NBC Miami Launches Live News on Roku and Apple TV Apps


NBC Miami’s Roku and Apple TV apps have a new pattern that includes  a further of one of a many requested facilities by a users, Live News. The new apps yield a sleek, complicated demeanour with softened facilities for tip internal stories, violation news, continue and inquisitive reporting. The further of Live News means we can watch a newscasts right in a app. 

The recover of a upgraded OTT apps comes during a severe time in this nation as internal communities count on internal news to broach a latest accurate information on a coronavirus pandemic. The new pattern ensures that news stories from a reporters, who are operative tough to mangle down this fast-changing story for you, seem front and core when a users need it a most.

Key facilities in a new Roku and Apple TV apps include:

Brand-New Design That Showcases a Breadth and Wealth of Our Coverage

The newly redesigned knowledge provides opportunities to prominence timely calm while gripping a user knowledge unchanging opposite Apps. It allows for editorial curation, assisting showcase a many applicable videos during a right time. 

The immeasurable video actor during a forefront of a app calls courtesy to specific coverage around critical topics, as good as live newscasts.

To keep things simple, we opted for a left navigation with unprotected sections to beam we by a array of editorially curated playlists, while also providing an easy approach to crop by a immeasurable library of content.  

We’ve also increasing a calm firmness by including dual rows of videos in any section,  creation it easier for we to browse.

Integrated Live News for a Seamless Viewing Experience

We listened to you, a users, and incorporated a series one underline requested; Live News. The further of Live News creates a OTT Apps a one-stop shop, delivering a preference and peculiarity a users have grown to design from a division. 

Live newscasts are open, simply accessible, and do not need a login. The newscasts arrangement on app launch when available, along with dual “live” prompts gripping we sensitive and aware.

Improved Local Weather Experiences

Doubling down on a stations’ exclusive, state-of-the-art continue radar technology, we done a continue foresee even some-more permitted to we on OTT. With one click, we can entrance a over-abundance of data, all displayed in a really discerning format that both informs and delights.

You can download a app by acid “NBC 6 South Florida” on Roku or Apple TV.

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