Olivia Colman Answers Vogue’s 73 Questions


Things are opposite these days for Olivia Colman. When Vogue met a actor (and Oct cover star) in London this summer, she was available guest in a magnificent townhouse swarming with paintings and plush, gilded furniture. “It turns out, we play a black a few times and afterwards they give we this,” she explains. No matter, however: She could still gangling a impulse to answer a 73 Questions.

Meandering by her manse, a actor, who will seem as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown’s most expected third deteriorate (out this November), humorously describes her feeling career path, unpacks several Britishisms, justification her smashing Oscar acceptance speech, and creates a uncover of pronouncing Yorgos Lanthimos’s name a right way.

But first, a basics: Her first-ever behaving role? Jean Brodie (as in, The Prime of Miss…) during 16. The uncover she grew adult examination constantly? ABC’s soapy, Denver-based play Dynasty. How does she know when she’s nailed a scene? “I consider we know when we haven’t nailed it,” she says.

Colman isn’t too penetrating on self-description (“I consider it’s rare to report oneself,” she demurs), though she knows precisely what her code of amusement is—“Quite dark, a bit culty, substantially not for your mum”—and what she needs to make a impression work (“Good lines and comfy shoes”); not to discuss what she likes (big, comfy pants; Barack Obama) and dislikes (the red carpet; selfies).

In other words, she’s not so opposite from we or me, right? Well, maybe not. Who is Colman awaiting over, anyway? “My silent and some unruly friends, a Rolling Stones, and some Danish royalty.” Why, of course.

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