New Dell XPS 17 looks a critical challenger to a MacBook Pro


Rumours have swirled about a lapse for a Dell XPS 17 2020, and it’s finally here. The XPS 17 isn’t behind to disaster around presumably and could severely plea Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 crown.

It’s been some years given a XPS 17 was around and it was a large startle when critical conjecture emerged that it could be back, alongside a Dell XPS 15 2020 refresh.

However, a redesigned form-factor that allows for a surprisingly tiny pattern with a overwhelming opening pull means a lapse creates a lot of sense. Dell says a XPS 17 2020 comes in what is traditionally a 15-inch form-factor, creation it a world’s smallest 17-inch laptop.

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Dell XPS 17 2020

Dell XPS 17 2020 recover date – When will it launch?

The Dell XPS 17 will be accessible from Jun 16 in a UK.

The recover date is a month after than a new Dell XPS 15, that is rising a month or so progressing on May 14.

Dell XPS 17 2020 cost – How most will it cost?

There’s no UK pricing for a Dell XPS 17 usually yet.

To get an thought on a price, we can demeanour opposite a pond. The US pricing for a XPS 17 starts during $1499.99 (~£1217).

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Dell XPS 17 2020 specs – How absolute is it?

The XPS 17 2020 looks set to have some enormous opening chops. Here’s a specs list for a new model:

The specs of a new Dell XPS 17 are intensely identical to a XPS 15 2020, with one pivotal difference. Along with a biggest arrangement and accompanying altogether size, a a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is truly what creates this device mount out.

For a initial time in a prolonged time, you’ll be means to play games during a high opening with an XPS appurtenance and, presumably some-more pointedly, you’ll be means to do veteran video and photo-editing.

To element a GPU workload, Dell is make-up in Intel’s latest 10th Gen H-series chips – charity a processor manufacturer’s strongest multi-core opening for laptops.

Dell has also pronounced it will offer specific Creator Editions of a new XPS models, creation it transparent a marketplace it is holding aim at. We’d pattern these models to be done adult of a top SKUs on offer as this is what would unequivocally make clarity for critical creators and there aren’t tons of opposite configurations available.

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Dell XPS 17 2020

Dell XPS 17 2020 shade and pattern – What does it demeanour like?

The InfinityEdge arrangement on a Dell XPS 13 manages to make a tiny device seem even smaller while make-up in a shockingly sizeable display, though can a tech make a large laptop seem small? That’s what a XPS 17 is attempting.

The XPS 17 2020 manages to container a overwhelming 17-inch arrangement into a physique usually somewhat incomparable and heavier than a MacBook Pro 16. This new 17-inch reimagining feels like a initial Windows laptop to plea a 16-inch MacBook Pro on both looks and performance.

Like a Dell XPS 13, a XPS 17 looks remarkably well-built and has a same veteran and neat design. The XPS 17 also adds up-firing Waves Nx 3D audio speakers. You’ll also have a choice of a stellar 4K row or a 1080p arrangement if we foster battery life over visuals. 

Some users competence have churned feelings on ports, though creators might have gotten what they want. There are 4x Thunderbolt 3 ports, 1x full-size SD label reader and 1x 3.5mm headphone jack. 

That seems like a brief list, though we can do a lot with that volume of Thunderbolt 3 ports. Nevertheless, some might be unhappy to not get a USB-A pier on a laptop of this size, though a full-size SD label reader will be song to a ears of many a creator.

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