Nonprofit seeking Apple Watches to present to low-income people in need


Have an aged Apple Watch we wish to present to a good cause? Recycle Health, a nonprofit operative out of Tufts Medical School, is collecting fitness-tracking wearables to present to underserved populations.

These embody homeless people, veterans, people in comparison vital homes, and intellectually infirm adults, in low-income communities. The wish is that a fitness-tracking inclination could lead to “sustained function change” among those who need it.

The beginning has already collected some-more than 5,000 trackers given 2015. Lisa Gualtieri, an partner highbrow during Tufts Medical School, started Recycle Health. She records that around 30% of smartwatches and aptness trackers are deserted while still in operative condition. In a news published over a weekend, CNBC writes that:

“After Gualtieri had a thought for Recycle Health, she put out a call on amicable media for people in her network to send her their trackers. And she reached out to companies, like Fitbit, that was recently acquired by Google, to ask them to share comparison models they couldn’t sell. Gualtieri pronounced Fitbit, Fossil and Withings have all sent devices, though Apple has not donated. She has perceived Apple Watches from individuals, however.”

Nonprofit wants we to present your Apple Watch (and other aptness trackers)

Cupertino creates health-tracking a large partial of a Apple Watch sales pitch. In a early days of a device, Apple presented it some-more as a conform item. However, in new years it embraced mobile health as a device’s large offered point. This includes a further of facilities like heart-reading ECG tech and fall-detection features. CEO Tim Cook says Apple’s grant to health might breeze adult being a company’s durability legacy.

If we have an Apple Watch (or other aptness tracker) that you’d like to present to Recycle Health, we can find some-more information here. The gift is looking for both new and used trackers in operative condition. The normal cost of promulgation these trackers in a United States is a integrate of dollars and a concession is taxation deductible.

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