Outlander deteriorate 5 part 2 recap: is this Claire Fraser’s many poignant line yet?


Meanwhile, a mishap of Stephen’s lapse is clearly discouraging Brianna. Roger finds her blueprint book, that is full of dim and unfortunate colourless drawings of her rapist. But she’s putting on a dauntless face, and hasn’t even told anyone that she knows her assailant is still alive. Please pronounce to someone, Bree!

Ah, though vocalization of Stephen…

Stephen Bonnet is behind and I’m scared

In a final scenes, we see that a inhuman bandit is disguising himself as a arrange of gentleman. But he is fast exposed, when a immature whippersnapper calls him out for being a betting cheat. Stephen hurdles him to a quarrel and ends adult mutilating his face. He afterwards leaves, saying: “I’m a father now.”

Something tells me he’s going to go in hunt of Brianna and her baby. Argh!

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