Opinion: Samsung Galaxy Book S could be a destiny of computing, though it shouldn’t be so confusing


Today outlines a large launch of 3 Samsung laptops in a UK. However, for a destiny of thin-and-light computing, all a concentration should be on a new Galaxy Book S – an sparkling device that, unfortunately, could indeed perplex intensity buyers. 

The new Galaxy Book S is a initial of a kind. While it is set to take on a likes of a Surface Pro X and Lenovo Yoga C630, a pivotal conflict – along with a pivotal difficulty – comes from inside Samsung’s strange Galaxy Book S.

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The newly announced Galaxy Book S model, that sports a new Intel Lakefield hybrid processor, was preceded by a Galaxy Book S that facilities an ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. For many people, what we only pronounced will meant hunker and Samsung needs to repair this.

Side by side, a dual inclination demeanour identical, aside from strange Galaxy Book S featuring a container for a SIM card. Samsung appears to be branding a new indication as a Galaxy Book S (Intel) but, for a normal person, a chipmaker does not conclude expectations.

Samsung doesn’t seem preoccupied to a difficulty that competence be combined from these dual models, with critical though tough to conclude differences. During a press lecture for a new UK range, Samsung was asked about what sets a models apart. Samsung tangible a strange Qualcomm indication as a device for “connectivity” and a new Intel indication as a device for “compatibility”.

Galaxy Book S

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While these descriptions are accurate, they eventually harm a idea of a Galaxy Book S by indicating out what is blank from any device. “Connectivity” for a strange indication highlights a miss of LTE support on a Intel chronicle and “Compatibility” emphasises a miss of support for many 64-bit Windows 10 apps on a Qualcomm version. For a destiny of computing, we wish a Galaxy Book S that does both. 

When it comes to clearing adult a difficulty for consumers, these descriptions don’t assistance most either. The strange Galaxy Book S might have some issues with harmony though it doesn’t indispensably hurt a experience. For a new Galaxy Book S (Intel), LTE support is still rather new so it won’t indispensably be missed, though it does feel particularly absent for such a forward-thinking laptop.

In their stream state, these ultrabooks feel distant too identical to simply marketplace as dual apart inclination but, simultaneously, are opposite adequate to fundamentally means difficulty for intensity buyers. In a future, Samsung will certainly join their thin-and-light waggon to, either, an Intel or Qualcomm equine – and it can’t come shortly enough.

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