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Apple launched Apple Pay in 2014 with a devise to try to reinstate your wallet. Its initial use was digital payments with credit and withdraw cards. In a meantime, it has combined support for movement passes and faithfulness cards, and — as announced tonight — for Square Cash.

But what about other things that still need carrying a earthy wallet, such as marker cards?

“Everything in your wallet, we’re meditative about,” Apple VP Jennifer Bailey, who runs Apple Pay, pronounced during tonight’s Code Commerce Series eventuality in San Francisco.

Bailey wouldn’t elaborate on skeleton to technology forms of identification, such as drivers licenses, though it sounds like it’s a arrange of thing Apple would like to eventually support.

Bailey did wish to speak about transit, generally in Japan, where a association recently launched Apple Pay support for a country’s local Suica movement and payments system. More than a million business are already active on Apple Pay there. And Apple’s movement business are 3 times some-more active in a initial week than normal credit and withdraw users, Bailey said.

“You can design us to do some-more in transit.”

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Data from Slice Intelligence shows sales were temperate in Jul and Aug and afterwards jumped in September, when a watch was updated.

Slice reported that sales faded rather in Oct and strengthened again in November. Average offering prices of a watch fell to $353.19 in Nov from $393.39 in October, according to Slice.

Apple Watch prices gifted a identical dump final year, attack $321.63 in Dec 2015, nonetheless a dump this year is important since it comes in a arise of a product update.

Apple, that declined to criticism on a Slice data, has cut a sell cost of a entrance turn watch over a final year. The strange Apple Watch debuted in 2015 with a starting cost of $349, though Apple embellished a cost to $299 in Mar 2016. It forsaken it again to $269 in September, when a new era of watches was released.

Apple also lifted a form of a Watch this holiday season. That bid enclosed a promotional understanding with Nike and assertive advertising.

Researcher Market Track pronounced that promotions of Apple watches in tradesman circulars have risen to 14 percent of a wearables marketplace this year from 6 percent final year.

Apple might also be removing a boost from sales of a strange Watch. It no longer sells only in a possess stores, though some third-party retailers, such as Target and Best Buy offer it, mostly with low discounts for comparison models. Some of those same retailers, and Apple itself, offering gift-card formed discounts on a newer watches as good on Black Friday.

“Whether Apple can means this strength will be a pivotal doubt and during what impact to margins,” Wells Fargo researcher Maynard Um wrote in a note to investors.

While Apple has cut sell prices, it has cut costs as well. This year’s entry-level 38-millimeter watch cost about $92.78 to make, compared with $98.79 for final year’s model, according to an investigate by IHS, a record investigate firm. Analyst Kevin Keller pronounced that a disproportion between sell cost and prolongation cost still left Apple with a “substantial volume of money.”

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Apple has updated a online support complement to make it easier for business to find somewhere to get their phone or mechanism repaired. As initial speckled by MacRumors, a association has combined sum for certified third-party use providers to a online site, definition that when we record in to find someone that will reinstate your burst iPhone screen, Apple won’t only approach we to a possess stores. You can even book an appointment with third-parties right from your browser.

It’s a tiny change, though a acquire one. Anyone who’s had to get an Apple correct in a large city will know that wait times during central stores can mostly run into weeks. Authorized use providers are those shops that have been assessed by a association to do both AppleCare repairs and out-of-warranty fixes. They might not have that Apple store glaze to them (or those imagination indoor trees), though as prolonged as they’ve got time to get your MacBook up-and-running today, who unequivocally cares.

A screenshot display third-party certified Apple use providers in London.

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Nevertheless, a purchases strew light on how multinationals have confused a definitions of onshore and offshore earnings.

In Apple’s case, some-more than 90 percent of a $238 billion income store is deliberate “overseas” in a accounting statements. Most of it belongs to a Cupertino, California-based company’s Ireland units. But like many multinationals, Apple’s income sits in custodial accounts with U.S.-based banks such as JPMorgan Chase Co. and State Street Corp., pronounced people with approach believe of a matter, who asked not to be identified since they’re not certified to pronounce on a issue.

Apple typically leads Wall Street bond dealers and large income managers like BlackRock Inc. and Pimco to buy Treasuries during debt auctions and in a delegate marketplace on interest of a Irish subsidiaries, all from a nondescript, three-story building in Reno, Nevada—a state with no corporate taxes, a people said. That’s where a inner investment firm, Braeburn Capital, is housed. Apple determined a section in 2005 to conduct a income and short-term investments.

Tax Haven

As for Ireland, Apple isn’t alone. Nine of a 10 U.S. companies with a many income abroad have unfamiliar subsidiaries there.

Over a years, messy Irish regulations have speedy multinationals to pursue assertive accounting practices that enabled them to change most of their increase to those subsidiaries and minimize U.S. taxation liabilities, according to taxation experts.

