My 62-Year-Old Mom Told Me 6 Wardrobe Mistakes She’ll Never Repeat


There’s no doubt that my personal character has developed over time, and through the years, I’ve schooled some-more about what works for me and what doesn’t. we continue to concede myself to experiment, and it’s transparent that some of my conform choices have been improved than others, though it’s all partial of a training process—a routine that I’ve been meditative about some-more and some-more recently while spending time during home looking during aged photos, cleaning out my closet, and talking to my mom about how we’re curating a wardrobes for a future.

My mom has always guided my personal conform choices and desirous my gusto for a habit secure in pieces that feel classical though still modern. More and more, we’ve been spending time articulate on a phone about a pieces we unequivocally love, others that have landed in a concession piles, and how we’re coming conform relocating forward. To get her viewpoint on a best purchases she’s done and some of a habit mistakes she’s vowed not to repeat, we asked her to share a conform lessons she’s schooled over a year. Ahead, she’s violation them down.

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