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Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour took to a theatre during a press eventuality in San Francisco to speak about product changes entrance to a amicable media site. But he didn’t only come to speak about what was entrance to a service, he also came to kill a dreams. The awaiting of an revise button? we wouldn’t reason your exhale for it. 

“Honestly, it’s a underline that we consider we should build during some point, though it’s not anywhere nearby a tip of a priorities,” Beykpour said, quoted by TechCrunch. “That’s a honest answer.”

The executive pronounced that there were a lot of apparent risk factors when it comes to building a revise button. While it’s mostly joked about by Twitter users, many seem to wish a underline so they can scold a typo or explain a twitter with some-more context. However there’s intensity for abuse, generally with a approach that Twitter allows users to retweet tweets onto their possess timeline. 

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This is generally cryptic if we retweet a fun about a humorous looking equine and, suddenly, a strange user edits a twitter so that it is  post in support of say, white nationalism. It could bearing thousands of users into cryptic situations. This isn’t a box for amicable networks like Facebook that has already combined a button. So, there’s a technical and a amicable plea here that Twitter needs to demeanour into when they rise a underline that allows people to edit. 

Instead, we’re removing a ability to follow a subject in a same approach that we competence customarily follow accounts. Whether or not this will make a ruin site improved or worse to use stays to be seen, though Twitter is overdue a few changes and they need to be structurally some-more poignant than only an revise symbol to win over a many outspoken critics of a platform. 

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With a DJI announcing this week that a new Osmo Mobile 3 will cost usually £99, it was usually a matter of time before we started saying Osmo Mobile 2 bargains springing adult – and that’s happened now with a outrageous 38% bonus from Jessops.

Buy: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Now £79 (down from £129)

The smartphone gimbal, that we gave 4.5 stars in a review, helps we get shake-free video and pro-looking camera moves from your phone’s camera. The Osmo Mobile 2’s common cost is £129, though we can buy one now for usually £79, that is a large £50 discount.

Price dump – DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal

The lowest ever cost for DJI’s smartphone gimbal. The Osmo Mobile 2 helps your phone fire super-smooth video with pro effects like ActiveTrack, and is a genuine take during this price.


Save 38%

Now £79

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Now £79

Save 38%


The Osmo Mobile 2 isn’t hugely opposite from a new third chronicle – a usually vital underline it lacks is a new folding design, though aside from that and few teenager pattern tweaks it’s a same phone gimbal that looks set to again be a large strike with YouTubers and vloggers.

The categorical advantage of DJI’s gimbal compared to a rivals is a messenger app, that gives we entrance to facilities like ActiveTrack (for automatically tracking people and objects), as good as Timelapse and Hyperlapse moves. This second chronicle also improves on a strange Osmo Mobile by charity a mural mode and also carrying a tripod thread in a handle’s base, so we can mountain it on any tripod.

Price dump – DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal

The lowest ever cost for DJI’s smartphone gimbal. The Osmo Mobile 2 helps your phone fire super-smooth video with pro effects like ActiveTrack, and is a genuine take during this price.


Save 38%

Now £79

View Deal

Now £79

Save 38%


In a examination of a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 we said: “DJI has done a best smartphone gimbal now available. It’s lightweight and gentle to use, and battery life has been boosted. Did we already discuss a cost has been drastically reduced? Because that’s value mentioning again.” And this was before a 38% cost slash.

Our examination concluded: “A good value, easy-to-use gimbal that delivers super-smooth results. If you’re in a marketplace for a gimbal, a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a indication to buy.”

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Unlike other sites, we entirely examination all we recommend, regulating attention customary tests to weigh products. We’ll always tell we what we find. We might get a elect if we buy around a cost links.
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A trickle has suggested copiousness of new specifications for a Motorola One Zoom — and while a cameras demeanour impressive, one fact as left us scratching a heads.

True to one partial of a name, a Motorola One Zoom will have an eye-catching quad camera array able of 3x visual zoom. But while all phones in a array so distant have run on a Android One handling system, this one will eschew that interface in foster of formation with Amazon’s Alexa.

Not usually could this meant some-more bloatware is benefaction on your handset, but crucially it might also skip out on a years of program and confidence updates guaranteed by Google underneath a Android One programme.

