganas de casaros a lo grande a todas? 

Empecemos por las despedidas de soltera

El precio de las despedidas de soltera es cada vez mayor. ¿Dónde quedó esa cena con amigas y posterior fiesta de toda la vida en tu lugar de residencia? Ahora lo que se lleva es irse de viaje de fin de semana y cuanto más lejos y más caro lleno de planes, mejor.  Yo me arrepiento profundamente del dinero que me gasté en la última despedida de soltera a la que fui. 800 euros por un fin de semana en Ibiza. Un dinero que para mí ha significado varios fines de semana en casa sin hacer plan. Pero claro, ¿quién es la rancia que dice que no va a la despedida? 


A veces lo mejor es inventarse una excusa. Pero eso no puedes hacerlo en todas. Y menos cuando tu pepito grillo interno te susurra que puede que sea la fiesta del año y tú no estés… Al final, te ves arrastrada a un viaje cuyo precio no para de encarecerse. Lo único que puedes hacer es llorar rezar por que las simples cenas con un pene en la cabeza se vuelvan a poner de moda.


Muchas me entenderéis cuando digo encarecerse. No es solo el coste del viaje y la estancia, no. También hay que comprar disfraces para todas y bañadores o camisetas a juego con “Bride Squad” escrito bien grande. A esto súmale que salgáis de fiesta, vayáis de brunch y les haya dado por jugar al paintball, alquilar unos quads o un barco. Si eres afortunada, habrá una manitas en el grupo que se ofrecerá a personalizar las camisetas básicas de Primark.


Además, llamadme egoísta pero, aunque no me cueste dinero, el tiempo que invierto en contestar en ese grupo de whatssap que cada vez que miro tiene 200 mensajes vale mucho para mi. No todo el mundo puede estar pendiente a cualquier hora del día. Y esto las que se han propuesto amortizar el precio de la boda al máximo no lo entienden. Ellas disfrutan de la experiencia y yo vivo con el miedo a que me critiquen por ser cero participativa. ¿Tan raro es que no me motive la idea de quedarme en negativo en mi cuenta?


Por eso, aunque las conversaciones de dinero son íncomodas, después de mi experiencia con las despedidas y las bodas de este año me he dado cuenta que son necesarias. Y ya he dicho que no voy a la siguiente despedida. No puedo permitírmelo. Si la novia en cuestión es de verdad mi amiga debería entenderlo. 



Las seis ideas más buscadas de fotografías para bodas elopement que te harán suspirar ‘al fin solos’

Los gastos de la boda

Lo peor de todo esto es que los gastos de la boda no terminan con la despedida de soltera. Ojalá. Luego viene la compra del look de invitada y la transferencia del regalo. Porque ahora el regalo ya no se da en un sobre. Las invitaciones vienen con su correspondiente número de cuenta directamente impreso junto al nombre de los novios y la fecha y dirección. Algunas parejas se cortan y lo ponen en un papel pequeño adherido de alguna forma a la invitación, pero rara es la invitación de boda que no lo incluye. Aún así a veces hay algún sentimental que se resiste a esto tan frío y se inventa alguna forma original de dar dinero físico (botellas llenas de monedas, billetes usados para hacer origami… he visto de todo).

Eso si tienes suerte y la que se casa no es de tus mejores amigas. Porque si lo es, te tocará aumentar considerablemente la cantidad de dinero que le das (por eso de que sois más cercanas y no le puedes dar lo mismo que al resto) y tener algún detallito extra con ella. 


Tengo 5 bodas este año: esta es mi selección de looks de invitada que parecen más caros de lo que son

También puede que tengas la “suerte” de que tu amiga se case fuera de tu ciudad. Si esto pasa, tendrás que viajar hasta el sitio en cuestión donde celebrará su boda y reservar no una sino dos noches de hotel: la anterior y la del día de la boda. Todo el mundo va a la preboda o, lo que es lo mismo, a la fiesta que se organiza la noche antes de la boda. Estas fiestas originalmente eran las cenas que preparaban las parejas como agradecimiento a los invitados que se habían desplazado desde diversos puntos. Ahora son un básico. Y ya no son cenas, son todo un evento en el que se cuida todo. Desde la decoración hasta el vestuario. Eso sí, las hay de todo tipo. Más o menos formales.