In one of a some-more important examples that’s drawn sold scrutiny, companies will book a jagged volume of income as “offshore” by claiming a underlying technologies are owned by their Irish units—even if a egghead skill originated in a U.S.

Apple went even further. According to a 2013 news by a U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, it exploited gaps in U.S. and Irish laws so that it didn’t have a taxation home anywhere.

The association is already in prohibited H2O with a European Union. Regulators systematic Apple to compensate $14.5 billion in behind taxes in Aug after final it paid an effective taxation rate of 0.005 percent in 2014 since of favoured Irish treatment. Last week, Apple called a EU preference “seriously flawed.”

Fundamental Disagreement

In November, Ireland filed an interest opposite a statute after regularly observant a republic “fundamentally disagrees” with a analysis.

“They don’t wish to compensate taxes, though they’re regulating a U.S. financial complement to advantage from a laws, security, capability and all a rest of it,” pronounced Elise Bean, a former arch warn who led a Senate examine into Apple’s taxation practices. “They’re regulating a income to buy U.S. Treasuries, that is so ironic.”

Using Irish subsidiaries to flue all that income into Treasuries might assistance explain a bond-market oddity that’s emerged in new years: how Ireland, a republic of reduction than 5 million, managed to assemble $271 billion of U.S. supervision bonds, formed on information gathered by a Treasury, and turn America’s largest unfamiliar creditor, after China and Japan.

Whatever a case, a need to residence companies’ untaxed increase might be one of a few things Republicans and Democrats can determine on. During a campaign, both Trump and competition Hillary Clinton due one-time taxation breaks on abroad gain (a supposed repatriation taxation holiday) to assistance account competing infrastructure plans.

‘Really Foolish’

Yet absent a indiscriminate taxation renovate to tighten a repatriation loophole, such one-offs are Band-Aids that will usually make things worse over time, according to H. David Rosenbloom, an profession during Caplin Drysdale and a executive of a general taxation module during New York University School of Law.

He forked to a identical 2004 taxation holiday underneath President George W. Bush, that eventually led companies to amass some-more increase abroad after it expired. Almost all a repatriated income during that time was used for shareholder rewards and executive bonuses—rather than investment and employing in a U.S. that many companies promised.

Last time, “it only speedy companies to send some-more income abroad and wait for a subsequent amnesty,” he said. “It would be unequivocally ridiculous to do.”

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Gene Munster IGNITION 2016Michael Seto/Business Insider

Piper Jaffray researcher Gene Munster gave a display on Apple’s destiny during Business Insider’s IGNITION discussion on Wednesday. 

His presentation, patrician ‘The Fortress,’ addressed a widespread impressions that Apple might be blank out on destiny technologies like automotive and AR. 

Munster addressed Apple’s services business, or a company’s bid to contest some-more directly with companies like Google and Microsoft for online services. 

He also lonesome a destiny for Apple’s hobbies, or products like Apple Watch and Apple TV that don’t indispensably get a same volume of financier courtesy as a iPhone. 

Here’s a display he gave about what’s subsequent from Apple:


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iPhones are not usually shutting down astonishing in China, though apparently they’re also exploding.

Shanghai Consumer Council (SHCC), a consumer watchdog organisation chaired by a Shanghai member of a Municipal People’s Congress, put adult a notice on a website on Dec. 2 that 8 iPhones reportedly exploded from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30. The organisation highlighted dual specific cases involving an iPhone 6 and 6s Plus:

Mr. Zhang reported to a SHCC that his iPhone 6 (bought in Nov 2014) astonishing started smoking and casually self-combusted in standby mode on Sept. 30 this year.

Ms. Chen reported to a SHCC that an iPhone 6s Plus (bought in Mar 2015) casually self-combusted, enormous a shade and a phone’s behind with a blackening battery on Aug. 31 this year. Apple gave Chen a new one in a same indication but charity a minute explanation.

Apple told Quartz that it had analyzed some “thermal units” and found they “have clearly shown that outmost earthy repairs happened to them that led to a thermal event.” It insisted it has “found no means for regard with these products.”

The new allegations are a latest fold in an ongoing brawl between Apple and China. In November, a China Consumers Association, a consumer watchdog organisation dependent with China’s State Council (chaired by premier Li Keqiang), demanded answers from Apple after many Chinese users reported their iPhone 6 and 6s inclination were abruptly shutting down.

The organisation was discontented with Apple’s response when a Cupertino, California, association insisted a problem influenced usually a “very tiny series of iPhone 6s devices” and offering to reinstate customers’ iPhone batteries. The China Consumers Association pronounced a problem was most some-more widespread than Apple has certified to. An Apple deputy says a association is releasing a new program refurbish subsequent week to accumulate some-more information about a astonishing iPhone shutdowns.