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The categorical camera on a phone will be 48-megapixels, and it will offer Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) only like a concomitant 81mm telephoto sensor. The remaining dual snappers will be a 13mm ultra far-reaching lens, and presumably a abyss sensor. It’s an desirous set-up that positively sounds impressive, though if it wants to conquer a mid-range camera phones there’s one indication it positively has to beat: a Pixel 3a, whose well-developed camera can take flagship-quality images for half a price.

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Aside from a camera, a Motorola One Zoom is also approaching to have Snapdragon 675 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of UFS storage, with a micro SD label container if that’s not adequate for your needs. The cost is slated to be €400 (~£370), that is a satisfactory bit pricier than many of Motorola’s range.

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To answer that question, we’ll need to put it by a full examination once it’s released. But for now, Motorola already has a tantalizing choice accessible to buy now, that we report as a best all-rounder for underneath £300. The Moto G7 Plus has good cameras on a front and back, a decent Snapdragon 636 chip, and good peculiarity hardware for a cost point. If we can’t wait, this is positively a good choice to cruise for those on a tighter budget.

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Unlike other sites, we entirely examination all we recommend, regulating attention customary tests to weigh products. We’ll always tell we what we find. We might get a elect if we buy around a cost links.
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Ever since Cardi B and Brazilian pop star Anitta exchanged tweets back in July, fans have been hoping for a collaboration. While the combination of music’s biggest extroverts could easily lead to a hit song, they’ve yet to confirm a duet. Still, their budding friendship has already resulted in an epic fashion moment. When Anitta took to Instagram this afternoon to announce that she had possibly found her soulmate in the Bronx bred rapper, she shared an image that illustrated precisely why she and Cardi were destined to get along. Dressed in Versace’s pop-art Marilyn Monroe prints and a Gucci headband, she complemented Cardi’s equally outré Chanel catsuit and beret.

The image, which appeared to have been taken at a recording studio, sent social media gossips into a frenzy: Could a joint summer anthem actually be in the works? Whatever the case, their shared love of bold patterns, big logos, and extreme luxury made for a great style pairing. Even if they don’t end up dropping the song of the summer, their vibrant sense of style makes us eager for more twinning selfies.

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2019’s version of a high-five.

Having long been revered in the health industry, hemp oil has enjoyed increasing popularity in the beauty industry in recent years. The latest example? Nails Inc. and INC.redible Cosmetics (both of which were founded by Thea Green in 1999 and 2017 respectively) have teamed up on a new collection that’s set to give your beauty stash a much-needed dose of calm.

Aptly named ‘Just Kinda Bliss,’ the collection features a hemp oil-infused nail polish duo that consists of a punchy red hue and a nourishing base coat/treatment which “reduces fundamental nail stripes and uneven nail surface” and “fills in the gap for an ultra-smooth, shiny surface” according to the brand’s website. The formulations also both contain Omega 3 and 6 to help fortify nails.

In addition to the polishes, the collection also features a Hemp Hydration Lip Jelly (a glossy go-to that delivers six hours of hydration), Hemp Magic Lip Scrub (which doubles as a tinted lip balm) and the No Puff Zone Undereye Mask (which is shaped like hemp leaves and is designed to soothe and brighten).

Often confused with CBD oil, hemp oil refers to the cannabis sativa seed oil extract which is made exclusively from hemp seeds. CBD, on the other hand, is short for cannabidiol and is found in the leaves, flowers and stalks of hemp plants. Importantly, hemp oil contains no CBD or THC (the psychoactive strand found in cannabis) and has been used in the health industry for years as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The Just Kinda Bliss collection by Nails Inc. and INC.redible is available to purchase on Nailsinc.com now with shipping available to Canada.

Interested in knowing more about the benefits of CBD-infused products? Then it’s high time you checked out our interview with Global Cannabinoid’s Chief Product Innovation Officer, Sam Cheow.

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Es posible que las vacaciones de verano empiecen a mostrar el final de sus días pero todavía queda verano para rato (¡que no cunda el pánico!). Las RRSS nos muestran a todas horas “nuevas” tendencias a tener en cuenta y las chicas de moda no dudan en vestir sus días con bikinis (o bañadores) en color neón. ¿Todavía no has sucumbido? Es posible que tras ver estos diseños acabes deseando tener una versión parecida

Este verano tus looks de playa se podrían acompañar de un bikini V Wire. Te presentamos la tendencia viral que invade las RRSS

Siendo el centro de atención con el amarillo neón

Si hablamos de los colores neón hay una tonalidad que destaca por encima de las demás: el amarillo. No sabemos qué tiene pero es el favorito, y los bikinis en amarillo neón molan mucho. De líneas clásicas, estos diseños demuestran que a veces se necesita muy poco para triunfar (de manera literal). 

