Mystery Data Consumption Just Gave Many Users A Reason To Quit Their iPhones


Apple’s 2020 iPhone skeleton are some of a many sparkling in years and an iOS 14 early beta has already suggested some of a company’s biggest secrets months forward of schedule. But for each iPhone owners now regulating iOS 13, Apple might have customarily given we a reason to quit your phone right now. 

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Earlier this week, we was sloping off by a reader about a critical iOS 13 mobile bug that is immoderate mobile information though reason and augmenting bills. Remarkably, while this was a initial we had listened of it, influenced users (at slightest those wakeful of a issue) have been pang for months and even switching off mobile information has not stopped it. The customarily resolution for some has been to close down their iPhones completely. 

03/16 Update: given edition this story, I’ve been contacted by mixed readers who have found a problem is still benefaction in betas of iOS 13.4 (the final chronicle of that is sloping to launch this week), so a repair is not entrance any time soon. I’ve also been sent screenshots of impassioned examples of this bug with information expenditure north of 50GB, that has led to even those on ‘unlimited’ contracts being contacted by their conduit for stepping over their satisfactory use policy. The purpose of Uninstalled Apps is to uncover a information used by apps that have given been uninstalled (hence a unaccompanied categorization) though influenced users have ruled this out by resetting these statistics and even resetting their iPhones and purposefully not stealing any apps, though Uninstalled Apps information expenditure continues to mounts adult (some see customarily kilobytes, others with mixed gigabytes). we have pulpy Apple again for a construction on what is duty with this information consumption. we will refurbish this essay when we get one.

03/17 Update: ATT has followed Verizon tech support in revelation to users that they are saying information expenditure compared with this bug on their network as well. Verizon explained (below) that it is regulating a ports compared with audio and video streaming though ATT has nonetheless to mangle this down. A series of users on late versions of iOS 12 (typically 12.4.1 and newer) have also reported carrying this bug to me. we granted Apple with this additional information that a association acknowledged, though pronounced it was not prepared to make a matter during this time and would strike me “if” that conditions changed. we will try to spin that if into a ‘when’. Anyone experiencing this bug who receives additional information from their conduit or Apple tech support itself (which has reported to be wakeful of a bug given January), greatfully feel giveaway to strike me around my Facebook page, that is related during a bottom of this article.

Complaints about this can be found in mixed forums, including Reddit and Apple’s Support Communities (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 etc) impacting each iPhone indication and each chronicle of iOS 13, including a latest iOS 13.3.1 release. The problem always takes a same form: users navigate to Settings Cellular Cellular Data (either by possibility or given of a large bill) and find a puzzling entrance called ‘Uninstalled Apps’ that is customarily immoderate data. 

For some, a sum customarily uses kilobytes though for others, it can strike gigabytes a day and influenced users are being told Apple has been wakeful of a problem for some time. 

“Apple Support pronounced it’s been a famous emanate given January… though no ETA for a fix, no reason for where a information is going, or if they will recompense business for busting information plans” explained a reader to me. “I spoke with Verizon about a usage. They pronounced it’s removing categorized as audio and video streaming, though customarily given it’s regulating network ports routinely compared with those forms of services.” 

Sending me a screenshot below, he explained: “This is from a dual day highway outing where we had mobile information incited off many of a time, we had to ascent my information devise to keep from going over my allowance.”

And it’s a worryingly informed story: 

“My wife’s phone has had this same problem given ~ 13.3. Hers is regulating around 1 GB per day between Uninstalled Apps and System Services. This is a vital emanate and Apple is wakeful of it. I’ve been operative with their support and they do acknowledge a emanate though are incompetent to yield any ETA for a fix.” – source

“I have this emanate too and it seems utterly common as we found utterly a lot of posts online about it. It contingency be some arrange of iOS bug though it’s irritating not to know accurately what it is, to contend a least.” – source

“So this is what happened: After 2-3 mins my phone became hot. we checked iOS setting/cellular and saw an uninstalled app used 700-800MB. we sealed a settings and reopened it and it was 900MB. The uninstalled app[s] used 1.2GB information in reduction than 5-6 minutes… we reset my mobile statistics many times given yesterday and didn’t implement or uninstall anything though ‘Uninstalled App’ is still transferring data.” – source

“Same emanate solely cave uses GBs of data. we have even totally wiped my phone and done as new. Yet still a ‘unused apps’ goes by data.” – source

“I’m during 2GBs and so is my wife’s phone. It’s crazy and frustrating. Had to change dungeon skeleton bc Apple was so meaningless during helping.” – source

“I customarily beheld this emanate on my iPhone XR. we got a presentation from my conduit that I’ve used 90% of my 8GB of information and we have 11 days left in my billing cycle. My information use is customarily around 4GB per month, so this was flattering strange. we beheld that System Services and Uninstalled apps were holding adult a infancy of my information usage…. This seems to have started around a time we commissioned iOS 13.3.” – source

“Everything everybody is perplexing and have gifted we have already been through. we even tested after a purify commissioned X. (And beheld a same duty on a code new 11Pro) So it’s possibly sinful apps that hang to a phone/appleID/phone# after a purify wipe, or it’s a bug in iOS. Honestly during this point, we consider it’s best if a media picks it adult so we can get a arguable response from Apple.” – source

“Unless it creates a headlines we don’t see Apple changing a thing to redress a issue.” – source

Interestingly, a customarily repair I’ve found for this problem was behind in a early days of iOS 13 when influenced users could still hurl behind to iOS 12:

“I’ve been fighting this too with 300-600 MB attributed daily to uninstalled apps. A rollback to iOS 12.4.1 stops a use though afterwards can’t use my Apple Watch with watchOS 6.01 as it requires iOS 13 to pair. Problem returns” – source

Needless to say, we have been in strike with Apple mixed times this week perplexing to get answers. The association has concurred a exploration though has nonetheless to emanate an central response. we will refurbish this essay as shortly as we have an update. 

Edit: my interjection to readers who forked out a 2016 blog post that discusses a duty of Uninstalled Apps. As mixed comments subsequent a post in new months indicate out, however, this is not a knowledge influenced users are carrying now with both carriers confirming a information use and users stating Apple has concurred a bug in tech support calls.

Until then, if we are influenced by this bug and we are not on a really high or total information plan, there seems to be small we can do other than swapping divided from an iPhone until a problem is resolved. Apple is now beta contrast iOS 13.4, so a (long overdue) patch might arrive when it launches in a subsequent few weeks. That said, given a bug has existed given a beginning iOS 13 betas, it might be that Apple is incompetent to make a required changes to residence it until iOS 14 is expelled in September. 

So right now, impacted iPhone owners are forced to play a watchful game. A long, costly watchful game. 


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