Not a Joke: The Trump Admin Hired a Dog Breeder to Run Its Coronavirus Task Force


The hapless thing about a Trump administration, over a nepotism, incompetence, mass corruption, simpleton kids, white nationalism, indiscriminate attack on a judgment of truth, and pristine evil, is that oftentimes it’s over parody. For instance, we already knew a sovereign government’s response to a coronavirus predicament has been catastrophically bad, from a months of insisting a pathogen was feign news, to a rapist miss of early—and current!—testing, to listening to Dr. Jared Kushner’s recommendation on a matter, to pulling for a dangerously beforehand reopening of a country. But notwithstanding all we know, it would only be too most to learn that, during one point, a dog breeder was using a administration’s coronavirus charge force. And yet!

Reuters reports a scarcely impossible-to-believe news that behind in January, Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar “tapped a devoted help with minimal open health believe to lead a agency’s day-to-day response to COVID-19.” The help was Brian Harrison, 37, and a pierce was rather surprising, given that before to fasten a administration in 2018 as Azar’s emissary arch of staff, he spent 6 years using a association called Dallas Labradoodles, that is not, in fact, some kind of formula name for a organisation doing cutting-edge medical investigate or building vaccines or doing anything remotely associated to humans. Instead, Dallas Labradoodles, that Harrison sole for $225,000 in Apr 2018, flattering most does accurately what you’d expect: sells Australian Labradoodles, that are a cranky between poodles and Labrador retrievers. Which are indeed utterly lovable dogs! They are presumably “friendly, social, loyal, loving, smart, curious, and happy”! Which is good for a people adopting them, yet reduction useful vis-à-vis a pestilence that has killed some-more than 47,000 Americans to date and putrescent over 850,000! Funny how that works!

This January, Harrison became a pivotal manager of a HHS pathogen response. “Everyone had to news adult by him,” pronounced one HHS official. One controversial decision, 3 sources say, came that month, after a White House announced it was convening a coronavirus charge force. The HHS purpose was to pattern resources from pivotal open health agencies: a CDC, FDA, National Institutes of Health, Office of Global Affairs and a Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. Harrison decided, a sources say, to bar FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn from a charge force. “He pronounced he didn’t need to be included,” pronounced one central with believe of a matter…. The HHS denied it was Harrison’s preference to leave out Hahn and a FDA, though declined to contend who done a call. The group lauded Harrison’s work on a charge force. In a statement, Hahn pronounced a FDA was focused on a coronavirus epidemic, “not on when we were combined to a charge force,” and that a group was not “excluded.”

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