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Nintendo Switch Lite: Everything we need to know about a handheld console

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After months of rumours and speculation, Nintendo has finally denounced a modernise to a hybrid console. Say hello to Nintendo Switch Lite, a new member in a family of hardware aiming during younger players and those who wish to concentration wholly on unstable play. 

While it isn’t a energetically awaited Switch Pro, it’s a new spin of a dear console we’re vehement to get a hands on for a series of reasons. It sports a accumulation of opposite colours, softened battery life and a revamped aesthetic. But no fear, it’ll play all of a games you’re informed with. 

Trusted Reviews has gathered all we need to know about a Nintendo Switch Lite including all a latest news, recover date, price, specs, games and more. 

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Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite recover date – When is it entrance out?

The Lite will rising on Sep 20, 2019 and will be nearing alongside The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. So, if you’re after a classical journey to accompany your new console, a gaming gods have sanctified us. 

At launch, it will be accessible in 3 colours: Turquoise, Yellow and Grey. A singular book console gold is in a works for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It looks gorgeous, though will be entrance in Nov when a diversion releases. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Price – How most will it cost?

In a US, Nintendo Switch Lite will sell for $199.99, that is $100 off a strange console’s price. Given a dismissal of some features, this feels like a decent cost in a eyes. 

Sadly, UK pricing stays unconfirmed, so here’s anticipating we aren’t shafted with a £200 price-point and get something worthwhile. We’ll be updating this essay once we learn more. 

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Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Design and Features – What are a large differences?

The initial large disproportion is hinted during in a name. Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller, some-more lightweight console that weighs in during 275g with a 5.5 in. screen. At a bottom level, it’s a accurate same console we know and love. 

However, it does scapegoat some pivotal facilities for a cheaper cost and revised design. The Switch Lite launches but a Dock, definition you’re incompetent to bond it to a radio or identical display. It’s a unstable device by and through, that won’t be for everyone. 

Other facilities such as HD Rumble, IR Sensor and a ubiquitous use of suit controls are also missing. These are distant from dealbreakers, and were arguably underutilised in a bottom console given launch. That is, unless you’re a outrageous fan of 1-2 Switch or Just Dance. If we are, joy-con and other controllers can be connected for creation use of them. 

Not being means to detach a controllers to play with friends is rather of a shame, nonetheless you’ll have an choice to bond with other Nintendo Switch consoles for wireless multiplayer, commanding out during an considerable 8 units. The Switch Lite is focused on unstable play with invariable dedication, that most is for sure. 

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Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Specs – How absolute is it?

Beyond a incompatible cultured and dismissal of certain features, Switch Lite is a really same console. It sports a same indication of Nvidia’s Tegra processor, definition it will offer a same visuals and opening as a comparison sibling. It’s value observant some titles competition a aloft fortitude and softened opening when docked, since a Lite will be singular to 720p during all times. 

The 32GB inner storage stays a same, nonetheless we’d adore to see opposite variants introduced going brazen for fans who don’t imagination fussing with SD cards if they wish to implement some-more than a integrate of games. Breath of a Wild on a secluded already takes adult an considerable 13.4GB. So, if you’re a digital gamer, be prepared to deposit in additional storage. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Games – Will all work?

Yep! With a difference of titles that need suit controls, HD rumble or detachable joy-cons, all on Switch Lite will work as intended. So if you’re penetrating to ascent or simply wish a second console in your household, nothing of your gaming library will be left behind. 

There’s copiousness of Nintendo Switch blockbusters to demeanour brazen to in a entrance weeks, months and years. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Astral Chain are only a few of a large hitters entrance a way, and we can’t wait.

Nintendo Switch Lite trailer – how does it look?

You watch a entensive Nintendo Switch Lite exhibit video below, providing a deeper glance into what we can design from a console:

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