Opinion: The OnePlus 8 Pro shade is overwhelming – though it has one frustrating feature


While many 2020 flagships hype adult their camera some-more than any other feature, a OnePlus 8 Pro is a phone that values arrangement peculiarity above all else. 

Building on a substructure on a OnePlus 7 Pro – a phone that bought a quick 90Hz to a mainstream – a OnePlus 8 Pro ramps things adult to a subsequent level. It matches a even quicker 120Hz modernise rate we saw on a Galaxy S20 yet removes a need for a fortitude to be dialled down to 1080p for it to work.

You’ve also got full HDR 10+ support, a specific mode to arrangement a P3 colour progression that is used to master films and liughtness levels that OnePlus says rise during 1300 nits. I’ve been regulating a phone for a past week, and even yet a miss of a pop-up camera from a OnePlus 7 Pro means we don’t have that full-screen display, this is still a overwhelming row that ticks all a boxes – during slightest from a technical standpoint.

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From a user-facing viewpoint yet we consider OnePlus could have attempted a small bit harder to make this really vast phone feel nicer to hold.

The 6.7-inch row here is heavily winding – a pattern component that causes issues during this size, and it creates it tough to absolutely hold. Pair that with firmly tilted behind and skinny rims and you’ve got a device that’s crook than most.

The span to a arrangement also means random presses turn commonplace, some-more so even than on other phones with a identical design. It’s tough to tell either this is due to a curves themselves, or if a program here isn’t really good during preventing random presses. If it a latter afterwards hopefully OnePlus could repair this with a program update.

While a OnePlus 8 also has a winding display, a somewhat smaller measure make it distant easier to grip.

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After a few days of regulating a Pro, we slipped a box on it, not something we would customarily do, and it was immediately a distant some-more silken experience. While adding a box to many phones is finished some-more so for protection, adding one here creates it a whole lot improved to use.

OnePlus positively isn’t a usually code to have a winding screen, however even Samsung – who used it consistently for years – went in a opposite instruction with a S20 array and they’re all a improved for it. Hopefully, OnePlus will make a identical change with a OnePlus 9, or even a expected OnePlus 8T.

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