Netflix Drops Action-Packed ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Series Trailer


After a year-long wait, fans have finally been given a action-filled trailer for a arriving Transformers charcterised array on Netflix.

Announced behind in Feb 2019, Transformers: War for Cybertron will be a three-season trilogy following a strange quarrel on a drudge visitor world that gave arise to a successive events fans are now so informed with, either by a strange ’80s animation or a Michael Bay franchise. The stream trailer showcases a initial of a 3 parts, named Siege, that will underline 6 22-minute episodes, and sets adult a rather dour and ascending conflict for a Autobots, framed by a immorality Decepticons of sharpening “aggression.” In fact, in hopes of defeating Optimus Prime and his followers, Megatron is seeking out a Allspark, that can “reformat” his enemies and finish a War for Cybertron once and for all. It’s adult to a Autobots to quarrel them off and keep a plcae of a absolute brick hidden.

There’s now no central recover date for a upcoming Transformers series, though design it to launch someday this year. For now, check out a trailer above.

Elsewhere in entertainment, a expel of Friends will be behind for a reunion special on HBO Max.

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