New Songs from TXT and Isabela Merced Prove Sad Times Need Mood-Boosting Music


Is anyone else in a duration of amicable enmity where they can usually listen to upbeat music? Like, dance around a room and stone out, kind of music? Maybe it has to do with a increasingly comfortable continue or assault of uptempo songs entrance from some of a favorite artists, though we’re on a semi-permanent high-energy vibe. Luckily, opposite each genre — be it pop, hip hop, alt, RB, or reggaeton — bops are dropping into a universe each day. 

This week, we’re anticipating sold fad in new songs that foster self acceptance, positivity, growth, and being honest. There’s zero some-more liberating than being loyal to yourself and a few of these songs directly residence how good it feels. We’ve also enclosed dual-language projects from Isabela Merced and TXT, since a beauty of a universe being connected probably is that denunciation is no longer a separator of entrance to know emotions. 

As a summer continues to pull closer, some-more high-energy songs will cocktail up. This is truly only a ambience of what’s to come — and we can’t wait. 

Alex Mali, “I Know”

A strain that mentions, Fenty Beauty, Adidas kicks, and overcoming adversity — pointer us up. The Brooklyn-bred singer’s new strain “I Know” is an upbeat crack that sounds like something that would be played in an part of Insecure. “Whenever we suspicion we was indeed removing somewhere in life, SIKE – I’m knocked a integrate stairs behind and goals seemed serve away,” Alex says about a song. “This lane was only a sign to myself that we can and have come out of rabble resources even stronger than going into them. It’s my proclivity to keep climbing, sojourn confident, always demeanour for a light/positivity and we wish we can give that same appetite to everybody else out there.”

Foxes, “Love Not Loving You”

After a three-year hiatus, British cocktail anathema Foxes is behind with an impossibly familiar strain called “Love Not Loving You.” This strain is about something we can all describe to: newfound autonomy after a dissection — though there’s also an component of self-love. “This strain is about finally descending in adore with myself, about not depending on anyone else for my possess happiness, And being means to mount on my possess dual feet. we wish a summary in this strain can enthuse others to do a same,” Foxes reveals in a statement. The judgment of regulating Renaissance portraits to paint a story is bone-head as well.  

Audrey Mika, “Just Friends”

Audrey Mika is behind again with another familiar strain about an uncertain relationship. Let’s be honest, with so most digital dating many of us will be in this same predicament. Audrey is examining a standing of a attribute in this song, saying, “Just friends don’t do what we do” in a hook, that is fundamentally a strain homogeneous of “it’s complicated.”  

Isabela Merced, a improved half of me 

pPhoto Sami Drasinp

Photo: Sami Drasin

Actress and thespian Isabela Merced debuts her initial EP the improved half of me today. The five-track plan has prolongation from hitmakers like Justin Tranter, Andres and Mauricio (“Despacito”), and Zach Skelton (Jonas Brothers). A favorite lane on a plan is “Todo Esta Bien,” that translates to “it’s all good” about relocating on from love. The talent has finished a pleasing pursuit of interweaving Spanish-speaking lyrics with mainstream cocktail production. 

TXT, “Can’t You See Me”

Korean cocktail rope Tomorrow X Together is behind with a new manuscript and a strain video off The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. The video for “Can’t You See Me” is as attention-grabbing as a strain about detachment, even within close circles of friends. For those of us still amicable distancing, it’s really a strain we can describe to. 

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