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Christmas Gift Ideas Her 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Personalised 2018 diary by Papier | Floral pyjamas by hush | Booty pin by Ohh Deer | French lick mouth relief by Caudalie | Cheek palette by NARS | Alphabet match by Monica Vinader | Micro Lottie bag by Aspinal of London | Pom pom beanie by Accessorize | Star pointer coffee crater by Marks and Spencer | Sea salt caramel truffles Charbonnel et Walker | Monogram purse by Anthropologie |  Green Almond Redcurrant cologne by Jo Malone London | A-Z Of Dreams book by Lizzie Cornwall

It’s that time of year again… I’ve got my elfin shawl on and I’m here to assistance we find a ideal Christmas gifts for your desired ones! To flog off a 2017 Christmas Gift Guide series, let’s start by articulate about presents for your best friends and womanlike relatives.

I adore purchasing gifts for my girlfriends, and always wish we had a sister when Christmas approaches, since there are so many shining girly gifts out there! (My hermit is not going to get vehement about an astrology coffee mop or a pleasing monogramed pouch, sadly).

I’m spooky with Papier’s customisable 2018 diaries, that are a discount during £16.99. They make pleasing gifts, as they’re both stylish and thoughtful. We also all have that one crony who loves to analyse their dreams, so because not provide them to Lizzie Cornwall’s A-Z Of Dreams book? And, if we feel like spoiling your sister this year, Aspinal of London’s ‘Lottie’ handbags are sooo giftable. The classical character will container seamlessly into each woman’s wardrobe!

Will we be purchasing any of these gifts for your BFFs or sisters, this Christmas? And have we started your Christmas selling yet? 

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Le chanteur de Brand New, un groupe de stone américain, est accusé d’avoir demandé à une mineure de perplexity nue.

Le groupe de stone alternatif américain Brand New a suspendu sa tournée après que le chanteur Jesse Lacey a été accusé standard une femme de lui avoir demandé des photos d’elle nue, alors qu’elle était mineure. Jesse Lacey, 39 ans, s’est excusé et a reconnu «avoir fait du mal à des personnes, les avoir maltraitées, avoir menti et trompé», à means d’une obsession au sexe, mais a expliqué avoir changé après avoir fondé une famille.

Brand New, groupe actif depuis le début des années 2000 et originaire de New York, a annoncé repousser jusqu’à nouvel ordre ses concerts prévus cette semaine en Angleterre et en Irlande. Le groupe vient de finir une tournée américaine. Une femme du nom de Nicole Garey a annoncé ce week-end que Jesse Lacey l’avait contactée après l’avoir repérée lors d’un unison dans l’Etat de New York en 2002. Elle avait 15 ans et lui en avait alors 24.

“J’en fais encore des cauchemars”

Elle a raconté sur Facebook que les deux avaient standard la apartment échangé des messages dans lesquels le chanteur lui avait demandé d’envoyer des photos d’elle nue. Il l’avait également poussée à se masturber flow lui sur Skype.

A lire :Steven Seagal et Louis C.K. face à des accusations d’agressions sexuelles

«Ça m’a tellement perturbé que j’en fais encore des cauchemars où je me réveille en sueur. Je fais toujours des crises de paniques où je fonds en larmes quand j’entends Brand New dans un bar», a-t-elle écrit. Jesse Lacey s’est excusé et a expliqué avoir longtemps eu «une dépendance au sexe».

Toute facsimile interdite

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Björk has common “Blissing Me”, a second singular from her arriving ninth album Utopia.

Like “The Gate” in September, “Blissing Me” continues Björk’s ardour with all things light, with a strain characterised by flutes, lush fibre instruments, wandering beats from manuscript co-producer Arca.

The track’s new video comes destined by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, with makeup by Hungry. According to a press release, it was shot in one singular take in Iceland.

Utopia is about a hunt for bliss in an inconstant world. “It is really about that hunt – and about being in love,” Björk told Dazed in a new cover story. “Spending time with a chairman we suffer on each turn is apparently utopia, we know? we mean, it’s real. It’s when a dream becomes real.”

Utopia is out on Nov 24. Watch “Blissing Me” below.

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Could we review a purse to a good square of art or a singular jewel? In one really critical clarity we can. In new years, rare, oppulance handbags have turn collectors items, augmenting in value and offered for immeasurable sums during auction. In May this year, Christie’s, Hong Kong, pennyless a universe record for a third year running, for a many costly bag ever sole during auction. The object in doubt was a white crocodile Hermès Himalaya encrusted with 10.23 carats of diamonds. And a sale price? £293,000 to an unknown write bidder. It pipped a prior record hilt (another white, plain encrusted Himalaya) that sole in 2016 for £208,175.

To explain a astronomical prices, Christie’s conduct of handbags and accessories Matthew Rubinger says there has been a mindset change when it comes to bags. “If we surrogate a word purse for trinket or watches, afterwards it creates some-more sense,” with buyers looking for rare, beautifully crafted pieces with provenance. He adds, “There’s an significance to it now and we try to select pieces that are culturally relevant.”

