Opinion: Twitter is heading a approach in a unavoidable WFH revolution


The news that Twitter will clearly concede staff to work from home “forever” is usually a start. Powered by 5G, increasingly able smartphones and conferencing program like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we can design copiousness of companies to follow suit. 

Firstly, it’s value familiarising ourselves with a conditions during Twitter. The amicable media hulk was discerning to respond to a pathogen conflict primarily and now, months later, it’s display other companies that remote operative could be a future.

A matter from Twitter’s clamp boss of people, Jennifer Christie, reads:

“Twitter was one of a initial companies to go to a work from home indication in a face of COVID-19, though we don’t expect being one of a initial to lapse to offices.

“We were singly positioned to respond fast and concede folks to work from home given a importance on decentralization and ancillary a distributed workforce able of operative from anywhere. The past few months have proven we can make that work. So if a employees are in a purpose and conditions that enables them to work from home and they wish to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen. If not, a offices will be their comfortable and welcoming selves, with some additional precautions, when we feel it’s protected to return.”

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It competence seem a bit drastic, though this tells us that Twitter has realised it can work ideally good with a staff operative from home – and because not?

Especially for a amicable media company, with a company-wide concentration on joining people over prolonged distances, there’s a arrange of elegant probity to it. It says: ‘We’re not together. You’re not together. But we’re all communicating.’

While we know many companies won’t like a idea, and many workers won’t either, we’re firm to see an boost in operative from home when a pestilence is over. The fact that so many employees have been forced into remote operative has non-stop people’s eyes to both a pitfalls and possibilities compared with operative from home.

One or dual companies are already following in Twitter’s footsteps, or during slightest articulate about doing so. Corporate giants like Mondelez and Nationwide have already pronounced they too will be deliberation some-more work from home options for staff post-crisis (via CNBC).

Barclays went a step serve too, with CEO Jes Staley observant (via Reuters): “There will be a long-term composition in how we cruise about a plcae strategy…the idea of putting 7,000 people in a building might be a thing of a past”.

It’s no startle that slicing down on a outrageous overheads compared with regulating offices is sparkling business leaders, though it’s not something we ever suspicion could run good adequate for those leaders to cruise slicing down on earthy sites. Now, carrying been forced to adopt and hearing a plan or remote working, it turns out it’s worked flattering good for lots of employers.

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Thanks mostly to a advances in smartphones, networking and communication record – remote operative is usually going to get smoother. (Yes, we can see we jolt your heads, 5G swindling theorists.)

Doing socially apart business has never been easier, though what that will meant for a workplaces, and for a workplace relationships, stays to be seen.

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