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On Saturday night, sibling duo Aly AJ took the stage at the Alameda County Fair in California for an outdoor show. But, based on footage circulating on social media, before they could finish their performance, they had to call out the event security for escorting two women off the property for, according to accounts, being publicly affectionate with each other.

In a video posted by a Twitter user named Kayla Marie, two women can be seen surrounded by several officers. It’s hard to hear because of all of the background noise, but the women seem to be upset as they gather their belongings and ultimately walk away, escorted by the officers. Some members of the crowd booed as they were being escorted away.

The next day, a Twitter user named AyG said that she’s one of the women in the video. She shared a series of tweets offering more details about what happened and pleaded for Aly AJ to respond.

According to her, a security guard approached her and her girlfriend while they were dancing and told them they needed to “stop touching each other” while calling them “disgusting” and noting that children were present. She says the couple tried to get the performers’ attention before more officers showed up and asked them to leave. “We asked why and they gave us several different answers after also calling us ‘idiots’ numerous times, they also said that you both wanted us to leave,” she wrote. “We were kicked out of your concert and the fair for being gay.”

According to another video, captured and posted by a user named Kaleb, Aly AJ did get wind of what was going on. He got a clip of Aly on stage—presumably after the incident—saying, “Security, please do not do that. This is a Pride event, and we should be able to be whoever we, do whatever we want.” After cheers from the crowd, she said, “That’s why we have to stick up for one another.” Kaleb commented that her remarks were in response to two girls who had been kicked out for “kissing” but later clarified that they were just dancing.

Fans on Twitter are still pressing the group for a more formal response. We’ve reached out to representatives for Aly Aj and the Alameda County Fairgrounds for comment. At the time of publication, we have yet to receive a response.

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Model and influencer Jimmy Pezzino is helping DKNY and The Daily celebrate Pride this Sunday onboard a double decker bus during New York’s World Pride parade. The Daily caught up with Pezzino to find out more about what Pride means to him and what sort of work still lays ahead for the LGBTQ+ community. 

What does Pride mean to you?
Pride means celebrating the long, hard journey of the members of the gay community that came before me. It is because of them that I am able to live and celebrate Pride now. Pride is everything to me.

How do you identify? 
I identify as a gay man.

What does that mean to you?
It’s different for everyone and that’s why I think finding your own identity is so important. Even if it takes time. I could walk out of my apartment in thigh-high boots and makeup one day and the next I could be in jeans and a t-shirt. I love to
bend norms and challenge stereotypes. It’s crazy the types of conversations you can start just by putting on a pair of heels.

How has your idea of gender/sexuality changed in recent years?
When I was 21, I figured you were either gay or straight. I didn’t know there were all these other identities. I mean, my eyes have been opened up to so much in the last year. I respect anyone’s choice to be whatever they want to be when they want to be it. At times, it can be confusing, but I honestly love to learn about each person’s story and how they identify.

Tell us about your own background. Where did you grow up?
I’m from Buffalo, NY, where it snows almost 365 days a year. Kidding. I grew up in a pretty open family. My entire life revolved around gymnastics, so I didn’t have much of a social life outside of that.

#tb to my @scmensgymnastics days and boy do I miss it! I really need to get back into it! Who wants to see more? #gymnastics #gymnast #takemeback

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Llevamos toda la temporada, desde que dio comienzo allá por febrero, muchos tops de todo tipo, la mayoría de ellos con una característica común: este verano la tendencia marca que las partes de arriba sean especialmente cortas. Algo que para muchas supone una ventaja y para otras una desventaja, porque nos han gustado muchísimas camisas, camisetas y tops, que hemos tenido que descartar por ser tan ‘crop’. Por eso, dar con un top blanco de plumetti con manga corta abullonada y tejido de nido de abeja que podamos llevar cómodamente, es un triunfo. Y hoy hemos encontrado uno ideal en Stradivarius, tan bonito que no sabemos cuánto lleva a la venta, pero nos parece que ya es raro que no lo hayamos visto antes. Primero porque al ser blanco, es la prenda comodín de muchos de los looks que te pones tanto para vestir a diario como el fin de semana. Pero a eso hay que sumar esa manga corta abullonada que siempre gusta, porque da un toque especial a todo, estiliza al equilibrar la figura, y siempre viste más que unos tirantes o una camisa sin mangas. Este top blanco de Stradivarius va sumando tantas pequeñas cosas que nos gustan que lo lógico es que se agote ya al precio de temporada, más si de repente el jueves entra con descuento de rebajas.