Originalmente el propósito del regalo de bodas en forma de dinero era ayudar a los novios a empezar su vida juntos, ahora pagamos el precio de entrada al evento. Y cuesta más que la entrada a un concierto de Beyoncé. Cuando recibes la invitación te viene la correspondiente cuenta a la que hacer la transferencia. 150 euros por persona es lo estándar. Que normalmente da para pagar el cubierto y, a veces, parte de la luna de miel. Digo parte porque como ya nadie hace un viaje de novios normalito a Canarias y lo más común es irse a un combinado exótico o a Japón, pues no da para pagar el viaje entero.

Lo que no me parece bien es que esto se haya convertido en una obligación y un mínimo. Yo no he pedido a nadie que se gaste 230 euros en mi cubierto, que se case en una finca enorme de las afueras y que tenga todo tipo de rincones decorados en su boda. Y me parece injusto que nos sintamos mal por poner poco dinero o nos pongamos de los nervios a la hora de organizar las vacaciones para que cuadren con estos compromisos.


Buscando complementos para el look de invitada, hemos encontrado una diadema XL megabarata igualita a la de satén de Prada

Existe una “presión social” invisible que hace sentir a la gente que necesita que su boda sea un clon de las que se ven en Instagram. Sé de lo que hablo. Esto no solo lo he visto en mi circulo social, trabajé tres años en una revista de novias que publicaba “bodas de gente real” y charlé con muchas novias. Todas se pasaban un año intentando imitar la perfecta boda Pinteret/Instagram. Lo que a priori no veo mal. Puedes usar Instagram como inspiración pero lo que está pasando es que lo queremos todo. Ese es el error. Y son expectativas poco realistas

Las bodas que vemos en Instagram (o Pinterest) ponen el listón muy alto. Volvamos a la realidad. Con los sueldos que tenemos no nos lo podemos permitir. Y lo siento pero no, no voy a pedir un crédito para poder llevar este ritmo. 

Celebrities e it girls: comparamos la boda de María Pombo con la de Chiara Ferragni, Marta Ortega, Pilar Rubio y María Frubies

Por eso, como tengo claro que no voy a pasar más por esto por cualquiera, he encontrado mi particular Marie Kondo bodil. Diré que no a tantas bodas como considere necesario. Y para decidir a cuáles voy me haré la siguiente pregunta: ¿echaría de menos a esa persona el día de mi boda? Si la respuesta es que sí, iré a la suya pero si es que no, no iré. 

boda ruina

A todo esto, llevo tiempo diciendo que mi boda será todo lo contrario a este infierno que estoy viviendo. Alardeo de que la será sorpresa como la boda de Jessa en Girls e invitaré a todo el mundo por el móvil a unas cañas que en realidad serán mi boda, todo con pizza y hamburguesas como catering. Pero, ¿lo haré de verdad o finalmente caeré y me convertiré en una novia al uso más?

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En un básico de fondo de armario, y en verano, más aún. Ya sean unos vaqueros blancos o unos pantalones palazzo en ese color, permiten combinarlos de muchas formas diferentes y todas quedan bien. Sácale todavía más partido a tu pantalón blanco de verano con estas ideas de streetstyle.

Combinar pantalón blanco en verano con total white

Blanco más blanco, acierto seguro, así se consiguen looks muy románticos, ideales para no pasar calor bajo el sol.

Este verano se llevan con tops de mangas abullonadas, con bordados o perforados.


Combinar Pantalon Blanco Verano 2

Blanco con negro, imposible equivocarse

Una combinación básica para usar una y otra vez, elige tops ligeros y veraniegos aunque sean negros.


Combinar Pantalon Blanco Verano 4

Combinar Pantalon Blanco Verano 1

Con crop top

Apuesta por algo fresco y luce pantalón por los tobillos combinado con sandalias para un estilo informal pero con clase.


Con camiseta tie dye

Los pantalones blancos hacen buenas migas con una de las tendencias de la temporada.


Con tu blusa favorita

Para estilismos aptos para la oficina, luce unos vaqueros blancos con una blusa o camisa.



A todo color

Lo mejor del blanco es que combina bien con todo y en verano nos apetece sumarle mucho color.

Combinar Pantalon Blanco Verano 6

Combinar Pantalon Blanco Verano

Pantalones blancos en looks marineros

Si a tus vaqueros blancos le sumas una camiseta de rayas consigues el perfecto look marinero para el verano.



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English rapper Ocean Wisdom has recently released a music video for his newest single, “4 AM.” The 26-year-old artist evokes a dark mood throughout the visuals while dropping off his signature lighting speed lyrics along the way.

The song was produced by Italian artist Kostaki and features Ocean Wisdom rapping about how he had to “level up” on his competition. This marks the first track under his newly-formed record label, Beyond Measure, which was created in March through a deal with Warner Music.