Christie’s has prolonged been a go to residence for purse auctions. It presided over a really initial engineer bag sale in 1978 when a navy blue, flap-bag from a personal collection of Coco Chanel that was bought by Smithsonian Institute for $800. Christie’s now has whole dialect clinging to offered singular and collectible engineer handbags and hosts 6 sales a year. Much of Rubinger’s time is spend coaxing collectors to put their cherished pieces adult for sale.

The latest auction is set to be hold on Dec 12 in Paris and will be a red-letter day for critical collectors. Rubinger does not design to mangle a universe record (there is a white croc Himalaya Kelly enclosed in a catalog though it isn’t plain encrusted and has a beam cost is £53,763-71,684) however he does expects to mangle a European record.

His many cherished sale object is a singular Hermès Kelly once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Apart from a provenance, a bag’s distance outlines it out. It’s a Kelly 20, an unusual, in-between distance that Hermes stopped creation over 15 years ago. The seller acquired it during a blockbuster sale of Taylor’s wealth and personal effects in 2011, that is still a many profitable trinket and conform auction ever held. Back afterwards it’s provenance was a categorical offered point. Now however a monument – a fact that we can’t buy that distance Kelly anymore – creates adds significantly a frenzy.

“It’s fathomable that we will have a Kelly collectors and a Liz Taylor gourmet fighting over it,” says Rubinger. “This is one event to have an engaging energetic piece. It looks like a classical Kelly usually smaller. It’s rarely collectible since even if we have all a entrance to all a Hermès stores in a world, they usually don’t make it anymore and it is in ideal condition. It ticks all a boxes – a square is great, a condition and a provenance.”

It’s value adding that there are copiousness of unchanging Kelly’s and Birkins in a sale (guide prices start during around £3000) and if we are critical about carrying one for Christmas, this is a best approach to kick Hermès’s barbarous watchful lists.

Other equipment of note embody a collection of runway bags from Chanel conform shows. According to Rubinger, seductiveness in this area is flourishing as mostly a residence will make special one-offs or really singular book equipment for a catwalk that is accurately what dedicated collectors are after. He expects a Chanel bag in a figure of a Matryoska doll, from a Paris-Bombay Metier d’art autumn/winter 2012 collection to fetch a top cost in this difficulty with a beam of £3,584-5,376. “Runway bags are super collectible. People ask for them all a time. With this style, they usually done a integrate of opposite versions for a integrate of opposite runways.” The seller, he says, has never ragged it.

Also in a sale is a collection of 40 clear encrusted Judith Leiber and Katherine Bauman clear encrusted dusk bags all owned by one seller. The Leiber bags (including a clear frigid bear and penguin) all date from a Eighties to Nineties, an critical time scale for collectors since Leiber ceased conceptualizing in 1999 when she sole a company. Bauman is obtuse famous that Leiber though her smart bags – a clear coke can, Campbell’s soup tin and Perrier Jouet champagne bottle (the beam cost for all 3 is £1,344-2,240) – were all done in such singular numbers that they have turn desirable. “People wish to mount out have something opposite to what everybody else has, they wish a review piece,” says Rubinger. And they are peaceful to compensate for it.

There’s one bag that Rubinger dreams of putting adult for auction, a legendary Bijoux Kelly, done in a excellent trinket dialect during Hermès – it’s a entirely functioning dusk bag. “It’s a mini Kelly though a whole thing is plain bullion imprinted with crocodile. The hoop is bullion and diamonds and can be taken off and ragged as a bracelet. It competence take me a subsequent decade to move one to auction though if we do it will pound each record.”

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What is a one thing we wish we could tell your 16-year-old self?

When we was a teenager, we was a usually black lady during a small, private Episcopal school, where my fee was paid by a family my mom worked for. It was hard, being a usually one, and we faced a satisfactory volume of extremist and classist bullying there. So I’d tell my 16-year-old self that all changes. Nothing lasts forever. That even yet we felt like that time would drag on into infinity, that it would end. And that it was ok for me to do whatever we indispensable to do to make it through. If that was reading so we didn’t have to consider too many about a life we was living, so be it. If that meant great or screaming or forgetful or essay or examination loads of TV, afterwards that was ok too.

What is a most-read book on your book shelf?

The critical novella that I’ve review a many times, substantially once a year or so, is Faulkner’s As we Lay Dying. we remember how totally awed and desirous we was when we review it for a initial time. All a characters are so multilayered and sympathetic, and a tragedy and comedy of their tour is riveting, each time.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

If we were judging by others’ standards of guilt, I’d contend romance. In a past integrate of years, I’ve review a satisfactory volume of it after not carrying finished so given high school; I’ve review everybody from Courtney Milan to Meljean Brook to Rebekah Witherspoon. I’m vacant during how invested we get in a characters, in a torment as a attribute develops, even yet we know a finale each singular time. How extraordinary that intrigue writers can lift that off? How implausible are they during essay tract and constrained characters? we also adore YA. In a past, we trafficked with The Hero and a Crown by Robin McKinley: we humour from a fear of flying, and we felt a bit safer meaningful we carried a book and characters with me. we recently finished The Girl Who Drank a Moon by Kelly Barnhill, that done me cry for a final 3 chapters straight. I’ve only begun The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman, and I’m so excited. It’s delicious!

