Opinion: Border walls and lockdown Cummings and goings – there’s never been a improved time for a Manhunt reboot


This year’s been all about reboots. Over a final few months, we’ve seen a stellar Final Fantasy 7 reconstitute strike a stage and sparkling reports that a strange group behind Silent Hill might be operative on a reboot for a PS5 small days ago. But for me, there’s one authorization that no-one’s mentioned that’s vagrant for a remake: Manhunt.

For those too immature to remember, Manhunt was a heartless presence fear diversion that debuted on a PS2, Xbox and PC behind in 2003. It forsaken we into a boots of a genocide quarrel invalid held in a Purge/Running Man character genocide race.

As a diversion it was flattering basic, tasking we to sneak, kill and scurry your approach by a array of sandbox locations full of antagonistic hunters looking to govern we in a many heartless approach possible.

The diversion was criminialized in many countries for a over a tip and, during a time, picturesque execution animations, that enclosed all from choking someone with a cosmetic bag to caving their face in with a ball bat. From a gameplay perspective, this was a usually thing that done it noteworthy.

But it wasn’t a gameplay that done it so iconic. It was a environment and underlying dystopian warning it carried. Forget that horrible pig male with a chainsaw, a categorical thing that done a diversion so worried was a ideal evil of a rich worried Illuminati regulating a eventuality and determining a cameras capturing a tender violence.

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The powers pulling a strings operated with nearby parole from on high and with an outspoken miss of caring for all a people underneath them. Sound familiar? It should, a same could be pronounced to a obtuse border to be practical to a stream domestic landscape.

It’s no secret, today’s politics are flattering violent during a moment. With a certain orange ‘leader’ opposite a pool causing general offences on a near-daily basement and a UK carrying to understanding with a modern-day Rasputin violent by Westminster, it’s transparent a world’s left a small topsy turvy. Which is because many of us have had many excited nights and we consider gamers would acquire a good aged joke of a domestic blowhards.

The strange Manhunt skated with domestic satire, though I’d like to see a reboot take it to a subsequent turn and emanate a loyal 80’s film character hoax of a stream domestic climate. Back in a day, Robocop did this to good effect, as did Schwarzenegger’s Running Man – which, orange fit and Sci-Fi environment aside, has an roughly matching grounds and tract to Manhunt.

I mean, it wouldn’t even be that tough to emanate joke versions of a guilty parties – many of them already demeanour like a 80s villains. What’s more, with a PS5 and Xbox Series X both on a horizon, a developers will have a lot some-more graphical grunt to play with, creation it a ideal time to revisit a genre and repair some of a unintended rougher edges.

Hopefully this fact isn’t mislaid on those behind a initial game, and we’ll see a uninformed Manhunt seem in a entrance months as some-more launch titles for a new consoles are revealed.

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