“I wanted to give u guys something different wid this one.. we bout to have a lot of fun wid it so I had to do something more serious before da wave begins,” Ocean Wisdom said in an Instagram post.

Watch the full video above and scroll below to stream the track now.

For more music news, check out Mack Keane’s new visuals for “Numb.”




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When it comes to receiving oral sex, many women’s default position is to get on their backs. And there’s a lot to be said for that: You can relax and let your partner worry about what to do. But there’s also a lot to be said for receiving oral on top, AKA face-sitting.

For one thing, it puts you in complete control, and some women find that it also provides a better angle. “It gives your partner full access to what is the most erogenous zone and most essential area to be stimulated for orgasm to occur: your external vulva, including your clitoris,” explains Laurie Mintz, sex therapist and author of Becoming Cliterate. “Many find this a totally empowering position, since the focus is all, 100 percent on your pleasure.”

If straddling your partner’s face sounds intimidating, we get it. If you’ve never tried face-sitting, it can feel incredibly vulnerable. Here’s how to try it without feeling totally out of your comfort zone.

Ask your partner

If the idea of receiving oral sex on top intrigues you, Mintz recommends telling your partner something straightforward like, “I love when you go down on me and I’d like to try this in a new position—with me sitting on your face. Are you game for trying?” If your partner hasn’t gone down on you before, you could tell them that you’d like to try both positions, says Mintz.

Put your weight on your knees

Now that you’re both in, time for the logistics. The first hurdle is figuring out how to get into position. Mintz recommends the following process: First, straddle your partner’s chest with your knees on the bed, scooting forward until their head is between your thighs, and spreading them until your partner’s mouth can reach you.

“It’s called face ‘sitting,’ but you’re really kneeling,” says sex therapist Vanessa Marin, creator of the online orgasm course Finishing School. It’s actually pretty comfortable once you get the hang of it. “You want to hold your weight in your knees rather than resting your weight on your partner’s face,” Marin says.

Support yourself

To make balancing easier, Marin recommends having your partner lay down near the head of the bed and putting your hands on the headboard or wall for more support. That way, you won’t be worrying about keeping your balance and can instead focus all of your attention on your pleasure.

Change up the pressure

The nice thing about receiving oral sex on top is that, much like any position that puts you on top, you can control the pressure by moving closer or further away from your partner, says Marin. Lower or raise your body when you want to experience more or less sensation.

Try having your partner hold still

If you want complete control, you can ask your partner to stay still with their tongue out while you experiment with different motions. Marin recommends slowly grinding your hips back and forth or around in circles over their face.

Try holding still yourself

Alternatively, if you want the feeling of being in control while still having your partner do all the work, you can just sit there and relax, says Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist. “The seated partner can stay still and allow the supine partner to use their lips, tongue, face, fingertips, and hands to kiss, fondle, lick, slide, and rub,” she says.

Consider a partially seated position

If full-on face-sitting freaks you out, you can try one of these intermediate positions, says O’Reilly: Have your partner lie down near the edge of the bed and put one foot on the bed and one on the ground, or get on all fours with your crotch near their mouth and face away from them. “You can slowly lower yourself into their face and enjoy the sensation without fully sitting,” she says.

Create a signal

One worry some people have about face-sitting is that they could squish their partner’s face, says Mintz. This is pretty unlikely to happen, since you can hold yourself up with your thighs. But if you’re concerned about it, you can create a signal for your partner to communicate when they need a break, like tapping your thigh or butt. A signal like this can be useful to communicate in general since your partner’s mouth may be, er, busy.

Experiment with different positions

Just as there is more than one way to receive oral sex, there’s more than one way to face-sit. Mintz recommends experimenting with facing away from your partner as well as facing toward them and seeing which you like best.

Know your partner is loving it too

The idea of being on display in this way might make some people uneasy, but chances are your partner is enjoying it. “Know that this is an extremely sexy position that your partner is bound to love,” says Marin. “But you can ease into it by dimming the lights or lighting candles. Or try blindfolding your partner and moving your body closer to or away from their mouth.” But, as with any sexual encounter, don’t assume—communicate with your partner regularly and openly to ensure you’re both enjoying yourselves.

All that said, if getting oral sex on top does not appeal to you—or you try it and aren’t a fan—no need to do it. “Most sex therapists recommend that one try new things and stretch one’s sexual boundaries—but never do anything that is aversive,” says Mintz. “If the idea sounds completely aversive, then don’t do it. If it sounds a bit scary but doable, give it a try. You might love it.”