Opinion: we hatred console gaming, though a new Silent Hill would make me buy a PS5


I’m not utterly enamoured by a PS5 or Xbox Series X. This isn’t given they’re bad – it’s approach too early to make a call on that. It’s usually given like each console before them, as a PC gamer with a top-end rig, I’ve enjoyed flattering many all a “new” tech and facilities they’re bringing to a list for utterly some time.

Ray tracing? Cool, though I’ve had it given a first-gen RTX cards launched. Superfast SSD speeds? The PS5’s is being marketed as “the fastest” ever, though again, I’ve had a Samsung M.2 for years now, and it’s some-more than good enough.

Exclusives? Meh. Any Xbox One disdainful is going to land on a Windows Store during a same time, and if a PS4’s record with No Man’s Sky and Nioh is anything to go off, I’ll usually have to wait a small longer before they arrive on Steam.

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This is since I’ve always pronounced I’m some-more vehement about correct innovations, like GeForce Now-style diversion streaming, or a awaiting of a giveaway gaming focussed Xbox OS for PC than a new pre-made pile of cosmetic to play games on.

But final week, we detected there’s one pivotal thing that could spin me into a modify for a subsequent era PlayStation: a new Silent Hill game. The epiphany impulse came when a fresh, semi-credible, trickle pennyless suggesting that not usually is a new Silent Hill in a works for a PS5 though that it’s being done by a all-star group behind a original.

For immature gamers, this might not meant a lot. An whole era that’s aged adequate to splash and opinion has grown adult given a initial PlayStation and Silent Hill came out.But for those that remember it, a initial and second Silent Hill are iconic games that helped concrete presence fear as a genre and continue conversion it to this day.

This is given Silent Hill was a many some-more open and nuanced fear diversion than a competing Resident Evil franchise. It put we in a purpose of a father Harry Mason as he desperately searched for his mislaid daughter in a spooky, forlorn city of Silent Hill.

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Silent Hill

The grounds might sound basic, though a approach a strange group executed engineer Keiichiro Toyama’s singular prophesy done it an wholly singular and to this day terrifying experience.

The haze ridden streets hold a permanent hazard that done we dismay each step into a unknown. Then there were a horrific, roughly Lovecraftian beast designs. Forget Resident Evil zombies – it’s Silent Hill’s Grey Children and Puppet Nurses that haunt my dreams to this day. Then there was a sound, that oh-so-eerie sound. Even now Akira Yamaoka’s roughly Twin Peaks-like soundtrack is one of a best and many vivid you’ll find in any fear game.

As a result, regardless of a hardware it runs on, any diversion that gets this group behind in a room, let alone on Silent Hill, is going to have me reaching for my wallet. The usually downside is that this time, it’ll expected see me strike a checkout with a £400-plus console alongside a game.

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