Bikinis Color Neon 05

Bikinis Color Neon 04

Verde lima para crear un gran contraste con el moreno

Dicen que el verde es el color de la esperanza y la versión lima, además, casa con la piel morena bañada por el sol. Las chicas de moda no dudan en lucir sus conjuntos favoritos -hasta Kylie Jenner se ha dejado conquistar por esta tendencia-. 

Bikinis Color Neon 01

Bikinis Color Neon 06

Bikinis Color Neon 02

El rosa fucsia viene en formato bañador

Seas fanática del color rosa fucsia y/o de los bañadores de cuerpo entero, esta versión mola tanto que no se necesita mucho más para triunfar. Liso y con el escote redondo, estos diseños son capaces de captar toda la atención con su sola presencia (y no es para menos).

Bikinis Color Neon 07

Bikinis Color Neon 08

Fotos | Instagram @alyssainthecity, @chiaraferragni, @izabelgoulart, @leoniehanne, @kyliejenner, @xeniaadonts

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Dear Polly,

Have you ever seen the film Oldboy? The main character, Oh Dae-su, gets abducted and is imprisoned in a cell. Once he is finally released, he is conversationally crippled because he hasn’t interacted with other people for years.

I’m a little bit like that. When I was a teenager, I was able to make conversation well enough. I was also bullied relentlessly. I developed social anxiety, which then became a full-blown avoidant personality disorder. It was so crippling that I didn’t leave my house more than a handful of times for quite a few years. I had no contact with other people except for my parents, and I was depressed and suicidal. Eventually, I had myself admitted to a psychiatric hospital and lived there for a year. Afterward, I worked up the courage to contact a childhood sweetheart and we renewed our relationship.

Now I have a boyfriend, and I’m no longer downright afraid of most social interactions. I’m capable of leaving my house most of the time without feeling uncomfortable. But talking to people still feels nearly impossible. It’s so damn hard! It feels as if all those years of being alone have damaged my brain. I’m forgetful, cognitively slow, and mentally lazy. I can’t keep up with simple conversations. It takes forever to piece together a sentence, to react to what someone else is telling me. Ninety percent of the time, all I can squeeze out is a “hm” or an “oh” or a “really?” But that’s it. When I do manage to say more than that, I still leave out a lot of details. When I manage to think more than that, I’m somehow incapable of saying it out loud. That’s in part the mental laziness I was talking about, but also just me not consciously noticing my thoughts as something to put into words. Sometimes someone will say something and I discover that those were my thoughts, too. I just wasn’t really aware of it.

When I’m with my boyfriend, I can’t think of any topics to talk about. He is of the endlessly talkative variety, so he doesn’t mind it too much, but it bothers me that whenever I want to make a more genuine connection with him, I just come up completely empty. Not to mention that I can’t properly talk to any of his friends or family and make them like me, which makes me feel bad for my boyfriend. I don’t have any friends of my own either. People have tried, but have grown frustrated or even angry with my inability to talk to them on good days or to show any interest on days when my brain seems to have stopped working altogether. I have days when I shut down completely and just … can’t. Nearly all of my therapists have vocalized their dislike of me because of this, and they seem unable to help me with this problem.

Polly, what can I do? I’m so terrified that it isn’t going to get any better.


Dear OldGirl,

Your situation sounds exceptionally upsetting and isolating. I’m sorry that you’ve suffered so much up to this point, and that you haven’t found therapists who are up to the challenge of addressing your problem and helping you to find a path forward.

My gut feeling is that you have two different challenges that are exacerbating each other. The first challenge is that you’re still suffering from social anxiety to some extent. Even though you can leave the house, you still feel wound up over conversations. You don’t feel relaxed enough to access your true thoughts and ideas. Every time you try to talk to someone, you have a panic reaction. You feel nervous and sick. Your thoughts move in tight circles, or you feel like there’s nothing at all in your brain. Other people’s faces seem to say “What’s wrong with you?” and then “I need SOMETHING from you! What is your PROBLEM?” You can see these reactions coming from a mile away, because you’ve been through this experience repeatedly, so you’re preemptively anxious when you see the first signs that you’re fucking everything up again.

