Netflix Made Chelsea Handler Take Sexual Harassment & Racial Sensitivity Training


You might not have noticed, though Chelsea Handler is undergoing a bit of personal and code transformation. She’s still a pretentious comedian… though now she’s “woke.”

Case in point: She done a Netflix documentary that comes out this week called Hello Privilege. It’s Me Chelsea where she goes around a nation to learn some-more about her white payoff and how to “be a improved white chairman to people of color.” Clearly she needs it since she told Jimmy Kimmel that on a really initial day of filming, she slapped a Black lady on a donkey but her consent.

She told Kimmel that after a lady sang a strain during an open mic, Handler hugged her and afterwards smacked her on a butt. She suspicion her gesticulate was sisterly and fun until she got a phone call a subsequent day putting her on notice that a lady was upset. Handler says she was during initial defensive, regulating a forgive that she wasn’t “hitting on her.” But when she spoke with a lady on a phone, she got an earful. “For years and years and years, Black women have been tangible by their hair and their asses. You have no right to hold my body,” is what a lady told Handler. That’s when she satisfied her intentions don’t matter opposite how her actions make someone else feel.

After reckoning that out, Handler, who considers herself to be a “very sexual person,” wanted to know if she was still authorised to hold white people but their consent. Netflix sensitive her that she could not.

Chelsea Handler on White Privilege, Sexual Harassment Training Drinking Less

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