Nurse-Family Partnership, Verizon and ATG yield iPhones to moms in need


Nurse-Family Partnership ® (NFP) has partnered with Verizon and Action Technologies Group (ATG) to yield iPhones during no cost to over 2,800 moms in need given a start of a COVID-19 pandemic. After stay-at-home restrictions were put in place, internal Nurse-Family Partnership nurses opposite a U.S. identified that a poignant series of clients – first-time moms – did not have entrance to a smartphone and would no longer be means to promulgate with their nurses during a pandemic.

To assistance NFP moms keep their vicious tie with their nurses, a Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office worked with Verizon and ATG and supposing iPhones with information skeleton during no cost to moms in 39 states. The smartphones will continue to be distributed to NFP moms via a pandemic. This present to moms represents some-more than $1 million in products and ignored services from Nurse-Family Partnership’s dual largest corporate partners.

Nurse-Family Partnership nurses yield devoted support, recommendation and medical information to new moms via pregnancy until their child’s second birthday. After amicable enmity restrictions were put in place nationwide, Nurse-Family Partnership nurses fast shifted from providing in-home visits to communicating with their clients by phone or video conference. Nurses were already learned during regulating telehealth record and these visits have continued to be a salvation for new moms wanting support from their helper via a pandemic. During this time of isolation, moms are seeking for recommendation on what to do if they or their child gets sick, and how to entrance resources such as diapers and food banks as they face financial turmoil.

“No mom should remove her tighten tie to her nurse, generally during a inhabitant crisis,” pronounced Frank Daidone, boss and CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership. “We appreciate Verizon and ATG for their joining to assisting moms in misery when they need it most. Keeping these vicious connectors with moms will urge a health and reserve of some of a many exposed families in a communities.”

Verizon will yield iPhones for thousands of NFP moms during no cost to a moms. In addition, Verizon has granted technical assistance and information plans, that done it easy for Nurse-Family Partnership to discharge a iPhones and skeleton for any mom. Donations from other organizations will also yield additional support to assistance moms stay connected via a pandemic.

“When we consider of a needs of an awaiting or first-time mom, a services and support of her Nurse-Family Partnership helper act as a salvation — generally in a midst of a pandemic,” pronounced Andrés Irlando, Senior Vice President and President, Public Sector and Verizon Connect during Verizon. “We are unapproachable to support a goal of a Nurse-Family Partnership by delivering connectivity and phones during no cost to a moms in their care.”

ATG – a Telecom and IT solutions association – has donated in-kind services valued during some-more than $100,000. This concession enclosed iPhone programming, security, and mail distribution, that put phones fast into a hands of moms via a pandemic.

“At Action Technologies Group delivering innovative record solutions with a ‘white glove’ knowledge is a tip priority,” pronounced Joel Guzmán, boss of Action Technologies Group. “We are unapproachable to partner with NFP and Verizon to yield NFP moms in need with a arguable prepared to use connection.”

The iPhones are being distributed to moms with ready-to-use apps including Goal Mama, a digital goal-setting height grown exclusively for Nurse-Family Partnership moms. This height – combined with partners, Hopelab and Ayogo – strengthens any mom’s tie to her helper and supports her to grasp her goals. During a pandemic, it also provides easy to entrance information on COVID-19, child growth and a dedicated place for moms to bond with other moms.

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