I know this feeling well, if only on a relatively small scale. When I was 13, I had a friend who decided I took too long to formulate a thought. She started to say “Yesss?” and eventually started saying “Spit it out, damn it!” whenever I took some time to respond. I started to experience myself as extremely stupid in her presence, and I actually developed a stutter around her for a while. Keep in mind, I had no problems in other situations. I was a talkative extrovert. Her impatience made me so anxious that I couldn’t think straight. I started to feel stupid and devoid of ideas. I started to feel like a nervous void, like a jar full of noxious gas that was always threatening to shatter.

The reasons for my anxiety — and my inability to behave differently around her — are linked to your second challenge: You say you “can’t think of any topics to talk about” when you’re with your boyfriend. You also say, “I can’t properly talk to any of his friends or family and make them like me.” In other words, you’re trying to solve an arbitrary, abstract puzzle that strikes you as impossible. You want to know how people find “topics” — subjects to discuss. You want to know how people make other people like them. You want to crack the code and mimic human behaviors effectively.

You might be able to do these things, if you weren’t anxious, emotional, sensitive, and deeply invested in human connection. You could become a cardboard cutout of a person, one who pretends to be real by imitating real people, one who barks “How’ve you been?” and “Fine, thanks!” and “Looks like someone drank too much coffee this morning, heh heh!” But some core part of you refuses to take this path. Some core part of you wants true vulnerability and real connection with another person who isn’t mouthing words and mimicking the noises around them.

Our culture has a very bad habit of boiling every quirk down to a pathology. We take everything from small idiosyncrasies to deep emotional needs and we translate it all into flaws and quirks and dysfunctions. When someone can’t speak or can’t leave the house anymore, we give that condition a name and say “You’re just like all of these other sick people who can’t leave the house.” Treatment might seem deep and thorough at first, but the goal is to get this person with this group diagnosis to seem more like someone without a diagnosis, a cardboard-cutout person who mirrors everyone else. Instead of asking “What do you think people want from you?” or “What do you believe that you should become, to make other people happy?,” we ask, “What if you tried this trick for pleasing people more?” and “What makes this trick so difficult” and “How hard is it to be a cipher like the rest of us?”

Here’s what I want to ask you: “What is it about the world that strikes you as off? What would you prefer? What is your ideal day? What would be the best thing you could possibly experience in this moment? What would the purest experience of love feel like to you? What do you think it would fix or heal for you? What do you tell yourself when you can’t think of anything to say? What would be the exact opposite of that statement?”

Even if all of your answers to these questions are, roughly, “I just want to be like everyone else,” my opinion is that when you can’t speak, when you can’t think of a single thing to say, when you try to mouth the right words but you JUST CAN’T SOUND THAT WAY, some core tenacious center of your being is staging a protest. There is a revolutionary who lives inside your heart who’s saying, “Even when you sound like them, they don’t love you enough. And eventually, they will know you’re only pretending.”

Solving this puzzle will not bring you peace. You already know that. Your heart isn’t in it.

That’s why the truth is the only way out for you. But the truth is the one thing you DON’T want to speak out loud, because you feel sure that it will only make people dislike you more. You feel sure that the truth will destroy everything you have now. You’re trying to make sure that no one knows how bad it is for you right now. But in the process of struggling to hide in plain sight, in the process of trying to fit in and seem normal, you’re erasing yourself. You’re emptying your mind. You’re asking for help, and your core says NO.

You are someone who must be loved for who she is. You are someone who cannot hide.

Instead of seeing this as a major liability, you need to start to see it as a gift. Your tenacious, rebellious core is the part of you that wants to lead you forward, into a new life, into a new skin, into a new way of moving through the world. When you look for a way to mimic, imitate, pretend, this part of you says NO FUCKING THANK YOU. This part of you feels strongly that your happiness depends on never pretending. You don’t trust mimicry, even as you try to mimic. You don’t want to imitate other people’s sounds. Your mind draws a blank when you try to do this because you’re anxious, sure, but it also draws a blank because you don’t believe in the arbitrary puzzle you’re trying to solve.

