New Google processor to energy 2021 Pixel phones – report


Google is reportedly holding another root out of Apple’s playbook by building a possess processors – formed on Samsung designs – for use in Pixel smartphones.

According to an Axios report, a association has done “significant progress” on a silicon that could be powering Pixel phones as shortly as subsequent year’s releases.

The news says a chip is code-named Whitechapel and has been built in partnership with Samsung. The Korean organisation not usually does a lot of a complicated lifting on Apple’s A-Series chips, it also creates a possess Exynos processors for Galaxy phone releases in some territories.

The news says Whitechapel will be an 8-core ARM processor excellent tuned for Google’s appurtenance training tech, with a “portion of a silicon will also be dedicated to improving a opening and “always-on” capabilities of Google Assistant.”

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Sources contend Google recently perceived operative prototypes, though they won’t be prepared in time for a Pixel 5, out this October. Axios sources contend that Google also skeleton to use “subsequent versions” of a 5-nanometer chips in Chromebooks after their inclusion within a Pixel phones.

The growth comes after a series of poignant hires Google done from a likes of Apple and Intel as it usually built a semiconductor team, according to a report.

If a news proves accurate, and Google fits a 2021 Pixel phones (likely a Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 handsets) with this new home-grown processor, it would understanding a critical blow to a stream marketplace personality Qualcomm.

Until now Google has utilized a Snapdragon SoCs for a smartphones, as do many of a vital Android manufacturers. However, a change to a some-more bespoke silicon pattern could spell risk for a US-based chipmaker – not to discuss offer a critical boost for Samsung in a chipmaking realm.

Naturally, Google declined to criticism on a matter, though it would be a vital change in hook from a company, giving it most some-more liberty over a capabilities of a flagship phones.

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