Nintendo Switch Pro: Release date, price, specs and screen


Rumours have persisted that a Nintendo Switch Pro indication will eventually launch, potentially sporting an upgraded opening and display. 

Such a explain isn’t outlandish when we cruise Nintendo has formerly launched identical spin-off inclination such as a New Nintendo 3DS. The new Switch Lite also proves Nintendo is still happy to recover variations of a consoles to fist out as many distinction as possible. 

Sadly, there’s no word from Nintendo to advise a Switch Pro is in production, nonetheless a association did endorse (via there will be no “new Switch model” in 2020. 

That hasn’t put a brakes on a gossip indent yet with reports suggesting several intensity facilities we could see on a Switch Pro. We’ve dull adult all a rumours and ostensible leaks right here, and will be updating this essay as shortly as some-more news drops. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro recover date – When will it launch?

Nintendo has simplified there will not be a new Switch indication in 2020.

That means if a Switch Pro ever does launch, we’re going to have to wait until 2021 during a unequivocally earliest, generally deliberation a customary Switch and Switch Lite are still offered like hotcakes. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro opening – Will it support 4K?

There haven’t been many – if any – convincing rumours for a Switch Pro though has been a lot of conjecture and claims. Industry researcher Serkan Toto told “There is positively no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will launch a Switch Pro in 2020, my theory is during $399.”

He also added, “More specifically, we envision 4K support, bigger cartridge sizes, and of march beefed-up components”. 

While this is some-more of a prophecy than a rumour, it’s still engaging for an attention researcher to supplement fuel to a glow for a 4K rumour. Do we trust it? Not unequivocally to be honest. 

The Nintendo Switch console isn’t even able of Full HD in unstable mode right now, with a 1280 x 720 shade resolution. It can, of course, strike 1080p when docked, and it’s theoretically probable for a new beefed-up wharf to boost a fortitude all a approach adult to 4K, though afterwards there would be a outrageous inconsistency between a handheld and docked performance. 

Plus, Nintendo has always prioritised creation over high-spec hardware, with games such as Breath of a Wild and Super Mario Odyssey benefiting from pleasing art styles rather than high graphical fidelity. 

We’re also unconvinced by a explain of bigger cartridges too, as that would order out retrograde compatibility. If Nintendo was to deliver bigger cartridges, we’d design that would be for a contingent Nintendo Switch 2 rather than a Pro movement median by a Switch’s life cycle. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro shade – Will it have twin screens?

The many new gossip for a Switch Pro suggests a handheld device could have a delegate screen, potentially harkening behind to a days of a Nintendo DS. 

The rumours issue from a renown leaker on Twitter, who alleges a Switch’s 10.0.0 firmware refurbish adds support for a new hardware indication of a Nintendo Switch. What’s more, a leaker suggests, “there’s justification of a delegate arrangement of sorts being combined to a Pro edition”. 


Such a explain sounds a bit loony, though it does sound some-more trustworthy when it comes to Nintendo – positively some-more expected than a 4K model. 

There have also been suggestions that a Switch Pro could adopt an OLED panel, that would make a lot of clarity as it would boost visible peculiarity though impacting opening quality, and could even potentially urge battery life. The OLED record would expected outcome in a significantly aloft price, though there’s still substantially a lot of direct for such an upgrade.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any convincing rumours for Nintendo to welcome OLED technology, though we positively wouldn’t order it out.

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