Ottawa residents some-more active as temperatures comfortable up: Apple Mobility data


Ottawa residents are on a pierce as a temperatures arise and a COVID-19 restrictions are loose during a pandemic.

Apple’s Mobility Trends Report shows a spike in requests for walking and pushing directions in Ottawa on a Apple Maps app during a Victoria Day prolonged weekend.

The requests for walking directions on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were a top given a COVID-19 pestilence and a calls for earthy enmity began in mid-March. Apple Maps saw a top requests for pushing directions on Tuesday given Mar 16.

Apple’s Mobility Trends Report looks during requests for directions regulating Apple Maps on inclination during a COVID-19 pandemic.  The information is compared to a baseline volume of requests set on Jan 13.

In Ottawa, a requests for walking directions on Apple Maps was 24 per cent next baseline on Saturday, May 16 and 17 per cent next baseline on Tuesday, May 19.   The largest opening between baseline and requests for walking directions on Apple Maps was Mar 29, during 74 per cent next baseline.

Requests for pushing directions peaked to 20 per cent next baseline on Tuesday, May 19. On Friday, May 15, requests for pushing directions was 25 per cent next baseline.  The lowest turn next baseline was on Mar 29, during 73 per cent.

Mobility concerns

Ottawa’s medical officer of health is endangered about residents being on a pierce during a COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Apple Mobility Data is display us (travel) is creeping behind up. We’re starting to go behind towards a baseline levels of activity,” pronounced Dr. Etches about a Apple Mobility Data on walking and driving.

“We do need people to keep in mind as you’re removing out there, and you’re being some-more active that earthy stretch is what is safeguarding us from unequivocally that torrent or second call as people have been articulate about.”

Dr. Etches says modelling shows that if we go too fast in relaxing a interactions with others and earthy enmity drops by about 20 per cent, “we do risk a resurgence in infections.”

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