Pablo Escobar’s Brother Sues Apple for $2.6 Billion


According to a new TMZ report, Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto, is suing Apple after receiving life-threatening letters. These letters were presumably a outcome of a disadvantage in Escobar’s iPhone X.

Escobar hopes to secure a large $2.6 billion payout in a lawsuit, claiming that a hacker named Diego acquired his home residence around a FaceTime confidence flaw.

Before a lawsuit, behind in 2018, Escobar says an Apple worker reassured him that a iPhone X was a many secure smartphone on a market.

Apparently, Escobar had perceived “several assassination attempts on his life before shopping a iPhone X, and usually bought a phone since he’d been positive his info would be protected from hackers.”

Court papers state Escobar is suing due to romantic distress, a cost of relocating his home as good as beefing adult his security.

Pablo Escobar was a owner and personality of a Medellín Cartel and a wealthiest rapist in history, with a net value homogeneous to $59 billion in 2019.

Pablo Escobar was famous as “The King of Cocaine,” as he monopolized a heroin drug trade to a United States until his genocide in 1993.

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