This is what you need to understand: Speaking is easy when you have nothing to hide. Talking feels organic when you trust yourself and don’t mind telling the truth. Conversation will not cause panic once you stop trying to crack someone else’s code. You’re a sensitive, secretly rebellious person who wants to “perform better” and be liked, but you’re going into social situations with the wrong set of goals. You’re feeling around in the void of your brain for mysterious “answers” (FIND A GOOD TOPIC! SAY ANYTHING!), but all the while, you’re taking in an enormous amount of feedback from others. Their words and expressions are shouting DO SOMETHING ELSE! DO BETTER! while your brain says “NOTHING HERE IS ACCEPTABLE! EVERYTHING HERE WILL REVEAL EXACTLY HOW BROKEN YOU ARE!”

Reveal how broken you are. The more you let yourself appear broken, the more you’ll see that you’re not broken at all. Or you are broken, but the world is also broken. Or no one is broken. These things shift by the month, by the week, by the minute. Our culture fights this constant shifting by pretending that we are consistent, that we can consistently behave like cardboard cutouts, that lives progress in straight, predictable lines, that everyone speaks and understands and agrees and we all get our happy endings.

I want you to honor your natural allegiance to chaos and uncertainty. Your core self, your stubborn alliance with your own isolation and bewilderment, is much smarter and wilder and richer than the cardboard-cutout culture around you. I want you to align yourself with your rebellious core. But I also want you to listen with an open, curious mind when that core tells you things that are confused and inaccurate. I want you to notice when some voice from deep inside of you says, “You cannot trust what people say. Their words are meaningless. They will never love you even if you make your words sound like theirs.” I’m not saying that you should take your cue from these impressions. I’m saying you should know what you REALLY THINK and BELIEVE right now. You need to examine the beliefs — true and real and also confused, incorrect beliefs — that are guiding your actions and causing you to panic and also trying to lead you to your truest self.

Let’s go back to that friendship I had when I was younger, the one that suddenly gave me a stutter. It never occurred to me that I had a right to say to my impatient friend, “I don’t like how you talk to me when I’m searching for my thoughts.” But it went beyond that. I never found a way to say to her, “You seem manic to me. You seem to want to control what I think and do. I feel like everything I do is disappointing to you. I feel like you have a lot of anger and sadness and they’re always crashing into me, but I’m afraid of them. I feel overwhelmed around you. I feel like my job is to serve you and entertain you, but you treat me like I’m some kind of emotionally stunted idiot when I can’t perform this role.”

It would’ve been a lot to say that to this friend, who was very smart and probably anxious and had lost a parent at a very young age. I knew her intentions were pure, and she was just trying to make us closer. She wanted much more from me than I could give her. And if I were really digging for the truth, I’d learn that some part of me resented and even hated her. This was a recurring sensation in my life, one that grew out of loving very intense, brilliant, slightly narcissistic people, and catering to them with every cell of my being while never serving myself. I often felt erased by these friends, and I resented them for that. I worked very hard to be seen by extremely emotional people who didn’t have the calm presence or ability to see me.

And I believed that no one really cared about me. I believed that I was lovable but no one had the time or energy to love me. I believed that most people were totally full of shit. I believed that the words that came out of people’s mouths were arbitrary and meaningless, mostly. When you believe these kinds of things, it is exceedingly difficult to make people like you, to serve them what they want, to entertain and charm and engage them. You are solving arbitrary puzzles that are not just impossible, they mean nothing to you. Winning is also losing.

Connection goes beyond words. Connection begins with understanding yourself, understanding your core beliefs, understanding the presumptions and confusion and bewilderment that works on you every day, understanding how blocked and hidden and buried you are before you even open your mouth to say your first word of the day.

My guess is that you’re very smart and you have an enormous tangle of beliefs about what other people are made of and how much they care and don’t care. Your biggest mistake right now is thinking that people don’t care at all. Your second biggest mistake is believing that people are preoccupied with you, or even notice how you fail, or that their frustration with you is the same thing as DISLIKING you or hating you. Your anxiety places you at the center of the universe. You have to unravel your anxiety and start telling the truth in order to see that you are merely another person in the room, an observer, someone who has plenty of time and space to speak or remain quiet, someone who is already loved and appreciated in spite of a few flaws and oddities.

You need a great therapist who is as smart as you are, and you need to write down your thoughts. You need to write down the truth until you can speak it out loud. You need to commit to honoring your real, broken, healthy, wild, ever-expanding self. You are a million times bigger and more full than you think you are. You might even be a writer or an artist waiting to blossom. You might even be a genius with a million and one ideas that are struggling to find their way up to the surface from some murky underground. You might even be the world’s most articulate and eloquent communicator. You must go through the dark core of your belief systems to get to the other side, where you can show the world who you really are.

