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Chi bones che le sfilate uomo riservano meno sorprese rispetto a quelle femminili, in fatto di beauty look? Versace ieri ha dato prova che così non è. Per la sfilata uomo autunno e inverno 2019-20, infatti, l’hair stylist Guido Palau ha di nuovo fatto parlare mandando in passerella il modello João Knorr criminal un sum demeanour outfit hairstyle… leopardato.


Foto @guidopalau


Avevamo già parlato della tendenza di accordare il colore degli abiti e dei capelli, matriarch questa volta Palau ha superato qualunque previsione, tanto da distant esclamare a Donatella Versace dal suo comment Instagram: “The hair-coat compare was everything!!”. Anche se, a apocalyptic il vero, non è la prima volta che questo accade poiché c’era stato un precedente nel 1995: la stilista Katie England ha instagrammato una foto d’archivio di un servizio fotografico criminal la truccatrice Val Garland, mettendo in mostra la testa di una modella criminal macchie leopard praticamente identica a quella di Palau per Versace.



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Kate a 37 ans. La jeune maman des princes Georges et Louis et de la princesse Charlotte a fêté ce 37e anniversaire ce mercredi 9 janvier 2019. Quelques jours and tôt, le dimanche 6 janvier, elle s’était rendue à l’église St Mary Magdelene de Sandringham, au bras de son époux le king William, flow y assister au use religieux en compagnie de la reine Elizabeth II. Elle s’affichait flow l’occasion dans un manteau bleu de la styliste britannique Catherine Walker, qu’elle avait accordé à un «headband» plissé exactement du même ton, de la modiste londonienne Jane Taylor.

A revoir en photos: Kate et Meghan en 50 looks de 2018, femmes enceintes et épanouies

Ce bandeau de cheveux, qui remplaçait le chapeau que les femmes de la famille royale britannique wonder généralement lors de sorties avec la monarque, semble être un accessoire que la duchesse de Cambridge apprécie surveillance particulièrement en ce moment. Elle en arborait un, bordeaux, à la messe de Noël à Sandringham, le 25 décembre 2018, et un autre, noir, le 11 novembre dernier, flow l’office religieux célébré à Westminster Abbey à l’occasion du centenaire de l’Armistice de 1918. Ces deux headbands étaient, pareillement, griffés Jane Taylor et assortis à des manteaux de Catherine Walker, le premier bordeaux, le second vert.

Des bandeaux fleuris au baptême de Louis et au mariage de Sophie

Et rappelez-vous, Catherine avait également posé sur sa tête un tel ornement de cheveux flow le baptême de son troisième enfant, le 9 juillet 2018 à Londres. Elle l’avait choisi de couleur ivoire, à l’instar de sa robe-manteau Alexander McQueen. Tressé, celui-ci était piqué de fleurs en tissu. Et il était aussi de Jane Taylor, contrairement à celui de même esprit, mais de couleur bleue, que la jeune femme portait au mariage de son amie Sophie Carter le 22 septembre. Lequel était un modèle de Juliette Botterill, une autre modiste de Londres.

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While a tenure “muse” competence have mislaid a tiny of a flicker in a years between Andy Warhol’s many inclusive duration as an artist and eerily permanent tie on New York’s glorious circuit, a American pop-art master certain knew how to collect ‘em. Far from being dull cyphers, a expel of women he surrounded himself with (professionally, socially, aesthetically) were a enthralling brew of types; investiture heiresses and transgressive stars of a subterraneous humanities scene, rich energy players in media and conform and poverty-stricken cold girls, to contend zero of a tiny army of pristine, roughly Hitchcockian beauties he brought together with some-more fascinating faces that challenged his era’s thought of what beauty could be.

As a universe rushes to New York to revisit a new blockbuster retrospective of his work during a Whitney, it seems wise to spend a impulse reflecting on a women of Warhol, and a sorcery they sprinkled opposite Manhattan in a ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

9 Stunning London Exhibitions To Visit This Autumn

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If we consider about a pieces in your closet that are loyal outfit makers, chances are a preference of your shoes would seize a tip spots. Because really, we can wear flattering most anything—even a elementary sweater and jeans—and that ideal span of statement heels or booties will now move a whole vibe to a subsequent level. So because wouldn’t we wish some-more of these forms of boots in your arsenal? Exactly.

To assistance we establish that trends are value deliberation as we fill out your shoes charity this year, we’re showcasing a tip styles to deposit in right here. Keep scrolling to find your new dream span of mules, boots, or sneakers, and get prepared to win 2019.

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The New Year might be on us, though that doesn’t meant your go-to denim is going anywhere. If you, like dozens of conform girls, devise on wearing your spare jeans good by 2020, you’ve come to a right place. Chances are you’re feeling zapped of outfit impulse for a jeans or have found yourself in a rut of wearing a same combos over and over. Fret not. We’re here to fill adult your tank of ideas, so to speak, with a uninformed collection of trends that will have we forgetful adult how to wear spare jeans in 2019.

Five of a season’s biggest trends only so occur to play intensely good with a denim. Enter a coziest trend of a year, hairy teddy coats, that only so occur to be a massive outerwear your spare jeans were done for. Then there’s a call of tough fight boots a conform throng is all amatory right now. Tuck your skinnies into a leather lace-up boots and never understanding with that ungainly ankle bunching again.

Keep reading to learn and emporium a 5 new 2019 trends that are ideal to wear with spare jeans.

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David Gandy has time and time again valid over a past 10 years (he rose to celebrity after that 2007 Dolce Gabbana ad) that he is one of a best-dressed group in this country. He has mastered an off-duty habit that is formed heavily on a quintessential British character that champions home-grown talent.

Whether sitting front quarrel during Oliver Spencer’s Autumn/Winter 2019 London Fashion Week Men’s uncover in an MS overcoat or attending a GQ Men Of The Year Awards in Chester Barrie, Gandy only gets it right. His character off a catwalk is anchored by his considerable preference of sharp tailoring, that is mostly churned adult with curveball infrequent pieces (think trade in a shirt in foster of a rollneck jumper).

When it comes to red-carpet events such as a really possess MOTY Awards, he has proven on each arise that no one utterly does black tie like himself. He sticks to a ultra-traditional though is not antithetic to remixing it with velvet cooking jackets and waistcoats.

Below are all a favourite looks that The Gandy has sanctified us with so far…

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…but this is a Prada show, and we wouldn’t design anything less, right? On a soundsystem tonight was a furious mash-up of Marilyn Manson’s “Tainted Love”, “Bestaan” by Job Sifre, a Revolting Cocks’ cover of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”, and “No Tears” by Tuxedomoon, interspersed with snippets of a Addams Family theme, Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp”, and “Danse Macabre”, that we might or might not remember as a soundtrack to iconic 90s BBC play Jonathan Creek (just us?).