camiseta blanca

Además de todo esto, se trata de un top blanco de plumetti con detalles en el cuerpo tejido en nido de abeja que se ajusta a la figura y se adapta para hacerlo cómodo y favorecedor. La modelo lo lleva con vaqueros desgastados, pero opciones hay muchas, desde los pantalones negros altos con cinturón, shorts tipo bermuda, faldas midi o largas de corte pareo, o pantalones tobilleros. O incluso bajo un peto largo de lino para darle el toque de vestir.

top blanco manga abullonada barato stradivarius

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El top cuesta 15,99 €:

top blanco manga abullonada barato Stradivarius

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Can you tell we have a bit of a lingerie obsession here at Who What Wear? Just in the past few weeks alone, we’ve covered the rise of the “naked” underwear trend, the reemergence of sophisticated cutouts, and the revival of the “boring” shapewear lingerie trend. All this is to say we spend a lot of time keeping up with the newest arrivals across the undergarment category in order to bring you the latest and greatest in lingerie.

With so many celebrities turned designers delving into the category as of late, we’re curious: Can Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Ashley Graham persuade you to buy into the following trends? Because, frankly, we’re convinced. Spanning eye-catching neon lace to flirty florals to non-basic nudes, these are the lingerie trends everyone from RiRi to EmRata is currently obsessing over—and we’re into them. Keep scrolling to see and shop three celebrity-approved lingerie trends we’re coveting.

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The rise to stratospheric heights of Lil Nas X‘s “Old Town Road” — 12 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and counting — was aided along the way by a pair of critical boosts. There was TikTok star NiceMichael, who stomped out a dorky two-step to the song in February and made it a sensation on the app, and then there was Billboard, who removed the song from its country charts and inadvertently sparked its ascent to #1. But “Old Town Road” first sprouted from a single germ: a viral tweet posted by Lil Nas X himself the day before the song hit SoundCloud.

The tweet features a video of a Trump voter in cowboy boots and a 10-gallon hat enthusiastically gyrating and popping his body at the center of a rodeo to the booming trap drums and rustic, unhurried guitar of “Old Town Road” which Nas X has dubbed over. “Country music is evolving,” he writes in the caption. Only a Gen-Z M.D. (meme doctor), a distinction Nas X earned during his days running a Nicki Minaj stan Twitter account, could have conceived and engineered such a savvy post that mimics the song’s pitch-perfect blend of bravado and silliness. His fluency in internet-speak, this intuitive grasp of virality, is the crucial trait that not only catapulted him to online curiosity but has since allowed him to squeeze every ounce of success out of “Old Country Road” and solidify his status as bona fide pop phenomenon.

Nas X is only 20, but he has already proven ten times over that he can navigate the spotlight with dexterity and charm. His major label debut EP 7 serves as an important litmus test for determining the direction he wants to go in as an artist, his strengths and limitations, and whether “Old Town Road” will ultimately be a springboard to lasting success or sent to the great graveyard graveyard of viral hip hop artists, where Desiigner, OG Maco, Tekashi, Bobby Shmurda, and Silento currently rest. 7 has followed in the legacy of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo as a “living, breathing, changing creative expression”; in April, after his first ever studio session with Take a Daytrip, he used a picture of Carl from the show Jimmy Neutron to inaugurate a Twitter thread of every snippet that would wind up on 7. Fans pretty much knew what the EP was going to sound like weeks before it came out.

