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Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch: The smaller a better?

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The existence of Nintendo Switch Lite has finally been confirmed. As a name suggests, this is not a inheritor to a Nintendo Switch, nonetheless instead a cheaper, smaller alternative. So that console should we cruise buying? We’re here to help! 

As with any cheaper model, you’ll have to make compromises if we opt for a Nintendo Switch Lite, with a new handheld device incompetent to be bending adult to your TV. The Lite book is also rocking a smaller screen, facilities integrated Joy-Cons and lacks HD rumble. 

On a splendid side, a Nintendo Switch Lite hasn’t been forced to make sacrifices on a arrangement and opening side, so a poignant cost dump looks unequivocally tantalizing along a battery life alleviation of 30%. 

Trusted Reviews has rounded adult all we need to know about both a customary Switch and a Lite Switch so we know that is a best gaming device for you. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Design

The many extreme changes between a dual inclination is, of course, a design. The strange Nintendo Switch radically only looks like a inscription that we can insert Joy-Con controllers onto possibly side. Every Nintendo Switch console (other than special editions) have a grey bezel and black posterior, with colour being introduced around a Joy-Cons. 

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The Nintendo Switch Lite, meanwhile, is accessible in 3 opposite colours: yellow, grey and turquoise. Since a Joy-Cons are integrated into a device, they can't be removed. This means a whole console has been doused in colour rather than only a sandwiching controllers. 

Nintendo has also substituted out a directional buttons for normal d-pad. This lends itself improved to platformers such as Super Mario and Celeste, as a strange Switch’s directional buttons have been indicted of being a small groundless and imprecise. Every other pitch stays a same though, with a shoulder buttons still benefaction and a right analogue hang once again braggadocio NFC functionality for amiibo support. 

For a nitty-gritty dimensions, Nintendo Switch Lite is somewhat thinner (208mm) and shorter (91.1mm) than a customary model, that measures adult to be 239mm far-reaching and 102mm tall. Interestingly, a Lite chronicle is only as thick as a customary with a dimensions of 13.9mm, that should meant you’ll be means to use a same Switch appendage cases. 

Unsurprisingly, a smaller Lite chronicle also weighs in reduction than a unchanging Switch during 275g against to 297g (with Joy-con controllers attached). Saving we 22g of heft is frequency a diversion changer, nonetheless it’s still a acquire alteration when you’re holding a device for hours on end. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Screen

The Nintendo Switch Lite has seen a LCD shade cringe down from 6.2 inches to 5.5 inches, creation a arrangement distance some-more allied to a complicated smartphone. That’s an unavoidable disappointment, nonetheless a good news is a arrangement peculiarity hasn’t been affected. 

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Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch

Both a Switch and Switch Lite have a fortitude of 1280×720, narrowly blank out on Full HD. Bizarrely, a Lite chronicle could indeed demeanour somewhat superior, given a same series of pixels are packaged into a smaller shade to theoretically outcome in improved clarity. 

The Lite also maintains a oppulance of a capacitive hold screen, that is essential for titles such as Super Mario Maker 2. You’ll be means to use any Switch-compatible stylus with a Lite device. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Release date

The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch worldwide on 20 Sep 2019, while a Pokemon Sword and Shield special book of a handheld console will be accessible from 8 Nov 2019. 

If we can’t wait to buy a Switch, afterwards we can squeeze a customary book right now, that is already accessible with all sorts of diversion bundles to save we a few quid. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Specs and features

While a Switch has been squashed down in distance for a Lite edition, Nintendo has somehow managed to contend all a inner specs with no concede to performance.

The Switch Lite shares a same Nvidia tradition Tegra processor as a customary Switch, definition a handheld Nintendo console should offer a same CPU and GPU opening as a incomparable sibling. 

There’s also a same volume of inner storage here during 32GB, that is no warn nonetheless still unsatisfactory given that space can fast be taken adult by a handful of diversion downloads. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild takes adult 13.4GB alone, for example. Fortunately, a Lite still facilities a microSD label slot, so we can boost a storage space easily. 

The Switch Lite also facilities all a same connectors and ports as a customary Switch. There’s a headphone jack and a USB Type-C connector so it will be concordant with a accurate same charger. On a theme of battery life, a strange Nintendo Switch’s battery life is listed as 2.5 to 6.5 hours, while a Nintendo Switch Lite will give we 3 to 7.

Sadly, a Switch Lite does skip out on a series of Joy-Con facilities including HD rumble, IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con suit controllers. External Joy-Con controllers bought alone will work with a Switch Lite though, nonetheless you’ll be incompetent to shave onto a sides of a console. Still, such a squeeze would be useful for a likes of Arms, 1-2-Switch and Just Dance that gaunt heavily on facilities such as suit control. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Games

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be means to run any destiny and benefaction Switch diversion on a market, regulating a diversion label container as a strange Switch.

However, as pronounced before, titles that make use of suit control and a IR Motion Camera will need a squeeze of outmost Joy-Cons. 

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Best Nintendo Switch Games

To equivocate incidentally shopping one of these games, there will be a pitch on a behind of each diversion box to tell we either it supports handheld mode. Excellent titles such as Breath of a Wild, Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be playable on a Nintendo Switch Lite, so blank out on such record isn’t a vital issue. 

Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch – Price

Nintendo has reliable a central cost for a Nintendo Switch Lite is $199. UK pricing is nonetheless to be confirmed, nonetheless Amazon inventory for a games console suggests it will cost £199.99.

For comparison, a customary Nintendo Switch costs £280 in a UK and $299 over in America. Whether a £80 cost cut is value sacrificing facilities such as being means to offshoot it adult to a TV is tough to say, nonetheless during slightest it’s during a some-more appealing cost indicate for relatives forward of Christmas. 


We can’t unequivocally plate out a final outcome on this contest, as we’re nonetheless to exam a Nintendo Switch Lite. Judging from a specs and facilities though, we consider a strange Switch represents improved value. That said, a Lite book is still a good choice if you’ve positively no seductiveness in personification on a large screen. 

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