‘Our attribute deepens from all a things we go through’: Ant & Dec on a energy of certain brotherhood


Everyone has an Ant and Dec impulse that illustrates a indicate in their life. From starting out in Byker Grove as teenagers to rumbling around as cocktail stars, PJ and Duncan, and afterwards their careers as TV presenters, Ant and Dec have been a consistent in many of a lives.

For me, Ant and Dec will always symbolize Saturday mornings, examination a span alongside Cat Deeley on SMTV: Live. The sketches were epic from Chums to Cat a Dog, a contingent gave me LIFE each singular week. So, assembly them in genuine life is utterly a impulse for their 10-year-old fan boy!

Now a span lapse for a sixteenth array of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and here they plead a energy of their brotherhood, a hurdles they have learnt a many from and their child power…

Before we go any further, we need to tell we that we literally lived for SMTV: Live

Ant: We desired that. we remember Phillip Schofield observant to us, usually before we started SMTV: Live on Saturday mornings since he used to do it, ‘it will be a best fun we will ever have on telly.’ You know what a ignorance and leisure we got on that uncover we don’t get anywhere else. We could usually disaster about.

Dec: It was all before amicable media, everybody was examination TV and a observation total were off a charts for a Children’s TV show. Everyone was articulate about it. It was such fun.

As an adult we now wonder, how did we understanding with a hangovers?

Ant: We never drank on a Friday night! One year we did, that was a millennium. We were on atmosphere that subsequent morning. We were in Newcastle, so we gathering down by a night and went live on air, somewhat worse for wear. That was a usually time.

Dec: We used to go true out from a uncover on a Saturday, so Saturday was a sesh. Sundays were a write off!

What was a fondest memory from that time?

Dec: we consider towards a finish when we did a marriage in Chums. Cat (Deeley) got married and a guest list was incredible. Mariah Carey was Cat’s Bridesmaid; Frank Skinner was a vicar. All a classical nineties cocktail groups were on it – it was incredible.

Now we are behind with Saturday Night Takeaway

Dec: We always had one eye on doing Saturday night TV even when we were behind doing mornings. That’s where we wanted to go to get a bigger audience. This uncover had been a aspiration – this was a uncover we always wanted to make. We are usually about to do a sixteenth array and we can’t trust it!

So many times, on other networks they try to do Saturday night TV shows and they usually don’t work. What is it about this uncover that unequivocally works?

Ant: We usually ever do 7 in a series. The group that work on it perspective each uncover like it’s a biggest uncover they have ever worked on. We need to have a best surprises, a biggest guests, a best underneath cover and dark cameras pranks. We started operative on this array final summer and started filming final month for a initial partial so there is a lot of pre-planning.

Dec: We try and develop a uncover each year – we never repeat an item. We never wish a assembly to get bored. Anything could occur and anyone could be partial of a show. Even people during home eating a bowel of quavers. We wish to engage everyone.

You are masters of a good antic – though that one has been your favourite?

Dec: we consider it was Gordon Ramsey. We took over his sauce room and we sealed myself in his toilet, sanctimonious to be a work male who got held short. we left a unwashed burrito on his mobile phone as apparently; he hates greasy food. He strike a roof. We were sealed into a sauce room and so Ant put an mattock by his sauce room door. That was a usually time we have finished a antic and we suspicion we was indeed going to get punched, when we asked him for a selfie. He scarcely punched me in a mouth!