"P.S. we Still Love You" Star Madeleine Arthur Has an Unexpected Favorite Order from Subway


If a To All a Boys film were a sandwich, Madeleine Arthur would be a tip sauce. As Chris, Lara Jean’s best friend, she’s a dumb comic relief. Her thought of volunteering in P.S. we Still Love You? Taking caring of fostered pets — especially her possess pooch behind home. While Lara Jean and John Ambrose move cupcakes and pizza to an detection of a time capsule, Chris, of course, is a one that emerges out of a muddy backyard trowel above her head, looking stylish AF in her signature shawl and boots. At a party, Chris is bustling downing churned cream with disapprove thing Trevor, played by Ross Butler. The BFF also wants to make certain that before Lara Jean does a help with Peter Kavinsky, her crony knows, in her words, how to “rev your possess engine before we let anyone underneath a hood.” Wink wink. Madeleine is a additional vroom-vroom to a film that is already so delightful.

Beyond a To All a Boys movies, Madeleine has also seemed in The Magicians as Fray, a cutthroat servant to a faerie queen, and alongside Nicolas Cage in a sci-fi thriller Color Out of Space. Later this year, fans will see her in a eagerly-anticipated Snowpiercer TV instrumentation as Nicolette ‘Nikki’ Genêt.

Teen Vogue held adult with a actor to hear about her countless waggish scenes (that were indeed a bit of improv), Subway orders, a destiny of Chevor, and more.

Teen Vogue: There was a bit of time after filming a initial film before prolongation started on a second and third ones. What was it like returning to set and a impression of Chris?

Madeleine Arthur: We could usually have illusory and dreamed of removing to make a second movie, let alone a third movie. So to have done a trilogy is still totally surreal. To have that event to revisit Chris and lane her tour over 3 movies, and reunite with a expel and get to play with a dynamics of all a characters again, it was unequivocally such a treat.

TV: You’ve been decorous in past interviews about either you’re Team Peter or Team John Ambrose. Are we means to collect a side today?

MA: we am group Lara Jean. we consider that both lady have such smashing attributes and we could not presumably choose, so whatever creates Lara Jean a happiest.

TV: Your impression has an ongoing bit about amatory Subway. What was it like apropos a unaccepted orator for a sandwich sequence and what’s your go-to order?

MA: It was really [inaudible coughing sound]… atonement me, choked on myself meditative about Subway. Sorry Gabe, you’re creation me hungry. It was really unexpected. But my go-to order? If I’m being honest, my favorite thing is their white chocolate macadamia bulb cookies. Sandwich-wise we like to keep it flattering simple. It really involves cheese and salami, and we like lettuce, tomato, mayo, all of that jazz.

TV: I’ve also review that we and Ross Butler got to ad-lib a lot with your characters. What was it like operative with him?

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