Along with a new notice about a iPhone explosions, SHCC pronounced it had perceived 2,763 consumer complaints of Apple products from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, twice that of 2015. Nearly half of a complaints were done in a past dual months alone.

Neither Chinese media nor consumers seem gratified with Apple’s explanations so far. “Apple’s uninterrupted decrease in revenues and increase (paywall) has shown that Apple is shifting and if a combustions were to means bigger influence, Apple competence really expected walking Samsung’s path,” Beijing Business Today wrote on Dec. 6 (link in Chinese).

A Weibo user (link in Chinese, registration required), meanwhile, has described iPhones as “time bombs” in people’s pockets. “There are so many iPhone users, so it’s like everyone’s walking with a time bomb? What happened if a mobiles raze like Samsung Note 7?”

The full matter from Apple is below:

Title: Statement per Thermal Events

We conclude that business are some-more endangered than ever about a opening and reserve of batteries in their mobile devices. SHCC recently published accounts of a tiny series of iPhones that reportedly gifted thermal incidents. We wish to assure a business that we entirely examine any such report. We have been in hold with a business and retrieved these units for analysis.

As partial of a customary process, we do a consummate debate review including CT scans, cranky sections, and more. The units we’ve analyzed so distant have clearly shown that outmost earthy repairs happened to them that led to a thermal event. We provide reserve as a tip priority and have found no means for regard with these products.

We inspire any patron who practice an emanate with an Apple product to revisit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or to hit Apple Support.

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It had to happen. In a face of strenuous pressure from users and a stark warning from China’s Consumer Association supervision watchdog, has left on record and certified iPhone battery problems are some-more widespread than it primarily claimed. But there’s a twist…

Pointedly selecting to post once again to a China website both in Chinese and English, Apple has expelled an essay entitled ‘A Message from Apple about iPhone and Unexpected Shutdowns’ and confirmed:

“We take each patron regard really seriously, including a singular series of reports of astonishing shutdown with iPhones. We also wish to appreciate a agencies for forwarding concerns to us and their rendezvous with us…When we find something, we work to fast yield a business with a solution.”

The iPhone is set for a large redesign in 2017 (concept pictured), though initial Apple has problems to solve with existent models. Image credit: Veniamin Geskin

What a association says a serve investigations found was “a little series of customers” that are also pang from what we dubbed a ‘30% Bug’ – where their inclination incidentally close off with around 30% of their battery life remaining. we exclusively broke this story final month after hit with antagonistic business essay on Apple’s central Support Communities website.

The categorical forum thread on this subject has now reached a conspicuous 33 pages long.

But a turn is Apple has still not entirely fronted adult to a situation. Its matter does zero to privately state a problems extend over a iPhone 6S (the usually indication it has named to date), when mixed sources in a thread above as good as amicable media and even a twitter from Apple executive and ‘father of a iPod’ Tony Fadell have reliable cases involving opposite models:

Fadell confirms his iPhone battery problem is with a indication Apple now denies is affected. Image credit: Twitter

In fact reports of a 30% bug engage many iPhones expelled in a final 4 years – including a iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 – as frequently as they discuss a iPhone 6S. The good news is a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus primarily sojourn unaffected, though they are now pang a significant problem of their own.

What Happens Next?

Despite an intensely discreet statement, Apple says it will now take a march of movement that strongly suggests it knows full good that some-more than “a little number” (a word it has used 3x in a final dual statements) of iPhones are experiencing problems: it will recover a new chronicle of iOS privately to diagnose battery performance:

“This will concede us to accumulate information over a entrance weeks that might potentially assistance us urge a algorithms used to conduct battery opening and shutdown. If such improvements can be made, they will be delivered in destiny program updates.”

Yes, Apple is going to try and repair this in program and a fact this choice is even on a list is enlivening given a measureless logistical bid and cost Samsung endured (potentially $17BN) when it had to remember all Galaxy Note 7 models (a handset whose brief time on sale meant it had shipped usually a little fragment of a units of all these iPhones). But we’re clearly not during that theatre yet. 

Samsung’s remember of a Galaxy Note 7 (pictured) has been a financial disaster for a company. Image credit: Samsung

That pronounced Apple’s denunciation – “If such improvements can be made” – does leave in a premonition that a 30% Bug could be hardware related. 

Given Apple blames a earthy problem for the iPhone 6S battery bug (officially: “a battery member that was unprotected to tranquil ambient atmosphere longer than it should have been before being fabricated into battery packs”) and has setup a dedicated replacement service, a wish will be a problems suffered by all these other models are different. Cynics and optimists will no doubt conflict differently.

So while a radical iPhone redesign looks certain for 2017, it appears Apple will spend a rest of 2016 focused on something whole lot reduction appealing…


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