Old Samsung phones might get a pivotal Galaxy S20 feature


The S20 isn’t strictly out in a furious yet, though Samsung devotees have managed to get their paws on early demo sets. They’ve already stumbled opposite a few engaging UI tweaks – though a one that’s got them many vehement is an additional wizz setting.

Thanks to a One UI 2.1 update, S20 owners will have 5 opposite levels of shade wizz to play around with instead of three. This competence sound like a world’s dullest phone-related news, though as Samsung nerds have mostly moaned about their singular wizz options it’s indeed a really acquire upgrade.

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And – here’s where it gets sparkling – since this is a UI-based upgrade, there’s a possibility that Samsung will hurl out a changes opposite comparison handsets too.

The wizz underline on Samsung phones doesn’t usually control a content or picture size. Instead, it controls a distance of all on a screen, effectively permitting we to wizz out and fit some-more content and elements on a screen. Some people (presumably with very, really good eyesight) suffer this zoomed-out viewpoint since it allows them to see some-more things in a smaller space.

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Frustrated brainy forms have formerly resorted to altering a DPI on their phones in sequence to emanate this perspective. But that’s a disorderly and fiddly workaround, that mostly causes apps like Instagram to misbehave. An in-built resolution from Samsung would work improved and be some-more candid for a normal phone owners to switch on.

So far, a refurbish has usually been found on a S20, though we’d design it to be on Samsung’s other recently expelled phones too – a S20 Ultra, a S20 Plus and a Z-Flip.

We’ve contacted a association to ask if this refurbish will also hurl out to comparison phones.

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