Who would play we in a film biopic of your life?

In my dreams, Amandla Stenberg.

What 3 films could we watch over and over again?

Part of me is stranded in my childhood in a Eighties. we indeed watch The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, and Legend over and over again. Also, Willow and The Goonies. One night a month or so ago we motionless to rewatch The Dark Crystal, though after we watched 20 mins or so, we got a same vaguely uneasy feeling we had as a child and motionless to go to nap instead. The skeksis are so wandering and menacing!

If we could raid anyone’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

I’m flattering certain Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz share clothing, so we would go crazy in their common closet.

To whom did we final contend ‘I adore you’?

To my kids, Noemie and Brando.

Tell us your favourite quote of all time.

“To know a world, we contingency initial know a place like Mississippi.” – William Faulkner

What strain or manuscript could be a soundtrack to your life and why?

I adore Southern hip-hop, though it’s tough to select only one album! Perhaps Speakerboxxx/LoveBelow by OutKast? I’ve always used Southern rappers in epigraphs for my novels. For Sing, Unburied, Sing, we wanted to use Big K.R.I.T. – since we have so many honour for a musical abyss of their music.

Where is your favourite place in a universe and what creates it so special?

DeLisle, Mississippi, where we live. There are things that we dislike about it, positively – we feel so strongly a weight of story here, of labour and a Jim Crow South. It’s so easy to see how that story bears in a benefaction by generational poverty, piece abuse, and bad health outcomes – though when I’m with my family or out on a bayou, there’s nowhere else we feel so connected to or have such a clarity of belonging.

What are a 3 things that we would save from your residence in a fire?

My aged print albums, my outmost tough drive, and an aged span of Reeboks my hermit helped me collect out when he was alive.

If we could entice 4 people – vital or passed – to a ultimate cooking party, who would they be and what would we serve?

William Faulkner, James Baldwin, Octavia Butler and Zora Neale Hurston. I’d offer a creole/southern feast: charbroiled oysters, seafood gumbo, crawfish etouffee, boiled catfish, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. And a pink cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

What was your life idea aged 10?

I always wanted to be a writer, we think. we only wasn’t certain we could do it.

And what is it now?

I wish to die after finally carrying turn proficient during all a skills I’ve been perplexing to learn my whole life: vocalization French and another denunciation or two, personification an instrument, holding engaging photographs, and portrayal a design that creates a spectator feel. I’d also like to write a decent poem, though one can’t have everything.

What To Read This Autumn

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PREGNANCY, Serena Williams remarkable while carrying her initial baby, gave her a “new power”. And now, some dual months after giving birth to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, a tennis star is behind in a spotlight and looking fitter and healthier than ever.

Serena Introduces Her Baby Girl To The World

The 23-times grand impact champion chose a black Versace minidress with bullion brocade accents and gilded hair decoration for her spin on a red carpet, and looked, for wish of a improved term, definitely glowing. Her pre-birth oblivious that “I don’t unequivocally consider I’m a baby person,” was negated in one glamorous impulse in front of a camera.

Serena Williams: “Pregnancy Has Given Me A New Power”

As rumours whirl that Williams will marry her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, this weekend in New Orleans, we can envision that not usually will she obey a same glow of a new mother, she will be glowing as bride too. But – a doubt on everyone’s lips – will she wear Versace?

@donatella_versace ❤️ you

A post common by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on Nov 14, 2017 during 6:15am PST

Serena Williams’s Baby Bump Diary

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IF a difference “party” and “season” fill we with despondency during a liquid of glitzy, glittery, glamorous products entrance your way, afterwards because not join Rihanna and Solange Knowles in a rebellious side of a partywear camp?

Both cocktail mavens have looked to Y/Project’s “Spirale” heels, a brand’s take on gladiator sandals that lizard adult a calf and thigh, in new months. RiRi, during a New York Fashion Week launch of her Fenty Beauty line, and Solange, final night, during an awards rite in a US capital.

Rihanna Revisits A Favourite For Fenty Beauty Launch

The circuitous shoe character was not a focal indicate of possibly performer’s look, however. Both opted for an unashamedly confidant yellow palette that laughed in a face of a slinky metallics we associate with after-hours dressing. Rihanna met fans in a mustard Oscar de la Renta curled tip and full skirt, while Solange acted for cinema wearing a shimmering Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Star Trek accents on a shoulders and gloves.

About Last Night: Solange In Helmut Lang By Shayne Oliver

Y/Project’s bread-and-butter competence be deconstructed streetwear overdue to Belgian artistic executive Glenn Martens’s goal to mishandle staples, though his accessories desire for equally fashionable eveningwear. Sequins? We’ll take a snaking sandals, please.

The Sparkly Gucci Shoes Made For Party Season

Shop a Vogue revise of celebration dresses below.