Still, it is jarring and disappointing to hear 7 in its final form. Nas X’s earnest reflections on how sudden fame sours relationships fail to capture the ingenuity, quirky personality, and pure catchiness of “Old Town Road.” In an interview with Teen Vogue, he explained that “Carry On,” an ode to his late grandmother from his debut mixtape NASARATI, inspired him to pursue a more serious direction on 7. That impulse feels misguided. NASARATI may have been humorless and trap-forward, but it was full of whimsy, with cartoon-referencing music videos and artwork and song titles like “Donald Trump” and “Thanos.” Even the “Carry On” video is just him dancing in a graveyard.

Though Lil Nas X fails to transpose the charming eccentricity of “Old Town Road” to the remainder of 7, he uses its Nine Inch Nails sample as a base from which to expand his palette of rock music. “Panini” accidentally interpolates Nirvana’s “In Bloom,” “F9MILY” (produced by Blink-182’s Travis Barker) features off-brand Strokes guitar and is destined to wind up in a Red Lobster “Lobsterfest” commercial, and “Bring U Down” (produced by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder) casts Nas X as an unironic butt rock revivalist. The worst of the bunch, “C7osure,” is childish synth pop-rock that sounds like a throwaway from Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams sessions. When Nas X isn’t singing in his affected Southern twang, his voice is about as flavorful as mayonnaise and prone to crumbling at any given moment.

7 isn’t a case of throwing songs at the wall and hoping one sticks as a hit. The only song on that EP that feels like Nas X is fishing for a top 10 single is “Rodeo,” which triangulates the yeehaw agenda of “Old Town Road,” the pure turn up factor of “Mo Bamba,” and a guest verse from Cardi B. The single with more legs is “Panini,” (named for the half rabbit-half cat from the Cartoon Network show Chowder) which frames one of Nas X’s more refined melodies in Take a Daytrip’s stripped-down, hard-edged blend of rock and RB. The beat slows to half-time on the chorus, making way for a breathtakingly massive hook. It’s the kind of song that has the potential to help anchor Nas’ performances for years to come and pave the way for life after “Old Town Road.”

One thing that made “Old Town Road” so appealing is that Lil Nas X seemed like just another dude on the internet. It was hard to determine where the meme began and the song ended. That appeal of Nas X as a regular Joe endures in the Makonnen-esque amateurism that defines 7. The EP feels like the conclusion of what will wind up as the most electrifying chapter of his career. It comes with a sense of closure, of raw potential that can longer be realized in the same way ever again. Nas X can’t block Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Drake from the No. 1 spot forever. 7 marks the beginning of his fall back to earth.

Listen to Lil Nas X’s ‘7’ here. For more of our album reviews, head here.

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Although she’s frequently photographed wearing leggings en route to the gym, it’s safe to say that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t make a habit of dressing down. Take for instance the over-the-knee boots she’s worn on repeat for the past 18 years (!) or the sky-high heels she donned for a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Given Lopez’s penchant for shirking casual wear, naturally, we turned to the stylish celeb in search of inspiration for what to wear aside from jeans.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we will never give up our jeans—however, we will admit that we feel the urge to ditch our denim and mix it up from time to time. So, for the sake of diversity, we culled through JLo’s latest looks in order to identify the notable non-denim pant styles the celeb can’t stop wearing. From wide-leg trousers to “ugly” utility pants, these are the three items Jennifer Lopez wears instead of jeans. Keep scrolling to see all the JLo-inspired pant ensembles we’re copying stat.

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Ready or not, corsets are back. The controversial undergarment has been enjoying a cool-girl resurgence as of late thanks to a few stylish celebs who have been sporting the underwear as outerwear. First, Bella Hadid wore a pretty corset for an ice cream date with The Weeknd. Then, Amal Clooney made a sheer corset dress look devastatingly elegant. Now, everyone from Elle Fanning to Hailey Bieber is embracing the trend.

To gain inspiration on how to style the iconic piece of lingerie as streetwear, we turned to none other than It girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Whether they’re layering a sheer corset under an oversize blazer or donning a lace-up corset over a sundress, these celebs are convincing us to wear our lingerie outside the bedroom, one stylish look at a time. Keep scrolling to see how these celebs style corsets in the chicest possible ways.