You start by believing in whatever you are, believing in whatever you might discover, no matter how slow and stupid it might seem at first. You start by standing up for yourself, and standing up for your right to be who you already are. You start by pledging allegiance to your own silent, chaotic nation. You start by saying to yourself, “I can be different — bewilderingly different — and still be loved.” You start by loving your petulant core with all of your heart, every day, even when it feels exhausting or nonsensical. You start by gathering your strength through this love. You start by knowing that when the glass jar breaks, noxious gas will not be released, sickening everyone on site. You start by knowing that when the glass jar breaks, your life begins.


Polly’s evil twin Molly has a newsletter; sign up here. Order Heather Havrilesky’s new book, What If This Were Enough?, here. Her advice column will appear here every Wednesday.

All letters to [email protected] become the property of Ask Polly and New York Media LLC and will be edited for length, clarity, and grammatical correctness.

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The right underwear has the whimsical ability to elevate sensual self-confidence, even if you are the only one who will see it. On the weekend of your wedding, you should feel your most alluring, and crafting the perfect collection of underpinnings will ensure that feeling sticks around all weekend long. According to Helena Stuart of New York lingerie brand Only Hearts, the foundation of any good trousseau starts with staying true to yourself, not what is trending in bridal fashion. “Bridal lingerie should be as varied and individual as the brides themselves. While there are popular styles, there are no true must-haves,” says Stuart. That said, the options can feel endless. Here, some notes to keep in mind as you choose underpinnings for each matrimonial event.

The Rehearsal Dinner
“Now is your time to shine, so step up your normal routine to feel extra special,” suggests Sandra Rose, Vice President of Journelle. “The reality is, the right bra, panty, or piece of shapewear can not only make the outfit, but help you feel your best all weekend long.” A new lacy bra-and-underwear set will make you feel gorgeous all evening, even if you are the only one who sees it at the end of the night.

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image

The Night Before
The night leading up to your wedding is filled with anxiety and excitement for the events ahead. Ease your mind by treating yourself to a little self-care in luxe sleepwear and a cooling eye mask. “To avoid any marks on your skin, don’t wear anything with tight elastics at the waist or at your ankles,” Rose suggests. “Instead, we often suggest—and see brides gravitating towards—loose and sumptuous silk slips and chemises. Ultra-feminine, cooling, and sexy—there’s really nothing better.”

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image

Getting Ready
Feeling beautiful the morning of your wedding is vital to ushering that majestic feeling down the aisle. “There is a rising trend in picking pieces to wear while getting ready [on the] day of,” says Stuart. “A beautiful robe or chemise can make a bride feel glamorous while getting her hair and makeup done, and these getting-ready pieces also have the added benefit of being captured by the wedding photographer.”

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image

The Wedding Day
On the day of your wedding, it’s crucial to feel comfortable in your dress. For some brides, this may mean specific shapewear, for others a lacy bra. Since many dresses require specific undergarments, Stuart suggests having fun with underwear to get into that seductive feeling on your big day. “For under your dress, you may need a specific bra, or none at all, to work with your neckline, so it’s fun to play with panties. You can go with a delicate white lace or use them as your something blue.” Slip into your favorite fragrance just before dressing for a little extra mystique.

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image

The Wedding Night
Changing into yet another multi-faceted ensemble seems almost cruel after an evening of dancing and celebration. Stuart suggests an alternative we can all get behind: “After spending the day in shapewear and laced up into your dress, changing into your wedding night lingerie shouldn’t be a process. We love the idea of one piece: a bodysuit or a slip, rather than a whole elaborate ensemble,” Stuart advises. “You can look just as glamorous and sexy without the hassle. Our choice: our Whisper Sweet Nothings Cou Cou Bodysuit in White Lily, which features delicate lace alongside a sexy peek-a-boo gusset and cheeky exposed bottom.”

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image

Jetsetting To Your Honeymoon
Don’t lose that sexy feeling just because you’re hopping on a flight to your honeymoon destination. “That silk chemise you wore the night before your wedding? Try it with a leather jacket and a fabulous sandal for dinner,” Sandra Rose advises. “Add romantic white lingerie with delicate lace details under a casual tank while sightseeing, or opt for a bright swimsuit for sitting poolside.”

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image